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8 Innovative Business Practices You Need to Try Today - StartUs Insights
Innovative Business Practices
Are you ready to bring your business to the next level? Uncover 8 tried and tested innovative business practices to elevate your operations, adapt to today’s challenges, and lead tomorrow's market!
How to Become the Most Innovative Company | StartUs Insights
Most Innovative Company | Innovation Management

What’s the secret formula to becoming the most innovative company? The answer is innovation intelligence. Explore the various types of innovation intelligence in this article & also learn about an excellent tool that makes innovating management super-easy!

Top 5 Features for Innovation Management Tools | StartUs Insights
Top 5 Features | Innovation Management Tools

Using the right innovation management tools, you can transform your ideas into tangible outcomes and value propositions for your customers & stakeholders. Explore the key features that make a tool effective and valuable for your organization.

Explore the Power of Technology Scouting Software - StartUs Insights
Technology Scouting Software

Want to stay on top of emerging technologies? Here’s everything you need to know about technology scouting — why you need it, how SaaS tools streamline the process, and what’s the best technology scouting software for your company!

How to Find the Coolest Companies [7 Ways] | StartUs Insights
Coolest Companies | Discovery Platform

Are you looking for some cool new companies to collaborate with, acquire, or learn from? We’re giving you the best ways to find the coolest companies in your domain & stay ahead in the innovation game!

Competitive Advantage of the Best Startup Scouting Software | StartUs Insights
Competitive Advantage of Discovery Platform

The driving force behind disruptive innovations is startups, making it essential for businesses to engage with them to stay ahead of their competition. Explore how our Discovery Platform helps you identify and scout relevant startups to leverage emerging technologies and build strategic partnerships.

How Do Energy Companies Utilize Open Innovation? | StartUs Insights
Open Innovation | Energy Innovation Management

Need that extra push to boost your company’s ideation and product development? Discover how to explore, test, and create the next-big energy solution of tomorrow by leveraging open innovation!

Use Innovation Mapping to Stay Competitive in Any Industry | StartUs Insights
Innovation Mapping

Innovation mapping allows you to stay competitive and identify new areas for growth. Try the StartUs Insights Discovery Platform today to accurately map the innovation landscape for your industry!

The Ultimate Innovation Intelligence Platform: Stay Ahead of the Curve | StartUs Insights
Innovation Intelligence Platform

Meet the Discovery Platform, our AI-driven innovation intelligence platform. It monitors all startups, technologies, and innovations globally to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

Identify Emerging Technologies to foster Radical Innovation | StartUs Insights
Radical Innovation

Looking for ways to advance radical innovation within your company? In this report, learn how innovation intelligence allows you to do just that and create entirely new markets.

Innovation Intelligence provides Data-driven Decision Support | StartUs Insights
Data-driven Decision Support

Curious about the value of innovation intelligence for your company? In this report, learn how it provides you with a data-driven decision support system for your innovation strategy.

Develop Innovation Initiatives with Product Portfolio Management | StartUs Insights
Product Portfolio Management

Wondering how to manage your product pipeline and boost innovation? In this report, learn how product portfolio management empowers you to achieve that.

Innovation Intelligence - Why Your Business Needs It
Innovation Intelligence

Feeling blindsided by disruption? The business landscape is constantly evolving, and groundbreaking ideas can emerge from anywhere. Innovation intelligence equips you to see around corners, anticipate future trends, and identify the next big thing before your competitors. In this article, we'll break down what Innovation Intelligence is, how it works, and how you can use it for explosive business growth.

Gain Market Leadership with Disruptive Innovation | StartUs Insights
Disruptive Innovation

Curious about how to disrupt your market? Learn how disruptive innovation allows you to stay on top of disruptive technologies and business models.

Accelerate Time to Market with High Speed, Low Risk Innovation | StartUs Insights
High Speed, Low Risk Innovation | Innovation Management

Finding it difficult to balance speed with risk in your innovation strategy? Learn how high speed, low risk innovation addresses this challenge and reduces the time to market.

