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Corporate Innovation: 5 Ways to Run Your Innovation Program | StartUs Insights
Types of Innovation Programs | Innovation Management
Corporate Innovation Programs are a great way to foster creativity through effective collaboration. With a wide variety of these programs available, here are the top 5 that will empower you to always stay one step ahead of the competition!
How to Boost Your Business with Crowdsourced Innovation | StartUs Insights
Crowdsourced Innovation | Innovation Management

Explore how crowdsourced innovation helps you gather & identify new ideas from a wide range of sources to create new business opportunities!

Effective Communication: Key to Successful Innovation | StartUs Insights
Effective Communication | Innovation Management

The ability to effectively communicate is a major factor in any successful innovation process. As with most things, there are certain dos & don’ts that you should keep in mind while communicating about innovation. Explore this and much more!

Why & How to Engage Startups: A Guide for Open Innovation | StartUs Insights
Engage Startups | Innovation Management

Emerging technologies have a major impact on business operations. As a result, many big corporates looking to adopt new technologies first turn to startups for partnerships. This is why engaging startups becomes crucial. So, let’s talk about the best approach to discover & attract startups with a real-life case study!

Idea Generation 101: Find Innovations Fast | StartUs Insights
Idea Generation | Innovation Management

Idea generation is an integral part of any organization’s innovation efforts. You should constantly look for ways to improve the process. Here’s everything you need to know about ideation — from ideation techniques to tips to generate better ideas, to ideation KPIs!

Identify Opportunities for Responsible Innovation | StartUs Insights
Responsible Innovation

Are you looking to strike a balance between innovation and social impact? Learn how responsible innovation allows your company to achieve it in this report.

5 Top Lessons from Iberdrola’s Open Innovation Challenges | StartUs Insights
Open Innovation Challenges

We have run over 20 startup challenges for Iberdrola and many more for 500+ companies. Here are the lessons we learned from these open innovation challenges.

4 Innovation Management Trends in 2023 | StartUs Insights
Innovation Management Trends 2023

The market is evolving dynamically and so are consumer needs and preferences. These changes significantly affect how companies innovate. Here are 4 innovation management trends that you should follow in 2023 to stay ahead of the game!

Why Nonprofits Need to Leverage Innovation Management | Startus Insights
Innovation Management for Nonprofits

Struggling with growing competition in the nonprofit sector? Learn why nonprofits need to leverage innovation management to stay competitive while maximizing social impact.

Guide to Balancing Open Innovation with Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) | StartUs Insights
Open Innovation & IPR

Curious about how to reconcile open innovation with IPR? Learn how to balance intellectual property protection with advancing open innovation.

Product Lifecycle Management and its Benefits | StartUs Insights
Product Lifecycle Management

Want to create great products while fostering innovation? Learn how product lifecycle management optimizes new product development and creates a competitive advantage.

Implement a Semi-virtual Startup Program | StartUs Insights
Semi-virtual Startup Program

Want to balance the benefits of onsite and virtual startup programs? Learn how a semi-virtual startup program combines the best of both, allowing you to find highly-relevant startups globally.

Accelerate Open Innovation with Data-driven Startup Programs | StartUs Insights
Data-driven Startup Programs

Data-driven startup programs attract high-quality startups that further your innovation goals. In this report, learn the benefits of data-driven startup programs and how to set one up.

Accelerating the Circular Economy with Open Innovation | StartUs Insights
Circular Economy | Open Innovation

Curious about how open innovation contributes to a circular economy? Learn how your business can use external innovation to adopt circular technologies that work best with your systems