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Use Innovation Mapping to Stay Competitive in Any Industry | StartUs Insights
Innovation Mapping
Innovation mapping allows you to stay competitive and identify new areas for growth. Try the StartUs Insights Discovery Platform today to accurately map the innovation landscape for your industry!
How to Innovate Your Way Into Technology Leadership
Technology Leadership

Wondering how to innovate fast and rise to technology leadership in your industry? The StartUs Insights Discovery Platform delivers data-backed insights on emerging startups, technologies, and innovations to make that happen.

Startup Scouting: The Most Comprehensive List of FAQs | StartUs Insights
Startup Scouting FAQs | Innovation Management

Interested in startup scouting but not sure how to proceed? We present you a list of questions that you might have in mind about startup scouting!

Scout the Best Startups with StartUs Insights’ Cutting-Edge Semantic Search Technology | StartUs Insights
Semantic Search

With a highly performant semantic search and proprietary knowledge graph, the StartUs Insights Discovery Platform allows you to scout startups effectively.

High Precision and Recall: Quickly Scout the Best Startups | StartUs Insights
Precision & Recall

Tired of wasting time on ineffective startup scouting? The Discovery Platform's unparalleled precision and recall allow you to scout startups fast!

The Ultimate Innovation Intelligence Platform: Stay Ahead of the Curve | StartUs Insights
Innovation Intelligence Platform

Meet the Discovery Platform, our AI-driven innovation intelligence platform. It monitors all startups, technologies, and innovations globally to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

What Is Startup Scouting And How To Do It Effectively? | StartUs Insights
Effective Startup Scouting

Startup scouting is key to open innovation success. The StartUs Insights Discovery Platform allows you to identify promising startups fast and effectively.

Identify Innovations Early with the Best Trend Intelligence Platform | StartUs Insights
Trend Intelligence Platform

With exhaustive coverage of technology trends, the StartUs Insights Discovery Platform is the best trend intelligence platform to take your business to the next level!

Why & How to Engage Startups: A Guide for Open Innovation | StartUs Insights
Engage Startups | Innovation Management

Emerging technologies have a major impact on business operations. As a result, many big corporates looking to adopt new technologies first turn to startups for partnerships. This is why engaging startups becomes crucial. So, let’s talk about the best approach to discover & attract startups with a real-life case study!

Innovation Pipeline

The StartUs Insights Discovery Platform features over 3 million startups & scaleups globally. Try it today to identify the most relevant startups and trends for your innovation pipeline!

Find 10X Business Opportunities with Data-Driven Startup Scouting | StartUs Insights
Data-Driven Startup Scouting

Our data-driven startup scouting platform performs a comprehensive search of the startup ecosystem. This allows you to find 10X more business opportunities as compared to traditional scouting. Get started today!

Discover the #1 Startup Scouting Platform | StartUs Insights
#1 Startup Scouting Platform

Featuring 3+ million startups & scaleups globally, the StartUs Insights Discovery Platform is the #1 startup scouting platform to help you take your business to the next level!

Idea Generation 101: Find Innovations Fast | StartUs Insights
Idea Generation | Innovation Management

Idea generation is an integral part of any organization’s innovation efforts. You should constantly look for ways to improve the process. Here’s everything you need to know about ideation — from ideation techniques to tips to generate better ideas, to ideation KPIs!

How Continuous Improvement Process supports Innovation | StartUs Insights
Continuous Improvement Process

Companies leverage continuous improvement process to constantly reinvent their product and services. In this report, learn how it impacts innovation as well.

Identify Opportunities for Collaborative Innovation | StartUs Insights
Collaborative Innovation

Curious about how to make the most of collaborative innovation? Learn how to identify the right opportunities for your business and make the most of working with partners.

Boost Startup Deal Flow with Data-driven Insights | StartUs Insights
Startup Deal Flow

Struggling with good leads in your startup deal flow? Learn how leveraging data allows you to identify the most relevant startups while saving time and costs.

Importance of Firmographic Data in Open Innovation | StartUs Insights
Firmographic Data

Curious about why firmographic data matters? Learn how tapping firmographic data is critical to the success of your open innovation strategy.

What is Data-driven Innovation Intelligence | StartUs Insights
Data-driven Innovation Intelligence

Looking to tap into external innovation? Learn how data-driven innovation intelligence provides a decision support system for your external innovation strategy.

How Should You Plan Your Innovation Budget? | StartUs Insights
Innovation Budget Planning | Innovation Management

Innovation managers spend millions of dollars on innovation to gain a competitive advantage. Read more & find some top tips to efficiently plan your innovation budget & accelerate your business.

Gain Market Leadership with Disruptive Innovation | StartUs Insights
Disruptive Innovation

Curious about how to disrupt your market? Learn how disruptive innovation allows you to stay on top of disruptive technologies and business models.

Use Open Innovation to Prepare for the Future of Work | StartUs Insights
Future of Work

Curious about the workplace of tomorrow? Learn how open innovation enables you to identify emerging trends and startups shaping the future of work.

Identify the Right Opportunities with Front End Innovation | StartUs Insights
Front End Innovation

Curious about how to kickstart your innovation process? Learn how front end innovation identifies the right opportunities for you to pursue and how to find the startups and technologies that advance them.

Startup Program Landing Pages: Best Practices | StartUs Insights
Startup Program Landing Pages

Curios how to optimize the conversion of your startup program? Learn how conversion-optimized landing pages are key to the success of a startup program.

Accelerating the Circular Economy with Open Innovation | StartUs Insights
Circular Economy | Open Innovation

Curious about how open innovation contributes to a circular economy? Learn how your business can use external innovation to adopt circular technologies that work best with your systems

How to Leverage Open Innovation for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) | StartUs Insights
SMEs | Open Innovation

Curious about what open innovation offers to small & medium enterprises? Learn how SMEs can leverage external innovation to identify niche markets or form strategic corporate partnerships!

Speed Up Product Development with Innovation Intelligence | StartUs Insights
Product Development | Innovation Intelligence

Looking to speed up your product development cycles? Find out how innovation intelligence benefits product development by scanning the environment and significantly reducing time-to-market.

How to Scout High-Growth Startups for External Innovation | StartUs Insights
Scout High-Growth Startups

Looking to scout high-growth startups that complement your innovation strategy? Here is how data-driven startup scouting finds them for you and boosts your external innovation processes!

How Environmental Scanning Keeps Your Company Ahead | StartUs Insights
Environmental Scanning

Curious about emerging threats and opportunities for your business? Learn how environmental scanning manages threats, improves organizational efficiency, and improves market adaptability!

Your Guide to Successful Corporate-Startup Partnerships | StartUs Insights
Corporate-Startup Collaborations

Curious about how to engage with startups more effectively? Check out our Guide to overcome common challenges and to successfully implement corporate-startup partnerships!

The Right Way to Scout Startups in 2022 | StartUs Insights
Right Way to Scout Startups

Curious about data-driven startup scouting but not sure how to proceed? Let's explore the 5 steps you must take to improve your startup scouting process and meet your innovation goals in 2022!