Explore 20 Manufacturing Startups to Watch in 2025

Are you looking for technologies that will improve production throughput and quality control? Discover 20 hand-picked Manufacturing Startups to Watch for 2025 in this report & learn how their solutions enable assisted maintenance, autonomous factories, asset monitoring, automated product design, and much more!

What are the key technologies driving advancements in the manufacturing industry to improve throughput and product quality? Automation and robotics improve efficiency and cost savings while 3D printing ensures faster prototyping and customization. Advanced data analytics and AI provides optimized supply chain management and enhanced quality control. Additionally, manufacturers are leveraging sustainable technologies for environmentally conscious production. These innovations are shaping the future of manufacturing, making it more efficient, agile, and sustainable. Now, let’s dive deeper into 20 innovative manufacturing startups taking these emerging technologies forward in 2025 and beyond!

This article was last updated in July 2024.

20 Manufacturing Startups to Watch (2025)

Global Startup Heat Map highlights 20 Manufacturing Startups to Watch

Through the Big Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, covering over 4.7M+ startups & scaleups globally, we identified 2590 manufacturing startups. The Global Startup Heat Map below highlights the 20 manufacturing startups you should watch in 2025 as well as the geo-distribution of all manufacturing startups & scaleups we analyzed for this research.




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Based on the heat map, we see high startup activity in the USA and India, followed by Western Europe. These manufacturing startups work on solutions ranging from digital twins and smart factories to additive manufacturing and industrial robotics.

As the world’s largest resource for data on emerging companies, the SaaS platform enables you to identify relevant technologies and industry trends quickly & exhaustively. Based on the data from the platform, the Top 5 Manufacturing Startup Hubs are in Bangalore, London, New York, Mumbai, and Singapore.

The 20 hand-picked startups highlighted in this report are chosen from all over the world and develop solutions for 3D printing, predictive maintenance, factory automation, and quality management.

Explore 20 Manufacturing Startups to Watch in 2025

MetalWorm offers Wire + Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM)

startups to watch_manufacturing_metalworm

Turkish startup MetalWorm provides a wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) system for metal manufacturing. This method uses an arc to deposit metallic wire layer-by-layer, requiring less investment and minimal post-processing compared to other direct energy deposition (DED) techniques.

MetalWorm’s technology simplifies assembly by producing parts with multiple subcomponents in one operation. It emphasizes efficiency with faster production times and reduced material waste, impacting manufacturing costs and raw material use. The WAAM process is environmentally sustainable, using raw materials only as needed, and is suitable for large-scale manufacturing.

Simplifyber enables Sustainable Soft Goods Production

startups to watch_manufacturing_simplifyber

Simplifyber, a USA-based startup, leverages a cellulose-based liquid to create fabrics. It injects this bio-based material into a 3D-forming machine to create soft goods. This eliminates traditional spinning, weaving, cutting, or sewing processes, thereby eliminating waste, carbon emissions, and water pollution. The startup’s molding process significantly cuts down various steps of traditional manufacturing. Simplifyber with its bio-based materials formulations and sustainable additive manufacturing system, is revolutionizing fashion.

STILRIDE advances Sustainable Metal Manufacturing

startups to watch_manufacturing_stilride

STILRIDE, a Swedish startup, is transforming the manufacturing industry with its sustainable approach to creating personal electro-mobility machines. The startup’s STILFOLD technology uses advanced robotics and Curve Folding Technology to convert flat sheet metal into complex shapes. This process is optimized by their intelligent software, STILWARE.

The manufacturing process is further enhanced by STILTOOL, which automates the transformation of CAD data into CAM instructions for robotic folding and forming. STILRIDE promotes local manufacturing within existing ecosystems through STILWORKS. The startup’s sustainable and flexible manufacturing process minimizes environmental impact and enables global production. Its light electric motorcycle, STILRIDE 1, further embodies its commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Blynksolve develops Pharma Manufacturing Twin

startups to watch_manufacturing_blynksolve

Irish startup Blynksolve develops Digital Knowledge Twin, a platform that enhances the design and collaboration of complex drug substance (DS) manufacturing processes. This platform improves the capture and flow of DS process knowledge throughout a pharmaceutical facility setup project.

The startup’s platform also boosts audit readiness and operational flexibility, leading to an increase in productivity and a reduction in ongoing costs. Blynksolve’s suite includes tools for a range of functions such as tech transfer, process design, training, operations readiness, investigations, quality risk assessments, change control, and BOM management. These tools enhance pharmaceutical manufacturing processes by enabling design, de-risking, and collaboration efforts.

DeepHawk simplifies Visual Quality Control

startups to watch_manufacturing_deephawk

French startup DeepHawk develops DeepHawk Cognitive Agent, an edge software agent designed to deliver visual quality control for manufacturing. This platform operates at a speed faster than traditional AI solutions, learning incrementally and adapting to new designs instantly while detecting anomalies.

