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Staying ahead of the technology curve means strengthening your competitive advantage. That is why we give you data-driven innovation insights. This time, you get to discover 5 hand-picked high precision technology startups.

Global Startup Heat Map highlights 5 Top High Precision Technology Solutions out of 341

The insights of this data-driven analysis are derived from the Big Data & Artificial Intelligence-powered StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, covering 2.093.000+ startups & scaleups globally. The platform gives you an exhaustive overview of emerging technologies & relevant startups within a specific field in just a few clicks.

The Global Startup Heat Map below reveals the distribution of the 341 exemplary startups & scaleups we analyzed for this research. Further, it highlights 5 startups that we hand-picked based on criteria such as founding year, location, funding raised, and more. You get to explore the solutions of these 5 startups & scaleups in this report. For insights on the other 336 high precision technology solutions, get in touch.


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Monogram Orthopedics provides Robotic Surgical Assistance

Manual implementation of surgeries naturally has its limits with a degree of risk in the full restoration of a patient’s anatomy. Personalization of implants based on the specific needs of the patients reduces the risk drastically. Therefore, startups are developing automated high precision solutions that mitigate the risks inherent to manual execution and generic implants.

US-based startup Monogram Orthopedics provides robotic surgical assistants for high-precision implants. The navigated robotic execution facilitates closed-loop tracking wherein the real-time position of the cutting system is tracked at all times. The solution enables mass personalization of orthopedic implants by connecting 3D printing and robotics via automated digital image analysis algorithms. As a result, the range of operations increases with control algorithms that leverage the kinematic redundancy. Besides, a high-efficiency rotary cutting system ensures gentle excavation of the negative space for the patient-optimized implant.

Ondosense provides Radar Sensor Solutions

Precise and reliable geometric measurement of slabs and semi-finished metal products is usually difficult due to extreme production conditions. To streamline raw material requirements management and reduce scrap amount, there is a need for accurate dimension measurement and control of workpieces in the metal industry. In order to solve this, startups are developing sensors to provide precise measurements.

German startup OndoSense develops sensor solutions based on high-precision, radar technology, and smart sensor software. This enables plant operators to get relevant information to monitor and control production plants and machines. The solution provides measurement accuracy up to the micrometer range and is integrable in sensor networks. It sustains precise measurements even in the presence of water vapor, dust, smoke, fire, or challenging lighting conditions. Moreover, the sensor facilitates the recording of raw material requirements, minimizing rejects and thus, lowering production costs. The sensor enables collision avoidance in AGVs and predictive maintenance of machine parts in the energy industry.

OxeFit provides an All-in-One Training System

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the fitness culture of gyming and outdoor sports drastically. With the digitization of fitness systems, personalized training still appears to be difficult. To overcome this, startups and emerging companies are developing sensor-enabled fitness solutions. These all-in-one training systems monitor, support, and coach individuals with curated training programs and regimes.

US-based startup OxeFit integrates high-precision sensors and actuators with an intelligent software platform to offer a dynamic fitness training system. The technology enables individuals and teams to become healthier via multi-user workouts. XP1 by OxeFit combines robotics, movement and performance tracking, advanced coaching, and analytics to facilitate fitness exercises. The system offers consumers, athletes, military personnel, and people in clinical rehab a platform for customized training in a limited space. The solution uses computer vision and deep learning analysis to track and help improve the user’s health via developing a personalized workout schedule.

Edete offers High-Precision Pollination Technology

Nowadays natural pollinators have declined in numbers and diversity. Cross-pollination requires more than one variety of plants treated in an orchard else desynchronization leads to lower yields. The current pollination techniques that largely depend on animal pollination have limitations in achieving yields. Therefore, startups are developing solutions based on artificial pollination to improve yields.

Israeli startup Edete provides high-precision pollination technology for agriculture. The solution has an advanced mechanical system for pollen-harvesting that collects the flowers, separates pollen from anthers, and facilitates long-term storage of the pollen stock. The solution also includes an autonomic and mechanical pollinator that constantly self-positions itself to optimally cover any bloomed flower in its range. It enables companies and growers to improve the quantity and quality of agriculture yields by optimizing pollination.

Turbulent Flux offers a High-Precision Simulation Software

Monitoring and measuring the performance of oil or gas extraction is difficult due to hazardous emissions and extreme temperature variance. Relevant and accurate production data is required by engineers, operational managers, and other stakeholders to optimize the performance of oil wells and pipelines. To provide this, startups are finding ways to monitor the performance of oil fields in real-time.

Norwegian startup Turbulent Flux provides simulation software to track flow insights for the oil and gas industry. The technology combines the predictive capabilities of physical models with the self-correcting capacity of data analytics to provide high-precision production data. The software ensures real-time monitoring of wells and pipelines enabling streamlined decision-making to optimize production. It allows for production monitoring, flow-rate predictions, virtual sensing, and predictive analysis. Besides, the solution is integrable with existing sensors. This helps production engineers, flow assurance managers, and operational professionals to make data-driven decisions optimizing the production process.

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Startups such as the examples highlighted in this report focus on sensors, quantum technology, and geospatial analytics. While all of these technologies play a major role in advancing the industry, they only represent the tip of the iceberg. To explore more advanced technologies, simply get in touch to let us look into your areas of interest. For a more general overview, you can download our free Industry Innovation Reports to save your time and improve strategic decision-making.

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