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Solve your discovery challenges by seizing our high-performance platform to quickly & exhaustively identify global startups, scaleups & technologies.

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79 000+ added in Aug & Sept ’21



84+ identified in Aug & Sept ’21


Startup & Technology Scouts

Covering 150+ Hubs

Immediately Access The Entire Startup Ecosystem

Quickly & exhaustively identify startups & scaleups that matter to you – with just one click. The StartUs Insights Discovery Platform covers 2 093 000+ startups and scaleups globally, delivering the results you need through a powerful and easy-to-use interface.

Apply Simple & Easy Innovation Discovery

✓ Identify relevant solutions fast & exhaustively
Scope topics & technologies within minutes
Filter results to narrow your search scope effectively
✓ Find similar companies based on any number of companies you input
Identify keyword patterns to refine your search process
✓ Bulk export all discovered solutions to add them to your knowledge base

Profit From Our Unique Search Technology

One search on the StartUs Insights Discovery Platform replaces weeks of desk research: Within one second, you gain relevant results from 164 million data points from the WWW, Startup Ecosystem, Databases, and Company Aggregators globally

Deep Innovation Graph: Our proprietary and unique data in combination with our fast and exhaustive search process allows you to discover hidden diamonds long before anyone else does

Large scale search operation: Our highly performant search process allows you to manage even the largest queries. 1 000 keywords? No problem!

Get Actionable Insights Fast

Quickly find the startups & scaleups that matter to you & make data-driven decisions fueled by actionable insights using the StartUs Insights Discovery Platform!

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