Discover 20 Industry 4.0 Startups to Watch in 2024

Curious about the latest technology in manufacturing? Dive into our comprehensive report featuring 20 Industry 4.0 Startups for 2024. From a thorough analysis of 2600+ startups & scaleups, we bring you an exclusive selection of the most innovative solutions in smart manufacturing, supply chain optimization, IoT integration, predictive maintenance, and beyond!

Thousands of new startups are founded every year – emerging companies with the potential to disrupt industry 4.0. To give you a head-start on emerging technologies & startups that will impact the manufacturing sector in 2024, we analyzed a total of 2 604 global industry 4.0 startups & scaleups. From advanced robotics and IoT solutions that enhance production lines to AI-driven predictive maintenance systems, these startups are redefining efficiency and productivity in manufacturing. We also explore startups specializing in supply chain optimization using real-time data analytics, as well as those offering smart factory solutions integrating cloud computing and big data. Additionally, there’s a focus on companies developing cybersecurity measures tailored for industrial control systems, ensuring the safety and integrity of operations. Meet 20 emerging industry 4.0 startups advancing these innovations in 2024 and beyond!

20 Industry 4.0 Startups to Watch in 2024

Global Startup Heat Map highlights 20 Industry 4.0 Startups to Watch in 2024

Out of 2 604, the 20 Industry 4.0 startups to watch are chosen through the Big Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, covering over 3 790 000+ startups & scaleups globally. As the world’s largest resource for data on emerging companies, the SaaS platform enables you to scout relevant startups, emerging technologies & future industry trends quickly & exhaustively.

The Global Startup Heat Map below highlights the 20 Industry 4.0 startups you should watch in 2024 as well as the geo-distribution of the other 2 604 startups & scaleups we analyzed for this research. We hand-picked the 20 highlighted Industry 4.0 startups based on our data-driven startup scouting approach, taking into account factors such as location, founding year, the relevance of technology, & funding, among others.


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Explore 20 Industry 4.0 Startups to Watch (2024)

Indise enables AI-powered Manufacturing

startups to watch-industry 4.0-indise

Swedish startup Indise develops an AI-powered platform to enhance supply chain management, production, and aftermarket services in factories. Its platform leverages AI and image recognition to maintain quality control, ensuring accurate part selection and assembly verification.

Moreover, the platform includes features for anti-counterfeit measures, warranty control, and sustainability services. These feature integrate with existing systems, providing manufacturers with tools for improved production quality and operational efficiency.

Factory AI advances Predictive Maintenance

startups to watch-industry 4.0-factory ai

Australian startup Factory AI builds an AI-powered platform to enhance asset availability in manufacturing through predictive maintenance. Its system analyzes and diagnoses maintenance challenges, reducing unplanned downtime.

The platform integrates various data sources, enabling in-depth monitoring. This includes insights into the performance of pumps, fans, conveyors, and other equipment. Factory AI enables production, maintenance and operations teams to solve maintenance challenges using data. offers a Computer Vision Platform

startups to watch-industry 4.0-vision platform

Dutch startup develops a computer vision system to accelerate AI workflows. The platform allows businesses to upload, annotate, manage, and train their data and deploy custom models on edge devices. Moreover, it sends alerts on important events and schedules automatic tasks, offering real-time updates into production lines.

The startup’s platform caters to a range of industries, including agriculture, automotive, construction, electronics, healthcare, logistics, and more. For instance, manufacturers use the AI vision technology to enable real-time inspection and defect detection in production lines. This, in turn, allows them to ensure high product quality and avoid faulty products reaching customers.

Industry Tech Solutions provides Vision-guided Robotics

startups to watch-industry 4.0-industry tech sol

Industry Tech Solutions is a US-based startup that provides advanced automation solutions spanning machine vision and robotic assembly. It offers vision inspection systems, including multi-point quality inspection and short-shot detection, for enhanced quality control, increased throughput, and improved accuracy. It also offers robotic solutions, utilizing grippers and vision-assisted motion to provide enhanced precision, efficiency, and reduced labor requirements.

The startup uses technologies such as machine learning, 3D vision inspection, vision-guided robotics, collaborative robotics, flexible end-of-arm tooling, and rapid prototyping. The startup’s solutions automate visual inspections, palletizing, and detection of issues in injection molding.

