Explore 20 Emerging Logistics Startups to Watch in 2024

What to look forward to in the logistics sector next year? Discover 20 hand-picked Logistics Startups to Watch in 2024 in this report & learn how their solutions enable hyperlocal pickup & drop-off (PUDO) network, decentralized order picking, supply chain automation, digital customs brokerage & more!

The logistics industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and with the advent of emerging technologies, it is set to transform even further. As we are stepping into 2024, several trends and innovative logistics startups are emerging that are shaping the industry’s future. From commercial fleet parking to returns management platforms and supply chain automation to e-logistics, companies are investing in innovative technologies to enhance their offerings. Customer visibility portal, decentralized order picking, route optimization, logistical data analytics, digital customs brokerage, and modular logistics platform are also significant trends that are set to drive operational efficiencies and enhance transparency.

20 Logistics Startups to Watch in 2024

Global Startup Heat Map highlights 20 Logistics Startups to Watch

Through the Big Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, covering over 3 790 000+ startups & scaleups globally, we identified 5370 logistics startups. The Global Startup Heat Map below highlights the 20 logistics startups you should watch in 2024 as well as the geo-distribution of all logistics startups & scaleups we analyzed for this research.

Based on the heat map, we see high startup activity in Europe and the USA, followed by India. These logistics startups work on solutions ranging from returns management platforms and commercial fleet parking to decentralized order picking and supply chain automation.


Want to explore all 5300+ logistics startups & scaleups?

As the world’s largest resource for data on emerging companies, the SaaS platform enables you to identify relevant technologies and industry trends quickly & exhaustively. Based on the data from the platform, the Top 5 Logistics Startup Hubs are in London, New York, Singapore, Bangalore, & Berlin. The 20 hand-picked startups highlighted in this report are chosen from all over the world and develop solutions for supply chain automation, commercial fleet parking, hyperlocal pickup & drop-off (PUDO), decentralized order picking, and more.

Discover 20 Logistics Startups to Watch (2024)

Artyc simplifies Cold Shipping

startups to watch_logistics_artyc

Artyc is a USA-based startup that advances temperature-controlled transportation through its IoT battery-powered coolers. The company’s products ensure precise temperature control, maintaining cargo quality and integrity during transit. Medstow Mini, one of Artyc’s offerings, provides reliable transportation for patient samples and life-saving medications. Medstow 5L, another product, preserves the quality of essential biologics during transit.

Whereas, Terrastow 25L assures temperature stability for specialty foods during delivery. All products feature active cooling systems, maintaining temperature within 3°C, and achieving rapid cooling and recharging. Embedded IoT sensors in these products offer real-time, precise temperature readings for unmatched cargo condition control. Artyc’s platform captures and analyzes data in real-time, ensuring transparency in supply chain operations.

NEOLOKA develops a Hyperlocal PUDO Network

startups to watch_logistics_neoloka

NEOLOKA is a Vietnamese startup that optimizes last-mile logistics for e-commerce platforms through a network of pickup & drop-off (PUDO) points. The company collaborates with various retail stores, transforming them into pickup and delivery points for online orders. This model benefits both the startup and the partnering stores by increasing foot traffic and revenue for the stores. Retailers receive a commission from NEOLOKA for each successfully delivered package, incentivizing participation.

The partnership also includes free marketing for the stores on NEOLOKA’s communication channels. Its web-based app facilitates the process, from receiving orders from shippers to confirming deliveries. The app ensures secure storage of packages while awaiting customer pickup. This system enhances the success rate of online order deliveries and optimizes delivery costs. NEOLOKA’s logistics solution thus fosters a symbiotic relationship between e-commerce and retail, benefiting both sectors.

Fin streamlines Sustainable Logistics

startups to watch_logistics_fin

Based out of the UK, Fin is a startup that enables sustainable logistics. The company utilizes city center micro-fulfillment hubs and a fleet of its electric cargo bikes to deliver parcels faster, greener, and more affordable. Its e-cargo bikes and vans have a large capacity, ideal for dense urban environments and navigating zero-emission zones. The company also provides warehouse as a service (WaaS), allowing businesses to sublease space in their micro-fulfillment hubs and warehouses. This service includes inventory management, returns management, packing, folding, and same-day delivery.

LOGIBEE builds Delivery Management Software

startups to watch_logistics_logibee

LOGIBEE is an Indian startup that designs delivery management software. Its AI-powered Route Optimizer generates optimized delivery routes and ETAs. LOGIBEE’s software includes raw address resolution for accurate delivery locations, eliminating the need for back-and-forth communication with customers. The Multi-Leg Planning feature allows for effective management of both first and last-mile deliveries.

Plan Visualization tools enable users to view and analyze trips on a map, using various filters for efficient trip management. The platform’s Order Verification system ensures parcel integrity by allowing bulk or individual parcel scanning before trips. Real-time visibility is a key feature, with tools like TripList for managing trips and Smart ETA Engine for accurate delivery ETAs. Logibee also offers electronic proof of deliveries (ePOD) for contactless and verified deliveries.

byways streamlines Dock & Yard Management

startups to watch_logistics_byways

byways is a German startup that connects pickup/drop-off sites, carriers, suppliers, and freight forwarders. Its digital collaboration tool replaces emails and calls with smart dashboards and analytics to improve visibility and decision-making. The platform allows for digital planning and communication with notifications. The dock and yard management system increases warehouse activity with dynamic time slots.

