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Innovation on Demand: Startup Ecosystems | StartUs Insights
Startup Ecosystem
The business landscape is changing rapidly. Established companies face increasing competition from agile startups. Explore how you can leverage startup ecosystems to fuel innovation, identify disruptive technologies, and secure a competitive advantage!
5 Supplier Scouting Tools for Business Growth | StartUs Insights
Tech Supplier Scouting Tools

Understand the features that set the best tech supplier scouting tools apart and find out how they empower your business to make strategic, data-driven partner selections!

Find Most Relevant Startups for Business Goals | StartUs Insights
Find Most Relevant Startups

Cut through the startup noise and zero in on opportunities that matter. This guide outlines 5 simple steps to find the most relevant startups using specialized software tools, complete with real-world examples to jumpstart your search.

How to Run a Successful Innovation Challenge | StartUs Insights
Innovation Challenge Guide

Master the art of running a successful innovation challenge and collaborating with emerging companies! Our comprehensive, step-by-step guide offers actionable insights to drive change and catalyze growth within your organization.

8 Innovative Business Practices You Need to Try Today - StartUs Insights
Innovative Business Practices

Are you ready to bring your business to the next level? Uncover 8 tried and tested innovative business practices to elevate your operations, adapt to today’s challenges, and lead tomorrow's market!

How to Master Tech Scouting in 2024 | StartUs Insights
Master Tech Scouting

As technology continues to develop at an unprecedented rate, staying ahead of the curve and identifying emerging trends is crucial for businesses in any industry. Learn how you can navigate the tech landscape with effective tech scouting to drive innovation and growth in your organization!

How to Implement and Promote Open Innovation | StartUs Insights
How to Implement Open Innovation?

Open innovation encourages organizations to look beyond their internal resources and tap into external knowledge, ideas, and expertise. Explore how to implement and promote open innovation in your organization to reap the maximum benefits!

How to Become the Most Innovative Company | StartUs Insights
Most Innovative Company | Innovation Management

What’s the secret formula to becoming the most innovative company? The answer is innovation intelligence. Explore the various types of innovation intelligence in this article & also learn about an excellent tool that makes innovating management super-easy!

StartUs Insights Startup Program Service Customer Reviews
StartUs Insights Startup Program Service Reviews

Not satisfied with the results of your company’s open innovation programs? StartUs Insights’ Startup Program Service has a proven track record of boosting high-quality applications. Discover customer reviews & explore what the solution has to offer!

Solve Top 5 Innovation Management Challenges | StartUs Insights
Innovation Management Challenges

From generating breakthrough ideas to implementing them, the journey of innovation management is multifaceted and complex. Let’s identify the top 5 innovation management challenges and learn how to tackle them like a pro!

9 Ways to Get More Applications for Your Startup Programs
Get More Applications for Startup Programs

Want to boost the results of your company’s startup programs but not sure how? Here are 9 tips to attract more applications for your startup programs. We also introduce you to our service that will fetch you quality applications for your next startup program!

Partner with Best Startups Using Our Startup Program Service | StartUs Insights
Startup Program Service | Innovation Management

Ready to embark on an exciting journey of innovation, disruption, and growth? Join us as we explore the possibilities & empower you to partner with the best startups through our data-driven Startup Program Service.

3 Ways Technology Scouting Boosts Open Innovation | StartUs Insights
Technology Scouting & Open Innovation

Want to take your company’s open innovation efforts to the next level? Data-driven technology scouting might be just the thing you need. Continue reading to explore how technology scouting boosts open innovation & what is the best tool available for the same.

5 Ways to Start Corporate Innovation Program | StartUs Insights
Start Innovation Program | Innovation Management

To stay relevant in a rapidly changing market, it's imperative to generate new ideas, solve complex business problems, and create value for customers. One reliable approach to achieving this is starting your organization's innovation program. Continue reading to learn more.

Top 6 Ways to Optimize Your Innovation Process | StartUs Insights
Innovation Process Optimization

Are you an innovation manager tracking numerous important to-do lists? Worry not! Let’s explore six time-consuming innovation management tasks that you can optimize now to improve your team's efficiency and enhance your company's innovation capabilities.

