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Staying ahead of the technology curve means strengthening your competitive advantage. That is why we give you data-driven innovation insights based on our analysis of 5.000+ data management startups & technologies. This time, you get to discover 16 data management trends and hand-picked startups enabling a safe and productive data economy.

Innovation Map highlights 16 Solutions Redefining Data Management

For this in-depth research on the top data management innovations & solutions, we analyzed a sample of 5.000+ global startups and scaleups. These insights are derived by working with our Big Data & Artificial Intelligence-powered StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, covering 2.093.000+ startups & scaleups globally. The platform quickly delivers an exhaustive overview of emerging technologies within a specific field as well as identifies relevant startups & scaleups early on.

In the Innovation Map below, you get an overview of 16 ways startups & scaleups are redefining data management for businesses. This research gives you data-driven innovation intelligence that improves strategic decision-making by giving you an overview of emerging technologies & startups increasing data transparency and productivity.


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Discover Top Data Management Trends & Startups

1. Ethical Data Collection

Data exchange platforms allow organizations to collect, commercialize, distribute, and share data. However, with increasing concern for online privacy, such platforms need to be compliant with international and local privacy laws which regulate data collection. Startups are building platforms that ensure users receive maximum information about their data so as to make them share data willingly. Such solutions reduce the exploitation of users’ online data by providing them with more control over what data they want to share. Some examples of ethical data collection include:

  • Data Exchange Platforms
  • Survey Data Collection
  • Medical Data Collection
  • GDPR-Compliant Data Collection
  • Data Anonymization

Raylytic develops a Medical Data Collection Solution

German startup Raylytic provides medical data collection and analysis solutions for pharma companies, research centers, and hospitals. The startup’s platform, UNITY, handles electronic data capture, clinical trial management, and medical image analysis. The platform allows clinicians to design individual, adjustable questionnaires for collecting medical and background information, securing data collection regulation compliance.

Explore 5 top ethical data collection startups out of 117 & learn how they impact your business.

2. Data Extraction

Solutions to complex business problems are often found through data processing. Extracting and analyzing the relevant data, as well as continuous monitoring of competitors’ prices and products, helps companies optimize spending and increase earnings. Involving elements such as server infrastructure, quality assurance, and monitoring, as well as ongoing system maintenance, consume significant time and finances. To overcome these challenges, startups offer complete data extraction and processing solutions, customized to the needs of their customers. The services enable custom data extraction to help companies get an upper hand in the market. Some data extraction solutions include:

  • Web Scraping
  • Data-as-a-Service
  • Cloud-Based Scraping Platforms
  • Data Analysis Tools
  • Web Scraping APIs

Worth Web Scraping enables Web Scraping for Businesses

Indian startup Worth Web Scraping provides data scraping services and tools across multiple industries. The startup offers such data extraction services as social media, business directory, and stock market scraping, as well as data mining. The startup’s web scraping software is capable of scraping, storing, and preprocessing the data for further use. The data extraction services help companies focus on making data-driven decisions by saving time in obtaining and preparing the data.

Discover our analysis of 5 top data extraction startups out of 826.

3. Data Warehousing

Data warehousing is an important component of business intelligence (BI) for startups and companies and also impacts data reporting and analysis. As data warehouses migrate to the cloud, businesses need to invest significantly in hardware or server rooms to benefit from data warehousing. Data warehousing also offers a way for startups and scaleups to tap into big data analytics. Scalable analytics ensures that companies add data warehousing capacities easily and in a cost-effective manner. Moreover, companies gather information from data warehouses, data marts, and data lakes for creating comprehensive data visualization. Discover some of the data warehousing solutions developed by startups:

  • Cloud Data Platforms
  • Real Estate Data Management
  • Qualitative Data Management
  • Scalable Data Analytics
  • Data Visualization

Dataform builds Scalable Analytics Solutions

British startup Dataform offers a scalable data warehousing platform for big data and analytics teams. The startup’s solution enables entire data teams to develop, test, deploy, and share a centralized data model. Dataform automatically runs the customers’ pipelines to ensure their data warehouses are always up-to-date. This solution turns raw data from all data processes in the warehouse into analytics-ready datasets.

Meet 5 top data warehousing startups out of 579.

