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Our early and exhaustive identification of emerging technologies & startups accelerates your innovation scouting process.

Turn the best ones into partners for PoCs and technology integration.

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Don’t Miss Out On The Future

Receive exhaustive insights on startups & technologies that precisely match your internal R&D requirements.

Select The Best Solutions

Filling the front-end of your innovation funnel comprehensively is our expertise - use your expertise to focus on selecting the very best solutions.

Focus On Non-Delegable Tasks

Let us screen through billions of digital signals and footprints so you can focus on pursuing your R&D KPIs.

Don’t Waste Time Moving Data Around

We match our deliverables to your data structure and tools, providing a customized and integrated innovation scouting solution.


Startups & Scaleups

3.520+ added in September ’19



350+ identified in September ’19


Startup & Technology Scouts

Covering 150+ Hubs

Discover startup-driven innovation!


Discover Opportunities Before Others Do

Our proprietary technology enables you to discover relevant startups, technologies, and business cases early-on. Empower your business units with actionable, data-driven insights.

Detect Pivotal Changes

We continuously monitor opportunities to detect pivotal changes so your decision-making process is built on the most recent insights available.

Choose Startups Based On Your Needs

Our data-driven scouting process pre-selects startups relevant to your needs. Receive custom analyses, discover technology clusters and financial data & integrate these insights into your internal collaborative platforms.

Discover What’s Next

Get a head-start on emerging startups, companies and technologies that will disrupt your business going forward.

Discover startup-driven innovation!