It helps users prioritize what needs to be done next, avoid demurrage, detention, and storage, and incorrect charges. Moreover, It simplifies truck scheduling, strengthens supply chains, and decreases transportation and operation costs. Byways thus offers better transparency, higher storage capacity, fewer incorrect charges, and automatic planning through its configurable system.

Horizon designs an Integrated Logistics Platform

startups to watch_logistics_horizon

Australian startup Horizon develops an integrated logistics platform that connects warehouses and transportation companies, including trucking, ocean, and air freight, with businesses. Horizon’s Transportation Management System allows for detailed management of orders, including customization of package, destination, service, and pricing. It also offers geo and device location access for order processing, fleet tracking, and customer trend analysis.

The platform includes a feature for managing and tracking orders, with statuses like new, ongoing, and completed. Bill management enables efficient invoice generation and tracking. An analytical dashboard monitors fleet and driver performance, as well as transportation costs. Additionally, Horizon builds a Delivery Marketplace that simplifies the process of finding and booking couriers. It allows users to compare prices from a list of available couriers by location. The platform provides a direct connection between shippers and couriers in real-time to remove delays and reduce costs.

Amphora enables eCommerce Smart Logistics

startups to watch_logistics_amphora

Amphora is a Spanish startup that simplifies smart logistics for eCommerce businesses. The company provides a warehouse management system that enhances warehouse operations with features like location optimization, efficient picking and packing, and improved shipping. It also includes barcode scanning to reduce error rates, automatic batch creation, and faster, more efficient picking. The software also boosts inventory management by optimizing processes, allocating inventory wisely, and replenishing stock timely.

Amphora’s fulfillment tool covers all stages of the logistics chain, from receiving to delivery, streamlining operations. The software offers real-time control of operations, tracking packages, and predicting delivery times with a high success rate. It also provides full analytics and reporting for real-time sales monitoring and cost reduction strategies. Additionally, Amphora’s software supports marketing strategies in logistics, allowing personalized follow-up emails and customized packaging.

Crest facilitates Supply Chain Management

startups to watch_logistics_crest

Indian startup Crest advances supply chain and inventory management across various industries. Its platform Helix sets sales & operations Planning (S&OP) cadences and allows users to build custom workflows. This reduces S&OP cycle times and improves workflows by tracking process efficacy and individual performance. Crest generates AI-based demand forecasts, handling various combinations at SKU and store levels, capturing trends and seasonality.

The tool optimizes purchase frequency, increasing availability at mother warehouse locations for downstream production and distribution. It provides timely and accurate purchasing decisions, reducing out-of-stock scenarios and offering purchase order recommendations. Crest reduces last-mile delivery time by making products available at the nearest warehouse location, optimizing stock allocation across the supply network.

Osa Commerce improves Supply Chain Visibility

startups to watch_logistics_osa commerce

USA-based startup Osa Commerce enhances supply chain visibility with its cloud-based, AI-driven collaborative visibility platform. Its Warehouse Management Hub enhances warehouse operations, integrating hundreds of channels. It uses machine learning for process automation, improving inventory accuracy and reducing costs. The Order Management Hub, built on AI and blockchain, provides instant inventory visibility and unified product information across selling channels.

Osa’s Fulfillment Management Hub partners with fulfillment centers and 3PLs, enabling inventory allocation anywhere products are sold. This hub leverages tech-agnostic integrations for supply chain design and management. Finally, the Last Mile Management Hub offers omnichannel shipment visibility, ensuring efficient and transparent shipping. It includes over 400 pre-set API integrations for scalable and customizable last-mile delivery solutions.

OneTraker advances Real Time Delivery Tracking

startups to watch_logistics_onetraker

Indian startup OneTraker develops a last-mile delivery platform that offers route optimization, real-time tracking, and automated ordering to improve efficiency. It allows users to schedule deliveries individually or in batches. Delivery agents provide proof of delivery by uploading photos during pickups and drop-offs for increased accountability.

Customers are able to track deliveries in real-time on a map and receive accurate ETAs. The platform also handles cash-on-delivery payments and collects customer feedback to evaluate delivery service quality. Additionally, OneTracker provides resource management tools for onboarding and managing delivery agents and fleets, ensuring compliance and efficient operation.



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Infinium Logistics provides Commercial Fleet Parking

Logistics_Startups to Watch 2023_Infinium Logistics

UK-based startup Infinium Logistics provides solutions for parking and staging commercial vehicles near delivery stations and fulfillment centers. The startup locates new parking sites and repurposes them based on their client’s logistical requirements. It also provides parking infrastructure amenities such as fencing, security cameras, lighting, welfare activities, security ingress, and egress technology.