4. Data Anonymization

The availability of digital devices and internet connection results in a large number of people sharing their data. However, users currently have no control over how that data will be used and who will have access to it. Across important sectors that require high levels of data privacy, companies are implementing data anonymization solutions. These solutions allow users to freely share and use data over digital platforms while protecting their identity from malicious attacks. Learn more about the startups enabling data anonymization for different applications, such as:

  • Automotive
  • Cities
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Telecom

Urban Data Eye develops Data Anonymization Solutions for Cities

Spanish startup Urban Data Eye builds a solution to analyze the activity in public spaces in real-time. Thanks to GDPR complaint anonymization algorithms, Urban Data Eye allows smart cities to extract required information, cluster it, and make reasonable decisions, with no compromise to personal data security. The solution has already helped the cities of Pittsburgh, USA, and Madrid, Spain, to observe the security of public spaces, spot unutilized areas, forecast crowd impacts, and improve interactions between vehicles and pedestrians.

Meet the 5 top data anonymization startups out of 135 & learn how their solutions impact your business.

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5. Data Privacy

Increasingly, consumers expect their personal data to be protected when using digital services. Today, billions of people around the world constantly use consumer devices throughout the day. From smart security systems to smartphones and other connected gadgets, the transfer of personal information happens rapidly. This leads governments to introduce data privacy regulations, like the General Data Protection Regulation, that ensure consumers provide data with consent, and also that the information is securely stored. This also drives startups to provide user-friendly solutions to help consumers better understand privacy terms and processes. Some ways startups ensure data privacy for companies include:

  • Protected Vertical Data-as-a-Service
  • On-Device Data Privacy Protection
  • Data for Life Sciences & Pharma R&D
  • Privacy-Protected Data Sharing Platforms
  • Distributed & Decentralized Data

BlackFog provides On-Device Data Privacy Protection

US-based startup BlackFog offers on-device data privacy and data security protection solutions. The startup employs behavioral analysis and data exfiltration technology to offer protection from data breaches, insider threats, ransomware, spyware, malware, phishing, unauthorized data collection, and profiling. BlackFog blocks threats across mobile and desktop endpoints, protecting organizations’ data and privacy, as well as strengthening regulatory compliance.

Get to know 5 top data privacy startups impacting data-based companies out of 706.

6. Data Sharing

Sharing customer data without their consent may later lead to financial payouts and reputational losses for the violating companies. Therefore, startups develop consent authentication solutions that collect customers’ consent preferences and ensure companies’ compliance with consent regulations. Startups also build solutions to enable secure and compliant customer data sharing and consent management. Some tools commonly in use for data sharing management include:

  • Permission Authorization
  • Clinical Trial Data Sharing
  • Insurance Data Sharing
  • Compliance Monetization
  • Data Audits

Priviti ensures Permission Authorization for Data Sharing

Singaporean startup Priviti offers a permission authorization platform that allows companies to record and store customer consent information to then securely share data. The platform utilizes strong customer authentication (SCA) for payment transactions and also ensures the safety of personal and proprietary data and ring-fences sensitive information. Additionally, Priviti audits companies’ compliance with general data compliance regulation and payment services directive (PSD2) to minimize financial risks and increase customer trust.

Read more about top data sharing startups & learn how their solutions enable your business to securely share and use data.

7. Data Audit

Impeded visibility of financial processes and data flows in the enterprise or supply chain leads to invoice mismanagement and ineffective payment procedures. To solve these issues, startups develop data audit solutions that facilitate control, visibility, and accuracy of operational data. As a result, such solutions enable automated data collection, review, and reporting, improving the view of the entire value chain of companies. Moreover, effective data handling helps companies identify hidden opportunities, improve decision-making processes, and implement risk mitigation practices. To help companies extract insights from data more efficiently, startups develop data audit and analytics solutions that include:

  • Audits for Data-Driven Innovation
  • Freight Audits
  • Data Audit and Analytics
  • Data Quality Improvement
  • Machine Learning-powered Audits

Nakala Analytics works on Audits for Data-Driven Innovation

Kenyan startup Nakala Analytics offers data inventory solutions to implement data-driven innovation. The startup helps determine whether existing data assets are sufficient for effective innovation. Moreover, Nakala Analytics identifies anomalies and the potential of the data, as well as assesses the effectiveness of data collection and storage tools and processes.

Explore our full analysis of top technology-driven data audit startups & solutions.

8. Data Ownership

As more organizations generate data internally or scrape publicly available data, there is a shift in the industry with treating data as an asset. When organizations need to monetize data, impartial decentralized solutions allow them to do so without losing ownership of the data. Startups are building data solutions that use blockchain technology to ensure a secure environment for data transactions. On the other end, the digital footprint of internet users allows companies to build individual portraits of personal information and preferences. It is also complicated for individuals to track which websites store their personal data and what they do with it. To address this, startups offer digital footprint management solutions that allow internet users to take back ownership of personal data. Check out five examples below:

  • Data Ownership Platforms
  • Data Marketplaces
  • Digital Footprint Management
  • Messaging Orchestration Platforms
  • Whole-Genome Sequencing Data Storage

EcoSteer develops a Data Ownership Platform

Italian startup EcoSteer offers a data ownership platform for data decentralization, control, and monetization. The startup employs blockchain smart contracts that enable the decentralization and encryption of Internet of Things (IoT) data. EcoSteer’s platform deploys over any sensor and data broker. The solution enables decentralized data marketplaces for the smart city, energy, and mobility industries.

