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Startups, Scaleups & Tech Companies

28 756+ added in June ’24


Trends & Technologies

47+ identified in June ’24


Industry & Market Reports

42+ published in June ’24

Startups & Tech Companies

Leverage our enriched company profiles and growth trajectories of emerging startups and tech companies to spotlight the next big players.


Explore cutting-edge technologies through our data, providing a lens into the future of tech that can transform your storytelling.


Stay ahead of the curve with actionable insights on the latest tech trends, giving your audience a glimpse into what’s next.


Access comprehensive financial data on tech entities to underpin your stories with hard facts and economic impacts.


Utilize our rich patent data to uncover innovations that are shaping the tech landscape, offering a first look at potential game-changers.

Business Models

Explore evolving business models through our insights, adding depth and perspective to your narrative.


Get real-time updates on critical developments, ensuring your coverage is as current and informative as possible.

Industry Development

Our historic deep dive into industry developments complements your articles with a backdrop of strategic shifts and advancements in tech.

Get unmatched insights at unparalleled speed with our real-time database of 4.7M+ startups, scaleups, and tech companies, alongside 20K+ technologies and trends.

Access 4.7+ million startups, scaleups, and tech companies globally for a 360° view of the entrepreneurial & innovation ecosystem.

Step into the gateway to unparalleled startup engagement, through our data-driven, conversion-optimized approach.

Understand, anticipate, and forecast market changes with confidence to position yourself at the forefront, always informed and a step ahead.

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