The How and Why of Integrated Innovation | StartUs Insights
Integrated Innovation | Innovation Management

Curious about coupling innovation with your business processes? Learn how integrated innovation enables companies to optimize productivity, respond to emerging trends, and identify growth opportunities.

Discover 5 Top Innovation Management Approaches | StartUs Insights
Innovation Management Approaches

Curious about how to implement innovation management? Explore our analysis of 5 top innovation management approaches and their benefits.

Leverage Innovation Intelligence for Frugal Innovation | StartUs Insights
Frugal Innovation | Innovation Management

Curious about how to incorporate frugal innovation? Lean how innovation intelligence allows you to identify startups and technologies that advance frugality for your business.

circular economy innovation featured image startus insights
Circular Economy | Innovation

Delving into the world of circular economy innovation, this article explores how innovation can be a catalyst for sustainable business transformation. Key insights include rethinking business models, technology's role in circular processes, and the value of cross-industry collaboration for environmental and competitive gains.

Manage Innovation through Hype Cycles | StartUs Insights
Innovation Hype Cycles

Curious about managing innovation through hype cycles? Learn how technology feasibility assessment allows you to better evaluate technology trends and separate the hype from reality.

Beat Your Competition with Connected Innovation Intelligence | StartUs Insights
Connected Innovation Intelligence

Curious about how connected innovation intelligence improves innovation in your company and helps you gain a competitive advantage? Learn more!

Speed Up Product Development with Innovation Intelligence | StartUs Insights
Product Development | Innovation Intelligence

Looking to speed up your product development cycles? Find out how innovation intelligence benefits product development by scanning the environment and significantly reducing time-to-market.

How to Leverage Innovation to Evade the Commodity Trap | StartUs Insights
Overcoming the Commodity Trap

The commodity trap erodes the competitive advantage of companies. In this report, learn how to leverage innovation intelligence to evade the commodity trap and regain your competitive edge!

Data-Driven Competitor Intelligence Keeps You Ahead of the Competition | StartUs Insights
Competitor Intelligence

Curious about what data-driven competitor intelligence can do for your business? Find out how it aligns with your innovation goals as well as improves processes within your organization!

Discover the Missing Catalyst in your Innovation Process StartUs Insights
Innovation Catalyst

Do you ever feel like it's impossible to keep up with the pace of technology development? If the answer is yes, find out how you can leverage data to stay ahead of the technology curve!

Why the Technology Landscape is Your Window into the Future StartUs Insights
Data-Driven Technology Landscaping

The technology landscape is crucial for businesses navigating post-pandemic challenges. This article delves into how technology landscape assessment, distinct from technology scouting, is key for long-term strategic planning. It highlights the role of emerging technologies in reshaping industries and the benefits of technology landscaping in gaining a competitive edge.

Full Guide to Corporate Open Innovation: Unlock Growth & Visibility
Open Innovation

Discover how open innovation accelerates product development and unlocks new growth avenues by tapping into the global startup ecosystem! This comprehensive report explores the principles of open innovation, its advantages over traditional R&D, and practical strategies for seamless integration into your business.

How Data-Driven Trend Intelligence Future-Proofs Your Business
Data-Driven Trend Intelligence

Looking for the key to future-proof your business? We’ll explain how data-driven Trend Intelligence gives you a competitive edge & how you can use it to your advantage!

How Data-Driven Technology Scouting Speeds Up Corporate Innovation
Data-Driven Technology Scouting

You are looking to speed up Corporate Innovation? Learn how Data-Driven Technology Scouting delivers results that matter - quickly and exhaustively!

Best Practices For Innovation Managers startus insights
Best Practices for Innovation Managers

Do you have a lot on your plate and find it hard to manage all your tasks in an effective manner while improving yourself constantly? That’s why we give you 5 best practices for innovation managers — guaranteed to make your life a little easier!