The DeepHawk Cognitive Agent is compatible with various camera types and is suitable for a wide range of products. It ensures data privacy by not transmitting information to the cloud, thereby simplifying deployment without the need for AI expertise. This approach significantly reduces the carbon footprint of AI, redefining machine learning capabilities, operational performance, and ease of deployment.

Geofabrica facilitates 3D Printing Systems for High-mix Production

startups to watch_manufacturing_geofabrica

Geofabrica is a USA-based startup specializing in large-scale and small-scale additive manufacturing. The startup builds devices, software, and methods for printing at meter-scale dimensions, featuring multiple large and small industrial 3D printers. It has made advancements in 3D printing large polymer and composite parts for automotive, aerospace, and defense applications.

Additionally, the startup addresses the challenge of qualifying high-mix/small lot size production processes. It uses methods for control, in-process inspection, and model-based predictive action. These digital control methods allow companies to transition their 3D printing systems to production.

StartProto builds Cloud-based Manufacturing ERP

startups to watch_manufacturing_startproto

USA-based startup StartProto builds a cloud manufacturing platform that enables companies to connect shop floor operations, real-time data, and inventory management. The software integrates with existing workflows and offers features such as the Web Quote Module, which streamlines the quoting process and sales order management.

Further, the startup streamlines paperless manufacturing with cloud-based document access, enhanced collaboration for business growth, and secure data management. Its real-time production management and job tracking feature enables informed decisions based on real-time manufacturing data. It also prioritizes job scheduling for optimal shop floor management and centralizes file and job tracking for effective control of production processes.

Metafold 3D streamlines Additive Manufacturing Geometry Kernel

startups to watch_manufacturing_metafold 3D

Canadian startup Metafold 3D allows businesses to create high-performing, lightweight parts for additive manufacturing. The startup offers design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) software and a REST API, powered by the Metafold Engine. This engine significantly reduces product design iteration.

The startup’s 3D printing software is cloud-based and provides users with a vast array of lattice types and geometry insights. It offers a Direct to Print feature that eliminates time-consuming exports and long file processing times. Consequently, enabling a smoother transition to production and quicker monetization. Metafold 3D enables businesses to adopt additive manufacturing and makes production processes both capital and resource-efficient.

POMO Robotics provides Manufacturing Robots

startups to watch_manufacturing_pomo robotics

POMO Robotics, a UK-based startup, provides manufacturing robotic solutions for machine tending, welding, sanding, adhesive dispensing, case packing, palletizing, and bin picking. Its solutions include end-of-arm tools for injection molding machinery, the development of custom jigs and fixtures for welding, comprehensive solutions for CNC milling and turning applications, and more.

The startup’s software also ensures seamless operation with no downtime, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Alongside this, it also addresses labor scarcity issues in the manufacturing sector. With a diverse array of automation solutions, POMO Robotics automates monotonous and hazardous tasks, eliminating the need for human operators.

STRYZA enables Manufacturing Workflow Digitalization

startups to watch_manufacturing_stryza

German startup Stryza develops a dynamic worker platform to digitalize workflows and knowledge to assist frontline operators in rapid onboarding, learning, and enhancing productivity with fewer errors. The platform creates digital guides and instructions to streamline workflows and captures critical expert knowledge to prevent skill shortages.

The platform features real-time tracking of work processes, error reports, and resolutions, along with tools to reduce waiting times, and information gaps, and minimize downtime. Stryza’s system enables the creation of competency fields, training programs, and certifications to maintain high workforce skill levels. The startup effectively combines workflow management, knowledge management, and smart skill management for modern shop floor management.



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Basetwo AI provides Manufacturing Digital Twins

Canadian startup Basetwo AI provides TwinOps platform to use digital twins in manufacturing. The startup’s low-code, drag-and-drop interface allows users to easily integrate multiple data sources, clean ingested data, as well as deploy and monitor models. It also allows engineers to share model results on existing dashboards for easier collaboration and visualization of insights across teams.

These models improve the productivity, quality, and efficiency of biopharmaceuticals, active ingredients, chemicals, food, and beverage manufacturing. The platform enables easier model-driven decision-making for engineering teams to rapidly build, test, and operationalize digital twins while saving manufacturing resources.

MOLG operates Circular Micro-Factories

MOLG is a US-based startup that develops circular manufacturing solutions for electronic products. It uses AI and robotics to operate autonomous micro-factories that assemble and disassemble products using computable bi-directional commands. MOLG’s software plug-in for computer-aided design (CAD) tools interprets and integrates these commands into the regular product design workflow.

MOLG’s technology enables companies to recover and reuse valuable components as well as create new business models based on product-as-a-service or localized production. This makes it easier for companies to adopt circular manufacturing without completely overhauling their existing manufacturing processes.