Dive into our analysis of 5 top data ownership startups & solutions out of 167.

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9. Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)

The value of data is increasing. From financial services to space technologies, accurate and substantial data sets are important for developing AI algorithms. Startups develop DaaS solutions to enable companies in various industries to hire the right candidates, improve companies’ decision making, support AI startups with training datasets, and much more. Take a look at 5 applications of startups offering data as a service:

  • Recruitment Data
  • Financial Services Data
  • Geospatial Datasets
  • Ocean Data-as-a-Service
  • AI Training Data

AKROCEAN provides Ocean Data-as-a-Service

French startup AKROCEAN manufactures off-shore wind measurement devices. One of their products, Windsea, incorporates Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) to collect wind speed data in off-shore wind farms. The startup’s turnkey solution, Seaobs, is a complete environmental observatory that uses aerial and subsea sensors to collect meteorological and biological data.

Learn more about the 5 top data-as-a-service startups out of 321 and explore how they impact your business.

10. Open Civic Data

In todays’ age of widespread information availability, people globally use it to improve their lives in several ways. Various government agencies generate data in different formats that are available for startups to collect and aggregate. Civic data solutions utilize the collected data to establish greater transparency between governments and citizens. Moreover, the huge amount and variety of data make analysis an expensive and time-consuming process. Startups apply big data, data analytics, database management, and search algorithms to allow users to easily and quickly sort through political and business data. Find out some open data initiatives currently impacting citizens globally:

  • US Government Open Data
  • EU Political Open Data
  • Open Data Blockchain

Civic Ledger builds an Open Data Blockchain

Australian startup Civic Ledger develops a data-driven platform for open governments. It uses blockchain and smart contracts to create a secure and digitized environment for the exchange of information. The exchange between the public and the government is in government to citizen (G2C) format and improves civilians’ trust.

Discover our analysis of top open civic data startups & learn how they impact your city.

11. Personal Data Management

Current personal data collection and aggregation practices often leave individuals without a say in how their data is used. To this avail, startups provide internet users with data analytics solutions that aggregate, refine, manage, and analyze personal data. This creates an opportunity to both compensate users for the consensual provision of their information and ensure that marketers receive an accurate and complete view of their audience. Such solutions allow users to monetize their data and receive more targeted and relevant advertisements. Find out the different personal data management solutions:

  • Personal Information Management Systems
  • Personal Data Analytics
  • Customer-side Personal Data Storage
  • Personal Data Monetization
  • Consent Management

MiDATA facilitates Personal Data Monetization

Canadian startup MiDATA develops a personal data monetization platform that compensates users for their consent to personal data usage. It uses IBM’s Watson AI to identify and organize personal data. Moreover, it requests a copy of the personal data from different storages, as well as requests data deletion from unwanted web resources. Additionally, MiDATA provides businesses with access to consensual data to improve marketing mechanisms and reduce non-compliance risks.

Meet the 5 top personal data management startups out of 217.

12. Social Data

The positive brand recognition of a company makes its products and services more favorable to the consumer. As a result, companies constantly look for effective solutions to monitor and measure brand recognition. To help businesses, startups develop social listening and social analytics solutions that unlock access to social data. By clustering social data, startups help organizations identify community dynamics and target various segments according to their interests. Targeted community engagement strategies increase brand recognition and awareness. Learn about other applications of deriving value from social data:

  • Social Listening & Analytics Platforms
  • Content Optimization
  • Social Inference Technology
  • AI-Powered Buyer Personas
  • Social Recruiting

Continuon works on Content Optimization

South African startup Continuon applies machine learning algorithms to enable social data analysis. The startup clusters community members according to the social influence they have on a brand. By determining the most vocal supporters, Continuon devises personalized content strategies, increasing advocates’ engagement with the brand.

Read more about top social data management startups & learn how their solutions help your business.

