Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Startups That Impact The Automotive Industry

TL;DR: Carfit, Agro AI, Raven, German Autolabs, and Tractable are the top 5 Artificial Intelligence startups impacting the automotive industry.

To provide you with actionable innovation intelligence and to showcase the Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Startups, we carried out extensive research and analyzed 500+ startups. Let’s take a look at the results:

Heat Map: 5 Top Artificial Intelligence Startups Out Of 500

Below, you’ll see a visual representation of the global distribution of the 500 automotive Artificial Intelligence startups we screened for this short-read.



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Argo AI – Autonomous Cars

Automotive companies are hard at work to make level 5 autonomy a reality. One of them is Argo AI, a Pennsylvania-based company deploying the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision to build reliable self-driving system. Their systems are currently being tested around cities in the US.

Carfit – Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance accurately monitors the current condition of vehicles by using either on-premise or cloud analytics solutions. The goal is to predict upcoming malfunctions or failure through automated (near) real-time analytics. Based on machine learning algorithms, advanced signal processing techniques, and NVH technologies, California-based Carfit monitors and predicts maintenance needs.

German Autolabs – Infotainment / Human-Machine Interface

Along with driver recognition and driver monitoring, artificial intelligence also comes in handy to enable a more comfortable, accessible interaction with a vehicle’s infotainment system. Berlin-based startup German Autolabs develops a digital AI assistant for drivers with advanced natural language capabilities as well as gesture recognition technology. This enables drivers to safely operate apps to message, navigate, call or play music while driving.

Raven – Manufacturing

With the computerization of manufacturing (think wearables, IoT, robotics) smart factories already exist. Essentially, it understands unstructured data (whether it is image or voice-based) – and therefore enables the handling of a large variety and volume of data together with real-time insights. Raven is an AI-powered manufacturing management solution that provides real-time analytics and valuable insights to enhance plant production capabilities.

Tractable – Vehicle Insurance

Yes, we know – insurance is not exactly aimed at automotive companies. However, the benefits that the latest artificial intelligence technology brings to this sector are well worth a mention. For example, reducing the time spent on claim cycles brings risk management and risk profiling to the next level: real-time analysis. Tractable, a London based company, develops artificial intelligence AI-powered cameras that scan photos of the damage and predicts repair cost.


Get in touch for more insights into the future of automotive!
Get in touch for more insights into the future of automotive!

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