6 Common Open Innovation Mistakes to Avoid | StartUs Insights
Open Innovation Mistakes | Innovation Management

Despite its many advantages, open innovation can be tricky. To ensure success, besides knowing what you should be doing, it is important to also understand certain bad practices that you should avoid. Read on to explore more!

Discover the Top 10 Startup Scouting Trends | StartUs Insights
Top 10 Startup Scouting Trends

Looking for a more efficient way to identify emerging companies and technologies? Discover our Top 10 Startup Scouting Trends to find solutions that precisely match your needs. Think AI, Big Data, Semantic & Contextual Search, and much more!

4 Ways to Bolster Your Innovation Strategy | StartUs Insights
Innovation Strategy | Innovation Management

In today's competitive business landscape, having an effective innovation strategy is essential for long-term success. Here are four key assets you should utilize when planning your innovation strategy.

Types of Open Innovation | Innovation Management

The focus on internal research and development to drive innovation is not enough anymore. Increasingly, corporates are seeking external partners and resources to achieve their innovation goals. Explore six types of open innovation that you can implement this year.

The Startup Engagement Playbook: Drive Innovation and Growth | StartUs Insights
Startup Engagement

Looking to effectively engage startups? Try the Discovery Platform to identify and engage the most relevant startups and drive innovation and growth for your business!

Corporate Innovation: 5 Ways to Run Your Innovation Program | StartUs Insights
Types of Innovation Programs | Innovation Management

Corporate Innovation Programs are a great way to foster creativity through effective collaboration. With a wide variety of these programs available, here are the top 5 that will empower you to always stay one step ahead of the competition!

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls in Open Innovation? | StartUs Insights
Challenges of Open Innovation | Innovation Management

Open Innovation is the key that unlocks massive business opportunities. But, like anything else, implementing open innovation comes with its own set of risks and challenges. Let’s discuss the most common ones & brainstorm how to deal with them like a pro!

Scout the Best Startups with StartUs Insights’ Cutting-Edge Semantic Search Technology | StartUs Insights
Semantic Search

With a highly performant semantic search and proprietary knowledge graph, the StartUs Insights Discovery Platform allows you to scout startups effectively.

Stage Gate Model

Bringing the power of the stage gate model to open innovation allows you to innovate faster and more effectively. In this report, learn how the Discovery Platform supports your stage gate ideation.

How to Boost Your Business with Crowdsourced Innovation | StartUs Insights
Crowdsourced Innovation | Innovation Management

Explore how crowdsourced innovation helps you gather & identify new ideas from a wide range of sources to create new business opportunities!

Effective Communication: Key to Successful Innovation | StartUs Insights
Effective Communication | Innovation Management

The ability to effectively communicate is a major factor in any successful innovation process. As with most things, there are certain dos & don’ts that you should keep in mind while communicating about innovation. Explore this and much more!

How to Win at Open Innovation as a B2B Company | StartUs Insights
B2B Open Innovation

B2B companies find it hard to identify the right partners for open innovation. Learn how the AI-driven StartUs Insights Discovery Platform overcomes this challenge and brings speed and accuracy to your open innovation initiatives.

Why & How to Engage Startups: A Guide for Open Innovation | StartUs Insights
Engage Startups | Innovation Management

Emerging technologies have a major impact on business operations. As a result, many big corporates looking to adopt new technologies first turn to startups for partnerships. This is why engaging startups becomes crucial. So, let’s talk about the best approach to discover & attract startups with a real-life case study!

Idea Generation 101: Find Innovations Fast | StartUs Insights
Idea Generation | Innovation Management

Idea generation is an integral part of any organization’s innovation efforts. You should constantly look for ways to improve the process. Here’s everything you need to know about ideation — from ideation techniques to tips to generate better ideas, to ideation KPIs!

How Open Innovation improves Supply Chain Management | StartUs Insights
Open Supply Chain Management

Curious about how open innovation impacts your supply chain? Learn how innovation makes the supply chain resilient and sustainable.