SAEKI Robotics advances Robotic Digital Manufacturing

SAEKI Robotics is a Swiss startup that offers a robotic digital manufacturing robot for large-scale components. The robot combines 3D printing, milling, post-processing, and 3D scanning in one solution. The startup provides the full hardware and software automation stack, including a high-performance extruder that handles a wide range of polymers with fiber content.

The extruder uses fused granulate manufacturing (FGM) to build parts fast and with minimal material waste. SAEKI Robotics also provides control and design software that streamlines the design-to-part process and reduces time waste. The startup’s RDM robot is easy to use and adaptable to any project, empowering companies for on-demand, cost-effective, and sustainable production.

Cognivix provides a Manufacturing Automation System

Italian startup Cognivix provides Fieldview, a robotics automation system. It utilizes AI and optical sensing to enable industrial robots to recognize and pick up new objects with precision. The system is suitable for both high and low-volume production environments, where traditional automation solutions are not practical or cost-effective.

Fieldview thus streamlines the process of training robots to handle new tasks and offers an automated way to transition from engineering to production. The startup’s automation system is also compatible with leading robot brands and is available as an annual subscription per robot. Cognivix’s technology improves productivity and efficiency while reducing manufacturing costs and downtime for companies that rely on plastic or metal components.

DiNAMIQS innovates in Viral Vector Manufacturing

DiNAMIQS is a Swiss startup that specializes in manufacturing and analytics of adeno-associated virus (AAV) gene therapy vectors. The startup offers a comprehensive and integrated range of services to gene therapy companies, including process development, quality control, analytical development, and technology transfer.

DiNAMIQS leverages scalable bioreactor technology, enabling the collection of initial yield and purity data specific to the construct. The startup hence brings viral vector manufacturing and analytics to the global gene therapy community and accelerates vaccine development.

Xaba aids Industrial Robot Control

Canadian startup Xaba develops xCognition, a manufacturing platform that utilizes AI to control industrial robots. It integrates an industrial PC with an industrial robot’s electrical cabinet. The platform works with both old and new robotic systems as well as is easy to deploy and integrate with existing systems.

The artificial neural network software controls the motion of each robot joint and axes, resulting in a significant increase in the accuracy, repeatability, and consistency of robotic work cells. Xaba’s platform allows companies to improve the manufacturing performance of expensive CNC machines with their existing commercial robotics systems, at the fraction of the cost.

Amnovis advances Metal 3D Printing

Belgian startup Amnovis provides additive manufacturing for the production of high-end products in industrial applications. The startup integrates the AM process with digital process automation to deliver efficient solutions for medical and industrial markets. Amnovis leverages metals such as titanium and copper for 3D printing industrial components.

This ensures high conductivity, strength, and biocompatibility for various applications. Amnovis also uses plastic stereolithography for specific applications such as manufacturing surgical guides. The startup helps companies to streamline and optimize production, reduce lead times, and decrease costs while maintaining product quality and consistency.

Zolnoi enables Predictive Maintenance

Zolnoi is an Indian startup that develops a manufacturing system for data-driven predictive maintenance and energy savings. The startup’s system leverages internet of things (IoT) sensors for data acquisition, proprietary AI for predictive analytics, and an end-to-end platform for actionable insights. The platform lets manufacturers identify losses, prevent supply chain breakdowns, and save energy using electric current signature analysis.

Zolnoi’s manufacturing solution is also compatible with any machine type, age, or digital readiness as well as requires fewer set-up costs. The startup’s plug-and-play system, in turn, enables manufacturers to achieve more efficient production by predicting machine health and improving maintenance scheduling.

Toolpath designs AI Software for CNC Machining

manufacturing_startups to watch 2025_toolpath

USA-based startup Toolpath specializes in AI-driven software solutions for computer numerical control (CNC) machining, offering products such as Design Advisor, Quote Assistant, and CAM Accelerator. Its Part Comprehension Engine evaluates parts for manufacturability and cost, developing comprehensive machining strategies. Design Advisor enhances parts for 3-axis CNC machining by offering suggestions to lower costs and improve manufacturability. Quote Assistant provides detailed estimates of machining times, and CAM Accelerator generates machining strategies within Fusion 360.

Cognitive Design Systems enables Automated Product Design

Cognitive Design Systems is a French startup that develops Cognitive Additive, a product design platform that uses AI to generate and optimize designs for manufacturing. The platform automates the industrialization study for parts and assemblies that are suitable for additive manufacturing. It also supports a variety of materials such as metals, polymers, and ceramics.

The platform is an off-cloud solution that handles STL or STEP files as well as exports results in different formats. Additionally, it performs risk and cost analysis as well as printability analysis for 3D printing of industrial parts based on the model the company uploads. Cognitive Additive helps engineers and designers streamline the additive manufacturing study process and shorten the design cycle.

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