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13. Space Data

Commercial SpaceTech has rapidly expanded in recent years, with hundreds of satellites in orbit. These satellites gather large amounts of geospatial data. Startups and companies across industries are tapping into this data to derive valuable insights. Moreover, space data presents a new window into economic development by monitoring markers of development from space. Startups also offer development intelligence solutions that collect granular details and predict future outcomes. Discover how startups are providing access and insights into space data:

  • Space Data Platforms
  • Forestry Management Tools
  • Economic Development Intelligence
  • Hydrology Monitoring Solutions
  • Geospatial Data & Analytics

Synspective specializes in Geospatial Data & Analytics

Synspective is a Japanese startup providing geospatial data using synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) satellites. The startup’s StriX satellite collects data round the clock, irrespective of the weather conditions. It offers solutions for land displacement monitoring and flood damage assessment. For urban environments, it enables facility monitoring and solar-potential mapping. The startup also offers subscription-based and tailored services that match the needs of their client’s business and industry.

Explore our full analysis of top data management startups impacting the space industry.

14. Synthetic Data

Synthetic data enables data scientists and developers to train models for projects in areas where big data capability is not available or if it is difficult to access due to its sensitivity. The spread of synthetic data technology is driven by its flexibility in an ever-evolving world. AI is easier to supplement or modify to increase the effectiveness of any trained model. Effective training of neural networks for processing information requires large arrays of data with real-world annotations. Access to these arrays is a major obstacle for most companies wishing to enter this market. Find out how startups are developing synthetic data solutions including:

  • Human-Focused Data
  • Photo-Realistic Simulation
  • Privacy
  • Data Labeling
  • Sensor-Specific Data

Cvedia generates Photo-Realistic Simulation

US-based startup Cvedia develops a high-fidelity simulator to generate entropic scenes, conditions, and metadata to enable real-time simulations. The startup has proprietary tools to create synthetic images that simplify the sourcing of large volumes of labeled, real, and visual data. Moreover, the simulation platform employs multiple sensors to synthesize photo-realistic environments resulting in empirical dataset creation.

Dive into our analysis of 5 top synthetic data startups & learn how their solutions impact your business.

15. Vehicle Data

As the adoption of autonomous vehicles (AVs) increases, there is a need for mechanisms that allow AVs to transact. These solutions enable driverless vehicles to pay at parking spaces, highway tolls, and gas stations. Vehicle identification numbers (VINs), license plate numbers, and encrypted technologies enable the verification of vehicle data for transactions. Vehicle data is also informative for automotive manufacturing. Spare parts that fail frequently provide automotive manufacturers with valuable insights. In turn, this enables design and manufacturing improvements that enhance the safety and usability of newer models. Find more about how else startups deploy vehicle data:

  • Autonomous Transaction Platform
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Smart Repair & Maintenance
  • Used Vehicle Marketplace
  • Automotive Manufacturing

AutoDAP enables Smart Repair & Maintenance

Dutch startup AutoDAP offers vehicle data solutions for smart repair & maintenance. The startup assists original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in improved automotive part identification for enhanced repair. This allows sellers to identify the parts installed in a particular vehicle by simply entering their VIN. This way, AutoDAP helps parts sellers improve the part selection accuracy.

Learn more about the 5 top vehicle data startups out of 250.

16. Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Data Security

Besides generating data for navigation and functioning, AVs generate personal data like real-time location, entertainment, and infotainment. This data is owner-specific making it susceptible to external attacks like hacking and data piracy. As a result of technological advancements, the expanding ecosystem for Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication and infrastructure requires priority in cybersecurity. With the help of advanced analytics, blockchain, and machine learning, AVs tackle cyber threats regardless of attack vectors and point of entry. Discover more ways to secure AV data and functioning:

  • Multi-Layer Cyber Security
  • Decentralized Cryptographic Protocols
  • Blockchain Cloud
  • Digital Fingerprint For AV Sensors
  • Digital Profiles of AVs

Enigmatos creates Digital Profiles for AVs

Enigmatos, an Israeli startup, develops cybersecurity software for AVs. The solution includes a rules engine powered by proprietary machine learning algorithms and mapping methodologies to construct digital profiles for AVs. Deterministic rules coupled with the digital profile of AVs, help detect, analyze, and eliminate cyber threats. As a result, the solution allows AVs to operate and communicate with the network securely.

Discover our analysis of 5 top data security startups enabling safe autonomous vehicles.

Discover the Latest Data Management Startups

Every day, new startups and technologies emerge that improve the quality and quantity of data-based services. These solutions span a range of industries, and emerging companies take advantage of AI, cloud technology, and increased data awareness to offer a conflict-free data economy. For example, founded in 2020, Spanish startup Aqtiva offers a data quality platform to individuals and enterprises. The startup applies machine learning (ML), predictive analytics, and big data using software such as Spark and Kafka, to implement data governance processes. Aqtiva identifies and eliminates bad data before it enters storage systems. It maintains data quality and further reduces the time spent on data cleaning.

Get in touch to identify data management startups & solutions that match your criteria.

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