Things Embedded advances Industrial Edge Computing

startups to watch-industry 4.0-things embedded

Things Embedded, a UK-based startup, provides tailored industrial edge computing solutions, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) or custom-built industrial PCs. It also provides industrial computer design, performance benchmarking, I/O port configuration, global edge connectivity, imaging & BIOS modification, and IPC build & test services.

The startup’s industrial edge computing products encompass Embedded Edge Computers, Industrial Panel PC & Displays, and IIoT Gateway Edge Devices. The solutions offer reliability, repeatability, and support for Industry 4.0 for OEMs, SIs, and operators.

Smart Industrial Automation (SIA) develops Accumulation Table

startups to watch-industry 4.0-sia

Italian startup SIA builds ASTUTA (Automatic Smart TUrning TAble), an accumulation table, to enhance manufacturing processes. Its product leverages lean manufacturing principles to enhance end-of-line productivity. SIA enhances part quality, optimizes resource use, extends production hours, and promotes environmental awareness.

Vivity AI facilitates Sustainable Manufacturing Process

startups to watch-industry 4.0-vivity ai

US startup Vivity AI offers industrial AI platform to renewable and conventional energy industries. It addresses challenges in process optimization, workplace safety, product quality, and risk management.

Leveraging advanced AI technologies, the platform monitors and prevents unsafe events, digitizes processes, analyzes quality issues, and optimizes key metrics. The startup serves the industrial goods and manufacturing segments, providing AI products for automation, quality, safety and maintenance.

Oinride builds Autonomous Electric Robots

startups to watch-industry 4.0-oinride

Finnish startup Oinride provides mobile robots to enhance safety, productivity, and cost-efficiency in industrial environments. Its product, AutoJoe, is a six-wheeled electric robot designed for off-road use. It streamlines the inspection process, provides early warnings, and reduces safety risks.

The startup also offers ControlWire, a customizable software suite for controlling, monitoring, and analyzing mobile robots and machinery. Oinride offers solutions to industries such as mining, nuclear waste, security, defense, and R&D, increasing the productivity of operations in harsh environments.

OTee facilitates Industrial Automation Engineering

startups to watch-industry 4.0-otee

Norwegian startup OTee provides an industrial-grade engineering platform to design and deploy virtual automation systems. The solution is deployable on any hardware. The startup’s virtual control systems enable remote monitoring, adjustments, and data-driven insights. This aids in real-time optimization and predictive maintenance while eliminating vendor lock-in.

The platform is built on open architectures, standards, and open-source principles for real-time control. Otee’s solution also supports role-based access control, allowing users to manage programs, data hierarchy, and sharing options.

SpatialThink builds 3D Digital Twins

startups to watch-industry 4.0-spatialthink

SpatialThink, a US-based startup, offers a digital twin management platform for workforce training and collaboration. Its platform allows users to capture and enhance spaces with 3D models, annotations, IoT devices and linked organizational data. Employing a no-code visual builder, it simulates real-world behavior, models operating procedures, and tracks skills.

The startup supports collaboration with 3D project visualization, seamless web/AR/VR experiences, and real-time video conferencing. SpatialThink addresses training, facilities management, and monitoring in built environment industries.


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Robco manufactures Modular Robots

Industry 4.0_Startups to Watch 2023_Robco

Robco is a German startup that develops modular robot kits and software-based automation solutions. The startup’s robot-as-a-service solution provides 2 to 7-axis robots with changeable modules for high uptime and flexibility. Besides, the startup’s robotic automation guide proposes the most suitable robot setup along with virtual training based on lidar scans of the production environment.

Moreover, the robots are plug-and-play, feature multiple sizes for mass customization, as well as use cloud-based analytics and interfaces. Robco’s robots thus find applications in automating a wide range of industrial tasks such as machine tending, palletizing, material handling, welding, and assembly.

i4Twins facilitates Digital Twin Creation

Industry 4.0+Startups to Watch 2023_i4Twins

i4Twins is a Canadian startup that makes a no-code digital twin platform to build, validate, simulate, and test industrial designs. It features status twins, operational twins, and simulation twins through an online browser-based electronic prototyping workspace.

