Discover 5 Quantum Technology Startups You Should Watch in 2021

This year, you should know emerging quantum technology startups & how their solutions will impact your company. Discover 5 hand-picked, global startups in this data-driven report!

Despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing economic uncertainty, new startups are founded every day. To introduce you to 5 recently founded startups, we analyzed 1.006 quantum technology startups in total. All of them develop innovative solutions spanning from quantum entanglement-as-a-service to building quantum processors and computers.

The 5 promising quantum technology startups you should watch in 2021 were hand-picked based on our data-driven startup scouting approach, taking into account factors such as location, founding year, and relevance of technology, among others. The 1.006 companies that were analyzed for this report are identified using the StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, covering 1.379.000+ startups & scaleups globally. When you are looking for up-to-date quantum technology solutions for your innovation units, R&D, or product development department, the StartUs Insights Discovery Platform gives you the most exhaustive collection and ensures you continuously discover new startups, scaleups, and technologies.

Global Startup Heat Map: 5 Quantum Technology Startups to Watch in 2021

The Global Startup Heat Map below highlights 5 Quantum Technology startups, developing technology-driven solutions. Moreover, you can explore global hotspots for Quantum Technology startups and even download this graphic to include in your next presentation.


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Aliro Quantum provides Quantum Entanglement-as-a-Service (EaaS)

Cover-1-Quantum-Technology-2021-Startups-StartUs-Insights-noresizeA pair or group of particles interact in such a way that the individual quantum state of a pair cannot be described independently, forming an entanglement. Quantum entanglement is essential for developing quantum encryption systems, supercomputers, and precision clocks, among others. Quantum technology also improves the understanding of quantum concepts and aid startups in devising advanced quantum computing solutions.

Aliro Quantum is a US-based startup specializing in quantum network solutions for the telecom, defense, and pharma industries, among others. The startup provides quantum EaaS to help engineers build quantum networks. The startup’s EaaS includes network design, testing, optimization, and performance monitoring. Aliro’s offerings also include quantum devices, including quantum-enabled AI systems, to improve data security and Global Positioning System (GPS) precision.

QuSecure develops Post-Quantum Cybersecurity Solutions

Cover-2-Quantum-Technology-2021-Startups-StartUs-Insights-noresizeAdvancements in quantum computing pose security threats for classical cryptography models due to their immense processing power. Startups now utilize quantum entanglement to build robust security solutions and prepare organizations for quantum-level cyber threats. For example, Microsoft’s post-quantum digital signature algorithm – PICNIC – uses zero-knowledge proof and symmetric cryptography to combat quantum computing-based cyber attacks.

US-based startup QuSecure offers an encryption vectoring engine through their Quantum Security Management Suite (QSMS), an integrated software suite of products for enterprises. Moreover, QSMS uses a quantum cryptographic engine, over an orchestration engine, to ensure the security, confidentiality, and integrity of the enterprise data. The startup’s cybersecurity model features 4 components, QuSecure Identity, Network, Cloud, and Data. These systems are controlled by a centralized encryption vectoring engine to protect critical assets from classical and quantum cyber threats.

PASQAL makes Quantum Processors

Cover-3-Quantum-Technology-2021-Startups-StartUs-Insights-noresizeQuantum technology leverages the computational capabilities of a processing unit, outperforming classical digital processors. Though it may not replace its classical counterparts, innovations in quantum technology introduce novel approaches to fabricate powerful processors. Qubit or quantum bit is the basic unit of quantum information, the quantum equivalent of a classical bit. Most quantum processors utilize either photonics or superconducting architecture with a lattice layout that holds the qubits.

PASQAL is a French spin-off from the Institut d’Optique that builds neutral atom-based quantum processing units from hundreds of atomic qubits in 2D and 3D. The startup encodes information into energy-states of individual neutral atoms in their processors, making each atom a qubit. The startup then uses tightly-focused laser beams to trap atoms inside an ultra-high vacuum to ensure qubit isolation. PASQAL serves the engineering, energy, and pharma industries by deploying its processors for quantum simulation and computing to tackle complex problems.

ORCA Computing develops Photonics-based Quantum Computing

Cover-4-Quantum-Technology-2021-Startups-StartUs-Insights-noresizeLinear Optical Quantum Computing (LOQC) uses photons as information carriers and optical instruments to process information, as well as photon detectors and quantum memories to detect and store data. Optical quantum systems are prominent candidates in quantum processing as they link quantum computation and communication in a single network. LOQC enables startups to build photonics-based quantum solutions that have a reduced decoherence rate when compared to other quantum implementations.

British startup ORCA Computing provides a quantum computing platform to develop quantum computers leveraging off-the-shelf telecom devices, including optical fibers. ORCA’s patented short-term memory technology enables storage and retrieval of single photons, on-demand, through a ‘repeat-until-successful’ operation. Furthermore, the startup’s photon qubits-based design facilitates the integration of quantum communication into conventional telecommunication links.

Alice & Bob builds Quantum Computers

Cover-5-Quantum-Technology-2021-Startups-StartUs-Insights_noresizeIn 2019, D-Wave announced a 5000 qubit system named Advantage that uses the quantum annealing technique. But, other manufacturers, including Google and IBM, use quantum-gates technology to develop their quantum projects. Quantum annealing uses quantum tunneling, entanglement, and superposition to find optimal solutions. On the other hand, quantum gate architecture utilizes superconducting circuits that process computational algorithms. Startups now develop unique techniques to elevate quantum computer design and make them suitable for commercial use.

Alice & Bob is a French startup that utilizes their proprietary quantum bit, the cat qubit, and superconducting circuits to design quantum computers. The cat qubit is hardware-efficient and stabilizes the states in which quantum information is encoded. As a result, cat qubit’s bit flip probability reduces exponentially while increasing phase flip rate linearly. A linear repetition code corrects the phase flip rate and retains the phase value of cat qubit. In this way, the startup simplifies the quantum computer development process. At present, the startup is developing its first logical qubit and plans to scale a modular approach to solve complex quantum computations.

How will Quantum Technology impact your company?

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