What if the Pharma Industry were Represented by 100 Startups?

What if the Pharma Industry were represented by 100 Startups?

Based on a data-driven analysis of 3.032 pharma startups, you get to discover how many have raised over $1M? How many have female founders? And how many develop Artificial Intelligence-based solutions?

Village of 100: The Pharma Industry Represented by 100 Startups

This report gives you a clear-cut overview of what the pharma industry looks like represented by 100 global startups. More specifically, you get answers to some of your most burning questions in the Village of 100 Startups graphic below. The graphic highlights how many startups develop artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions, how many raised more than $1M, and how many have female founders. Additionally, you get to discover three emerging pharma startups to watch.

Our Innovation Researchers analyzed 3.032 startups to answer these three questions, taking into account factors such as founder demographic, funding, founding year, locations, and more. The data behind this comes from the StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, covering 1.379.000+ startups & scaleups globally. And while we looked at a few parameters here, the platform provides you with an extensive range of filters to ensure you discover the right startups and innovations for your needs.


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How many startups develop AI-based solutions?


1 in 5 Startups Develops AI-based Solutions

21% of all pharma startups develop AI-based solutions. Machine learning and deep learning help pharma startups scan large structured and unstructured datasets to identify trends. This helps them discover new drug candidates, assess risk for clinical trials, and analyze medical images.

ZebiAI Therapeutics is a US-based startup that utilizes AI to discover new therapeutics. The startup combines machine learning algorithms and large chemical datasets to screen small molecules for drug discovery.

Over 1 in 3 Startups raised $1M or more

Among pharma startups that have raised any funding in the last 5 years, 35% have raised over $1M. While COVID-19 has accelerated investments in the pharma sector, particularly vaccines and diagnostics, the sector has seen growth in funding even before 2020. As the cost to develop and bring a drug to market rises to $2.6 billion, big pharma is getting entrepreneurial and actively investing in startups that minimize risk in the drug development process.

Canadian startup Ventus Therapeutics works on small molecule therapeutics for the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. The startup integrates protein engineering and structure-based drug design to find and optimize complex targets. Earlier this year, the startup raised $60M in Series A funding.

1 in 4 Pharma Startups has Female Founders

25% of all pharma startups have at least one female co-founder. This is in sharp contrast to the largest pharmaceutical companies where only 1 in 10 leaders are women.

Aileens Pharma is an Italian startup that develops topical non-pharmacological, non-steroidal treatment for dermatological diseases. The treatment uses non-pathogenic bacterial fragments, in combination with mucopolysaccharide carriers. The startup was founded by Sonia Longo Sormani, who also serves as the CEO.

The Global Distribution of Pharma Startups

The Global Distribution Map below highlights the geographical distribution of pharma startups globally. 85% of the startups in the industry are located in either North America or Europe. Asia-Pacific also houses 600+ startups developing solutions ranging from monoclonal antibodies and drugs for neglected tropical diseases to specialty pharma.


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What else is happening in the Pharma Industry?

Pharma startups often focus on a niche set of conditions, such as type 2 diabetes or hematological conditions. Incentives from regulatory bodies drive startups to explore treatments for previously ignored rare and orphan diseases as well. Newer developments include the proliferation of gene and cell therapies, as well as flexible production methods such as low-volume production to support them. Lastly, pharma startups are also rapidly embracing new digital technologies and blockchain.

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Which pharma trends will impact your company?
Which pharma trends will impact your company?

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