Besides, the open platform supports multiple operating systems, uses artificial intelligence (AI), and contains a repository to share and manage designs and descriptions. As a result, i4Twins’ platform enables engineers and factory designers to create and experiment on different physical topologies.

iSIMplatform aids Factory Management

Industry 4.0_Startups to Watch 2023_iSIMplatform

Turkish startup iSIMplatform makes a software platform to digitize factory equipment and operations. It manages smart and integrated industrial systems through 2D and 3D maps and models. The platform’s other features include on-premise and cloud installation, fully web-based architecture, as well as adaptive and simultaneous updatable workflows. This way, the startup’s solution allows factory owners and operators to monitor equipment in real time and receive instant notifications and reports.

Capteurio enables Predictive Maintenance

Industry 4.0_Startups to Watch 2023_Capteurio

Canadian startup Capteurio provides internet of things (IoT) and AI-based solutions for industrial equipment maintenance. The startup’s products are CAPTEUR TEMP and CAPTEUR CTH. They monitor temperate and air quality data to provide real-time analytics on machines.

Moreover, the startup’s other product, CapteurX, monitors key equipment parameters while leveraging AI and machine learning to provide meaningful decisions. CapteurX prevents unplanned downtime from breakdowns and lets employees monitor equipment from their mobile devices.

Xentara advances Smart Manufacturing

Industry 4.0_Startups to Watch 2023_Xentara

German startup Xentara develops a smart manufacturing platform that integrates with common protocols, field buses, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs). It is installable on devices like PCs, Raspberry Pis, or even on the cloud as well as follows existing data streams and infrastructure. Additionally, the startup’s companion app for smartphones and tablets provides a wide range of visualization tools and parameters with live machine data for direct comparison.

Further, the startup’s edge control and computing system integrates into existing machines and collects data without influencing existing controls. Consequently, the startup’s solutions enable industries to digitize their operations and remotely monitor their equipment with minimal capital and operating expenditure.

Dfxbot simplifies Physical Storage Tracking

Industry 4.0_Startups to Watch 2023_Dfxbot

Indian startup Dfxbot creates IoT-based sensors for real-time inventory tracking and management. They leverage edge computing to communicate inventory data in real time with complete logs of all inventory transactions. Additionally, the startup offers an interactive dashboard with information on usage, cycle time, and inventory expenses. Dfxbot’s sensors improve clarity in the inventory cycle and cash flow to prevent production line stoppage.

MINT streamlines Cold Room Monitoring

Industry 4.0_Startups to Watch 2023_MINT

Italian startup MINT provides IoT-based solutions to monitor the temperature inside storage systems. The startup’s product, MET, is an easy-to-install solution that periodically detects the temperature of storage systems and automatically records the values. MINT also offers a web interface to view historical temperature data and provide site inspections and assessments for ideal sensor placements.

Additionally, MET has customizable control thresholds for each storage system. It sends notifications and alarms about the same to the users via the app, email, or sms. MINT’s cold room monitoring solution finds applications in the farming, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

FloWide enables Smart Intralogistics

FloWide is a UK-based startup that creates solutions to track vehicles within warehouses, yards, and shop floors. The startup’s forklift monitoring device provides improved visibility of forklift activities with continuous location tracking and indoor mapping with proximity sensors.

It also automates the tracking of work-in-progress (WIP) and inventory by installing additional sensors on forklift trucks. Further, Flowide’s low-code location intelligence software platform, Workbench, enables data scientists to extract operational insights from factory-level location data.

Mantis Robotics makes Collaborative Robots

Industry 4.0_Startups to Watch 2023_Mantis Robotics

US-based startup Mantis Robotics develops responsive robots for flexible factories and warehouse environments. They use tactile sensing and safety motion technology to eliminate the need for fences and external safety devices. The fenceless robots utilize physical intelligence to increase productivity and flexibility in both structured and unstructured environments. Mantis Robotics’ solution makes work environments with humans and collaborative robots much safer while reducing the space occupied by current robotic systems.

WareBee delivers Warehouse Digital Twins

Industry 4.0_Startups to Watch 2023_WareBee

UK-based startup WareBee offers WareBee Designer, a digital twin platform to automate decision-making processes in warehouse operations. It guides users through the process of creating a 2.5D model of warehouses. This includes floor, areas and zones, aisle types, access limits, racking profiles, and more.

Additionally, the platform’s models feature stock bay and location view, item information, and picking path sequence visualization. The platform’s warehouse analytics further provides warehouse managers with data-driven decisions while its warehouse auditing automates compliance monitoring and reduces risks.

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