New Business Development

Seize New Business Opportunities

New business needs a profound understanding of the external world.

We identify future business models, technologies and trends so you get a head-start.

Discover startup-driven innovation!


Seize New Business Opportunities

Explore emerging technologies & business models to seize new business opportunities.

Prepare For Technology Advancements

Awareness of emerging and disruptive technology provides you with an action plan for future business development.

Meet Your Digitalization Strategy

Receive a comprehensive overview of startups and emerging technologies within specific areas of interest of your innovation agenda.

Focus On Non-Delegable Tasks

Let us screen through billions of digital signals and footprints so you can focus on pursuing your KPIs.



3.850+ added in August ’19



400+ identified in August ’19


Startup & Technology Scouts

Covering 150 Hubs

Discover startup-driven innovation!


Discover Opportunities Before Others Do

Our proprietary technology enables you to discover relevant startups, technologies, and business cases early-on. Empower your business units with actionable, data-driven insights.

Navigate Through Trends Impacting Your Industry

To provide you with accurate insights in a short amount of time, we deploy advanced analytics to hundreds of thousands of trusted sources on startups, emerging technologies and industry trends.

Enhance Organizational Performance

Our Trend Intelligence Report is designed to support your decision-making. It provides you with a one-stop resource so you can immediately support your business units and navigate amongst trends and opportunities.

Discover What’s Next

Get a head-start on emerging startups, companies and technologies to seize new business opportunities.

Discover startup-driven innovation!