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Discover 5 Top Innovation Management Approaches | StartUs Insights
Innovation Management Approaches
Curious about how to implement innovation management? Explore our analysis of 5 top innovation management approaches and their benefits.
Leverage Innovation Intelligence for Frugal Innovation | StartUs Insights
Frugal Innovation | Innovation Management

Curious about how to incorporate frugal innovation? Lean how innovation intelligence allows you to identify startups and technologies that advance frugality for your business.

Accelerating the Circular Economy with Open Innovation | StartUs Insights
Circular Economy | Open Innovation

Curious about how open innovation contributes to a circular economy? Learn how your business can use external innovation to adopt circular technologies that work best with your systems

Manage Innovation through Hype Cycles | StartUs Insights
Innovation Hype Cycles

Curious about managing innovation through hype cycles? Learn how technology feasibility assessment allows you to better evaluate technology trends and separate the hype from reality.

Beat Your Competition with Connected Innovation Intelligence | StartUs Insights
Connected Innovation Intelligence

Curious about how connected innovation intelligence improves innovation in your company and helps you gain a competitive advantage? Learn more!

Speed Up Product Development with Innovation Intelligence | StartUs Insights
Product Development | Innovation Intelligence

Looking to speed up your product development cycles? Find out how innovation intelligence benefits product development by scanning the environment and significantly reducing time-to-market.

How to Leverage Innovation to Evade the Commodity Trap | StartUs Insights
Overcoming the Commodity Trap

The commodity trap erodes the competitive advantage of companies. In this report, learn how to leverage innovation intelligence to evade the commodity trap and regain your competitive edge!

Data-Driven Competitor Intelligence Keeps You Ahead of the Competition | StartUs Insights
Competitor Intelligence

Curious about what data-driven competitor intelligence can do for your business? Find out how it aligns with your innovation goals as well as improves processes within your organization!

Discover the Missing Catalyst in your Innovation Process StartUs Insights
Innovation Catalyst

Do you ever feel like it's impossible to keep up with the pace of technology development? If the answer is yes, find out how you can leverage data to stay ahead of the technology curve!

Why the Technology Landscape is Your Window into the Future StartUs Insights
Data-Driven Technology Landscaping

Looking to forecast technology trends, identify new use cases, or quantify the commercial scope of a technology? Find out how the data-driven technology landscape gives you a peek into the future and a competitive advantage!

How Data-Driven Open Innovation Takes Your Business to the Next Level StartUs Insights
Data-Driven Open Innovation

Looking to speed up innovation, partner with emerging startups, or develop Proof of Concepts to solve your business challenges? Find out how data-driven open innovation addresses these business needs and gives you a competitive advantage!

How Data-Driven Trend Intelligence Future-Proofs Your Business
Data-Driven Trend Intelligence

Looking for the key to future-proof your business? We’ll explain how data-driven Trend Intelligence gives you a competitive edge & how you can use it to your advantage!

How Data-Driven Technology Scouting Speeds Up Corporate Innovation
Data-Driven Technology Scouting

You are looking to speed up Corporate Innovation? Learn how Data-Driven Technology Scouting delivers results that matter - quickly and exhaustively!

Best Practices For Innovation Managers startus insights
Best Practices for Innovation Managers

Do you have a lot on your plate and find it hard to manage all your tasks in an effective manner while improving yourself constantly? That’s why we give you 5 best practices for innovation managers — guaranteed to make your life a little easier!

Podcasts For Innovation Managers StartUs Insights
10 Podcasts for Innovation Managers

Looking for inspiration to create new products, increase client satisfaction, or gain a competitive advantage? Here are 10 podcasts for innovation managers that we hand-picked for you!

Data-Driven Startup Scouting

Looking to speed up product development cycles, diversify product ranges, and revenue streams? Find out how data-driven startup scouting identifies relevant partners & gives you a competitive advantage!

Data-Driven Innovation Scouting

Innovation scouting is a critical process to take over and expand corporate leadership positions in the global economy. Discover why data-driven innovation scouting is the most effective approach and explore how it impacts your competitive advantage!

Digital Food Management

Curious about new technological advancements in the food industry? Explore our analysis of 860 global startups & scaleups and learn how their digital food management solutions impact your business!