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AGV Startups | 2022
Curious about startups that will impact your industry? Discover 5 hand-picked Automated Guided Vehicle Startups to Watch in 2022 in this report & learn what their solutions have in store for your business!
Drones | Construction

We analyzed 321 startups developing drones for the construction industry.​ TraceAir, Civdrone, Sentient Blue, Huviair & develop 5 top solutions to watch out for. Learn more in our Global Startup Heat Map!

Automated Guided Vehicle In Logistics: A Global Startup Hub Activity Analysis StartUs Insights
Automated Guided Vehicle | Global Startup Hubs

We conducted an exhaustive analysis of the global geographic distribution of 559 automated guided vehicle (AGV) startups to identify the top 5 global hubs. Explore the global AGV landscape & meet some of the most promising startups in the field!

Assistive Technology | Healthcare

We analyzed 831 assistive technology solutions. The Right Place, Sanitag, Jetbrain Robotics, PTR Robots & LuxAI develop 5 top solutions. Learn more in our Global Startup Heat Map!

Discover 5 Top Smart Construction Startups impacting Smart Cities | StartUs Insights
Smart Construction | Smart City

Curious about new technological advancements in the smart city industry? Explore our analysis of 425 global smart construction startups impacting smart cities & learn how their solutions advance your business!

5 Top Navigation Software & Service Startups In The AGV & Mobile Robot Sector
Navigation Software | AGV & Mobile Robots

We analyzed 130 AGV & Mobile Robot Navigation Software startups. Ruvu, BlueBotics, Kollmorgen, Accerion, and Braincorp are our 5 picks to watch out for. To learn more about the global distribution of these 5 and 125 more startups, check out our Heat Map!