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Why & How to Engage Startups: A Guide for Open Innovation | StartUs Insights
Engage Startups | Innovation Management
Emerging technologies have a major impact on business operations. As a result, many big corporates looking to adopt new technologies first turn to startups for partnerships. This is why engaging startups becomes crucial. So, let’s talk about the best approach to discover & attract startups with a real-life case study!
Idea Generation 101: Find Innovations Fast | StartUs Insights
Idea Generation | Innovation Management

Idea generation is an integral part of any organization’s innovation efforts. You should constantly look for ways to improve the process. Here’s everything you need to know about ideation — from ideation techniques to tips to generate better ideas, to ideation KPIs!

How Open Innovation improves Supply Chain Management | StartUs Insights
Open Supply Chain Management

Curious about how open innovation impacts your supply chain? Learn how innovation makes the supply chain resilient and sustainable.

How Continuous Improvement Process supports Innovation | StartUs Insights
Continuous Improvement Process

Companies leverage continuous improvement process to constantly reinvent their product and services. In this report, learn how it impacts innovation as well.

How Data-driven Market Intelligence drives Innovation | StartUs Insights
Data-driven Market Intelligence

Curious about data-driven market intelligence? Learn how it improves customer retention and makes your business more competitive.

Identify Opportunities for Collaborative Innovation | StartUs Insights
Collaborative Innovation

Curious about how to make the most of collaborative innovation? Learn how to identify the right opportunities for your business and make the most of working with partners.

5 Top Lessons from Iberdrola’s Open Innovation Challenges | StartUs Insights
Open Innovation Challenges

We have run over 20 startup challenges for Iberdrola and many more for 500+ companies. Here are the lessons we learned from these open innovation challenges.

Types of Open Innovation Challenges | StartUs Insights
Open Innovation Challenges

Want to leverage open innovation as a company? Learn about types of open innovation challenges and their benefits for your innovation strategy.

What is Data-driven Innovation Intelligence | StartUs Insights
Data-driven Innovation Intelligence

Looking to tap into external innovation? Learn how data-driven innovation intelligence provides a decision support system for your external innovation strategy.

Use Open Innovation to Prepare for the Future of Work | StartUs Insights
Future of Work

Curious about the workplace of tomorrow? Learn how open innovation enables you to identify emerging trends and startups shaping the future of work.

Role of Feasibility Assessment in Technology Scouting | StartUs Insights
Technology Feasibility Assessment

Curious about which technologies to innovate in? Technology feasibility assessment identifies the right technologies for your business needs.

Why Nonprofits Need to Leverage Innovation Management | Startus Insights
Innovation Management for Nonprofits

Struggling with growing competition in the nonprofit sector? Learn why nonprofits need to leverage innovation management to stay competitive while maximizing social impact.

Guide to Balancing Open Innovation with Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) | StartUs Insights
Open Innovation & IPR

Curious about how to reconcile open innovation with IPR? Learn how to balance intellectual property protection with advancing open innovation.

Identify the Right Opportunities with Front End Innovation | StartUs Insights
Front End Innovation

Curious about how to kickstart your innovation process? Learn how front end innovation identifies the right opportunities for you to pursue and how to find the startups and technologies that advance them.

The How and Why of Integrated Innovation | StartUs Insights
Integrated Innovation | Innovation Management

Curious about coupling innovation with your business processes? Learn how integrated innovation enables companies to optimize productivity, respond to emerging trends, and identify growth opportunities.

Create Lasting Value with Business Model Innovation | StartUs Insights
Business Model Innovation | Innovation Management

Curious about the role of business models in innovation? Learn how business model innovation enables your company to create thick value and gain a competitive advantage.

Crisis Accelerating Innovation | Innovation Management

Need some motivation to boost corporate innovation in your organization? In this blog, we will discuss how challenging times help push the needle on innovation!

Benefits of Virtual Startup Programs | StartUs Insights
Virtual Startup Programs

Curious about how to collaborate with promising startups? In this report, learn the benefits of virtual startup programs and how to identify and work with the most relevant startups globally.

3 Reasons to use Innovation Management Software - StartUs Insights
Innovation Management Software

Are you still relying on manual processes to conduct your company’s innovation management activities? Find out why you should invest in innovation management software to accelerate business growth!

Accelerating the Circular Economy with Open Innovation | StartUs Insights
Circular Economy | Open Innovation

Curious about how open innovation contributes to a circular economy? Learn how your business can use external innovation to adopt circular technologies that work best with your systems

How Innovation Management Drives Digital Transformation | StartUs Insights
Digital Transformation | Innovation Management

Most innovation managers know digital transformation is crucial for building successful businesses. Explore how three innovation management practices can accelerate digital transformation for your company!

Beat Your Competition with Connected Innovation Intelligence | StartUs Insights
Connected Innovation Intelligence

Curious about how connected innovation intelligence improves innovation in your company and helps you gain a competitive advantage? Learn more!

How to Leverage Open Innovation for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) | StartUs Insights
SMEs | Open Innovation

Curious about what open innovation offers to small & medium enterprises? Learn how SMEs can leverage external innovation to identify niche markets or form strategic corporate partnerships!

Speed Up Product Development with Innovation Intelligence | StartUs Insights
Product Development | Innovation Intelligence

Looking to speed up your product development cycles? Find out how innovation intelligence benefits product development by scanning the environment and significantly reducing time-to-market.

How to Scout High-Growth Startups for External Innovation | StartUs Insights
Scout High-Growth Startups

Looking to scout high-growth startups that complement your innovation strategy? Here is how data-driven startup scouting finds them for you and boosts your external innovation processes!

How to Leverage Innovation to Evade the Commodity Trap | StartUs Insights
Overcoming the Commodity Trap

The commodity trap erodes the competitive advantage of companies. In this report, learn how to leverage innovation intelligence to evade the commodity trap and regain your competitive edge!

How Environmental Scanning Keeps Your Company Ahead | StartUs Insights
Environmental Scanning

Curious about emerging threats and opportunities for your business? Learn how environmental scanning manages threats, improves organizational efficiency, and improves market adaptability!

Your Guide to Successful Corporate-Startup Partnerships | StartUs Insights
Corporate-Startup Collaborations

Curious about how to engage with startups more effectively? Check out our Guide to overcome common challenges and to successfully implement corporate-startup partnerships!

How Open Innovation enables Smart Cities | StartUs Insights
Smart Cities | Open Innovation

Curious about the role of open innovation in enabling smart cities? Find out how smart cities and companies innovate together to improve productivity, test products at scale, and enable a carbon-neutral future!

Data-Driven Competitor Intelligence Keeps You Ahead of the Competition | StartUs Insights
Competitor Intelligence

Curious about what data-driven competitor intelligence can do for your business? Find out how it aligns with your innovation goals as well as improves processes within your organization!