Besides, Infinium Logistics provides charging infrastructure for electric vehicle (EV) fleets as well as out-of-home parcel lockers and hyperlocal logistics hub infrastructure. This solution enables logistical managers to better optimize their operations while promoting the transition to EV fleets.

G2 Reverse Logistics aids Returns Management

Logistics_Startups to Watch 2023_G2 Reverse Logistics

US-based startup G2 Reverse Logistics develops an AI-powered returns management solution. Its Reverse Execution Analytics Platform (REAP) automatically identifies the most profitable path to handle customer returns. The platform analyzes a range of factors including products, labor, vendor return rules, market research, and sales demand to expedite the resale of returned items. Further, it utilizes dynamic machine learning to increase net recovery and has access to local drop-off options and advanced disposition options. This increases the transparency and traceability of logistics and supply chains.

Holocene enables Supply Chain Automation
Logistics_Startups to Watch 2023_G2 Holocene

German startup Holocene makes AI-based software that automates supply chain optimization and communication. The startup’s AI and machine learning-based software integrates with existing enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) to automatically manage shipment documents prior to shipping.

It also checks shipment documents and provides alerts and recommendations in case of errors and mismatches. Holocene’s software thus provides real-time data and insights while enabling supply chain operators and managers to lower response times to volatile external situations.

Freight Anchor advances E-Logistics

Logistics_Startups to Watch 2023_Freight Anchor

Freight Anchor is an Egyptian startup that offers an e-logistics platform to improve import and export processes. It enables importers and exporters to establish better and faster digital collaborations in freight forwarding, courier, customs clearance, trucking, insurance, and warehousing.

The platform also lets importers and exporters send professional and complete requests for their shipment to all subscribed logistics service providers. Besides, it provides quotations tailored to their requirements. This way, the solution reduces the time and effort in communications and collaboration among different parties in supply chains.

CocoonFMS improves Customer Visibility

Logistics_Startups to Watch 2023_CocoonFMS

CocoonFMS is a UK-based startup that provides cloud-based software for logistics and freight forwarding. Its customer visibility portal software, CocoonTMP, features user-friendly dashboards for access and management of shipments.

It also tracks shipments in real-time and provides detailed on-demand reports including reports on CO2 emissions to monitor environmental impact. Moreover, the software integrates with existing freight management or transport management systems to improve logistical visibility, streamline productivity, and enhance operational efficiency.

Batch facilitates Decentralized Order Picking

Logistics_Startups to Watch 2023_Batch Logistics

Batch is a Portuguese startup that simplifies order picking through a network of urban dark stores. The startup’s logistics platform connects to retailers’ websites and shows the availability of products and enables fulfillment to occur either at a client’s store or one of Batch’s dark stores.

Moreover, besides receiving express orders in less than 2 hours, customers receive an estimated time of arrival along with live tracking and notification of their orders. This enables logistics providers to collect their orders from designated locations for rapid order fulfillment.

Optivo streamlines Route Optimization

Logistics_Startups to Watch 2023_Optivo

Optivo is an Italian startup that provides software to optimize routes and plan deliveries for fleets. The startup’s product allows planners to upload information such as customers, depots, and vehicles via excel with the assistance of templates.

Additionally, it supports creating online databases and calculates optimal delivery routers based on set constraints and objectives that are able to be exported to Excel. Optivo Logistics solution not only reduces delivery time, but it also calculates and reduces fleet emissions and also saves time through real-time route planning.

Logiam delivers Logistical Data Analytics

Logistics_Startups to Watch 2023_Logiam

Brazilian startup Logiam creates a web-based big data analytics solution to optimize logistics. It contains web-based key performance index (KPI) dashboards that automatically update with fresh data and feature predictions analytics-based reporting.

Additionally, the solution leverages big data to visualize process flows and detect bottlenecks with geo-analytics visualization. This presents logistics networks with all details of location addresses. Logiam provides logistics managers with a web-based solution that enables them to visualize, monitor, and optimize their entire fleet.

Camionix provides Digital Customs Brokerage

Logistics_Startups to Watch 2023_Camionix

Mexican startup Camionix develops a cross-border logistics platform to simplify processes and improve supply chain efficiency. The platform contains features for lead matching, tracking, and viability of shipment lifecycle, centralized communication, fast quotation and invoice, and more.

It also integrates Mexican and US in-house customs brokerage partners to assist in the clearance of goods. Camionix’s platform assists logistical operations by coordinating with various distribution services for cross-border warehouse logistics. This way, the startup’s solution reduces complexity and streamlines cross-border shipping from end to end.

Ringil develops a Modular Logistics Platform

Logistics_Startups to Watch 2023_Ringil

Czech startup Ringil offers a modular and cloud-based logistics platform. The platform’s transport management system features real-time information sharing, templates to create shipments, direct communication with carriers, and more. It also provides load managers with loading and unloading windows that connect with the transport management systems.

Additionally, the platform provides notifications of shipments, and real-time reports with advanced data analytics and integrates with ERP systems. The platform automates routine logistical operations and also provides carriers with control over customer requests and agreed shipments.

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