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How to Leverage Open Innovation for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) | StartUs Insights
SMEs | Open Innovation
Curious about what open innovation offers to small & medium enterprises? Learn how SMEs can leverage external innovation to identify niche markets or form strategic corporate partnerships!
4 Phases Innovation Scouting Process - StartUs Insights
Innovation Scouting Process | Innovation Management

Curious about current technology trends in your sector? Explore how you can leverage innovation and define future business strategies for your company through the innovation scouting process!

Why the Technology Landscape is Your Window into the Future StartUs Insights
Data-Driven Technology Landscaping

Looking to forecast technology trends, identify new use cases, or quantify the commercial scope of a technology? Find out how the data-driven technology landscape gives you a peek into the future and a competitive advantage!

How Data-Driven Trend Intelligence Future-Proofs Your Business
Data-Driven Trend Intelligence

Looking for the key to future-proof your business? We’ll explain how data-driven Trend Intelligence gives you a competitive edge & how you can use it to your advantage!

How Data-Driven Technology Scouting Speeds Up Corporate Innovation
Data-Driven Technology Scouting

You are looking to speed up Corporate Innovation? Learn how Data-Driven Technology Scouting delivers results that matter - quickly and exhaustively!

Use these 10 SaaS Tools for Innovation Management startus insights
SaaS Tools for Innovation Management

Looking for digital solutions that will take your innovation management to the next level? We have hand-picked 10 SaaS Tools that will make your work more efficient, productive and make your job just a little easier!

10 Books for Successful Innovation Managers StartUs Insights
10 Books for Innovation Managers

Looking for inspiration and proven methods that will take your innovation management to the next level? We hand-picked 10 books for successful innovation managers that give you both - explore them now!

Data-Driven Startup Scouting

Looking to speed up product development cycles, diversify product ranges, and revenue streams? Find out how data-driven startup scouting identifies relevant partners & gives you a competitive advantage!

Data-Driven Innovation Scouting

Innovation scouting is a critical process to take over and expand corporate leadership positions in the global economy. Discover why data-driven innovation scouting is the most effective approach and explore how it impacts your competitive advantage!