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Growth & Activity Tracker

Track the growth, traction, and activity of your deal flow. Our Growth & Activity Tracker evaluates information and calculates activity and growth vectors. The following vectors are provided in near real-time:

  • Web-traction
  • Social media activity
  • PR activity
  • Activity score
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Startup News Tracker

The Startup News Tracker identifies and correlates news with corresponding companies and startups. This includes general publications and relevant technology-specific publications.

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Pivot Tracker

The Pivot Tracker detects pivotal changes and reports them in near real-time. This allows you to easily identify pivots & see how your deal flow and target companies change over time.

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General Data Enrichment & Vectorization

We provide firmographic data such as Company Description, Employee Count, Company Age, Industry, Website Content, Social Links & more so you can identify the most relevant companies for your purposes.

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Similar Companies Search

Our similar company search is based on deep semantic search patterns. This tool provides you with an exhaustive list of similar companies to integrate into your deal flow.

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Discover Condition Monitoring Startups impacting Industry 4.0!

Discover Asset Management Startups impacting the Energy Industry!

Discover Electrification Startups impacting the Automotive Industry!

Discover Warehouse Automation Startups impacting the Logistics Industry!

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