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Global Startup Heat Map highlights 5 Top Assisted Maintenace Technologies out of 174

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The Global Startup Heat Map below reveals the distribution of the 174 exemplary startups & scaleups we analyzed for this research. Further, it highlights 5 assisted maintenance startups that we hand-picked based on criteria such as founding year, location, funding raised, and more. You get to explore the solutions of these 5 startups & scaleups in this report. For insights on the other 169 assisted maintenance technologies, get in touch.


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Spectral TMS offers User-Generated AR Content Software

Augmented reality (AR) replaces the traditional training and assisting methods such as manuals, printed graphs, and 3D models in the automotive, aerospace, and energy industries. AR offers an interactive interface with real-time information and maintenance support documents. This allows field operators and maintenance workers to make informed decisions during maintenance tasks and improve their productivity. Startups now develop innovative assisted maintenance solutions that enhance operator efficiency by reducing human errors and maintenance execution periods.

French startup Spectral TMS develops augmented reality solutions for maintenance using proprietary software. The startup’s Spectral Studio allows companies to generate augmented reality content without the need for coding or software development. To provide the AR content to operators, Spectral View feeds it to the field of view of operators and collaborators using the Microsoft Hololens 2. Spectral TMS’s solutions optimize maintenance in industrial workflows as well as boost operator productivity.

Arios Technology develops an AR Video Calling App

In-house and on-site asset maintenance demands domain expertise for efficient task completion. Otherwise, the operators collaborate with engineers or project managers to better understand the maintenance scope and deliver accordingly. However, direct collaboration slows down the maintenance procedure as the experts and operators are usually not at the same location. This is why startups are developing AR-based solutions that further facilitate real-time collaboration between operators and other stakeholders.

Arios Technology is an Italian startup that offers an AR video calling app. The startup’s smartphone app allows operators to collaborate with project managers to improve industrial maintenance. Further, the app enables comprehensive virtual assistance by superimposing annotation onto video streams as text, image, and notes, or AR drawings. This helps the project managers better guide the operators and improve their efficiency as well as reduce technician intervention time.

Imaginate provides AR Predictive Maintenance

Monitoring asset health in industrial setups is critical to ensure floor productivity as well as worker safety. With the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) generating real-time data on machine conditions, startups use data analytics and artificial intelligence to deliver predictive maintenance. AR further allows operators to use the information from IIoT effectively to enhance industrial productivity. Moreover, it enables proactive repairs and replacements of machines or their parts.

Imaginate is a US-based startup that offers a device-agnostic mixed reality collaboration platform. The startup’s NuSpace Assist module connects field workers with experts for support. Further, the Assist module supports 3D annotation, 2-way audio, and video streaming, as well as offers a screen share feature. Imaginate’s NuSpace Assist AR solution facilitates preventive, corrective, and predictive maintenance, along with improved training efficiency. Furthermore, the startup offers a NuSpace Atom VR module that allows geographically dispersed teams to collaborate securely over contextual 2D/3D data.

Augmented Knowledge creates an AR Maintenance Platform

Replacing conventional machine and product support manuals with AR-based training and assistance devices requires reintegrating the data in legacy systems into AR-recognizable format. This is a time-intensive task as the AR designers have to find relevant data and represent it in an acceptable form that is both interactive and informative. Startups offer content authoring solutions as standalone tools that allow companies to convert their data without third-party intervention. Alternatively, they provide AR content creation services to speed up AR integration into existing production workflows.

South Korean startup Augmented Knowledge uses AI to create content for AR-based assisted maintenance and offers remote maintenance support through AR wearables. The startup’s Intelligent Augmented Reality Maintenance Platform (IAR-MAP) allows companies to integrate their maintenance information from legacy systems such as video tutorials and pdf manuals into AR content using AI. This significantly impacts AR content authoring speed, helping industries to transition to AI-based maintenance systems quickly.

XR Labs develops On-Site Maintenance Assistance Tools

Mixed reality applications are convenient for both in-house asset maintenance as well as on-site product support scenarios. On-site field technicians often encounter machine conditions that differ from company and product manuals. For such situations, AR-based maintenance solutions provide technical operators with crucial information and expert assistance that improves their efficiency and quality of work.

XR Labs is an Indian startup that offers augmented reality for field technicians. The startup’s solution allows on-site technicians to connect with remote experts and better understand the machine’s condition to improve serviceability. Moreover, it automatically documents the learnings and remote sessions and shares them with other team members. This way, XR Labs’ AR solution improves information flow among team members. Further, it reduces the service period of on-site maintenance tasks, improving customer satisfaction and reducing downtime.

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