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Access Exhaustive Data on Innovation, Startups, and Technologies

Integrate Innovation Directly into Your Systems

Transform your innovation approach with our API, providing instant access to over 4.7M+ startups, scaleups, and 20K+ technologies globally.

This comprehensive data empowers you with the latest firmographic, trend and market data, saving you time and resources while offering a 360° view of the innovation ecosystem.


Startups, Scaleups & Tech Companies

23 561+ added in July ’24


Trends & Technologies 

56+ identified in July ’24


Industry & Market Reports

51+ published in July ’24

Discover Global Innovation at Your Fingertips

Dive deeper into global innovation without the hassle, with access to unmatched data on 4.7M+ startups, scaleups, and tech companies. Our API enables quick and efficient discovery of under-the-radar startups, technologies, and market trends.

Streamline Your Innovation Pipeline

Effortlessly integrate our API into your existing systems, supported by comprehensive customer service for a frictionless experience. It’s designed to streamline your internal processes, from startup discovery and technology mapping to trend forecasting and competitive intelligence.

Save Time & Cut Costs

Improve your ROI, save HR costs for a four-person innovation team, and avoid sunk costs, all while getting real-time innovation data directly where you need it.

Startup & Company Data

✓ 4.7M+ Startups & Scaleups
✓ Name & Description
✓ Technologies, Industry
✓ Industry
✓ Location, Size, Maturity
✓ Growth, Revenue, Funding
✓ Social Links, News Coverage
✓ Hype Indicator

Technology & Trend Data

✓ 20K+ Technologies & Trends
✓ Historic Data
✓ Geography
✓ Funding
✓ Market Size
✓ Trend Tracking
✓ Technology Tracking

News Data

✓ 14M+ News Articles
✓ Historic Data
✓ and more


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Power your innovation pipeline with our API. Gain a 200x data advantage on startups, scaleups, and tech, all integrated seamlessly into your systems.

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