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Curious about new technological advancements enabling a circular economy? Explore our analysis of 58 global wetland restoration startups & scaleups and learn how their solutions impact your business!

Staying ahead of the technology curve means strengthening your competitive advantage. That is why we give you data-driven innovation insights into the circular economy industry. This time, you get to discover 5 hand-picked wetland restoration startups.

Global Startup Heat Map highlights 5 Top Wetland Restoration Startups out of 58

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The Global Startup Heat Map below reveals the distribution of the 58 exemplary startups & scaleups we analyzed for this research. Further, it highlights 5 wetland restoration startups that we hand-picked based on criteria such as founding year, location, funding raised, and more. You get to explore the solutions of these 5 startups & scaleups in this report. For insights on the other 53 wetland restoration solutions, get in touch.


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RedTail LiDAR Systems offers LiDAR-based Mapping

When water flow is sufficiently slow in marshes, it breaks down toxic compounds through chemical and biological processes. Therefore, wetlands function as toxin and pathogen filters before agricultural and industrial runoffs reach freshwaters. However, with vast amounts of effluent and sewage discharges, wetlands lose the ability to purify water. This directly affects the water quality in rivers followed by oceans, posing a threat to aquatic and human life.

US-based startup RedTail LiDAR Systems develops LiDAR-based mapping using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for natural resources management, construction, and agriculture. The startup’s lightweight RTL-450 LiDAR system generates high-resolution data point clouds to measure hydrology change, vegetation, and land volume of wetlands. This allows governments and commercial authorities to assess wetland health and alterations that affect it. Further, the startup’s solutions enable historic preservation, corridor mapping, and property development, among other applications.

Eco Amet Solutions constructs Artificial Wetlands

Wetland restoration is crucial for regenerating the marshland habitat as well as ensuring the wellbeing of freshwater bodies. When wetland pollution is severe, wetland restoration becomes a cost-ineffective and challenging task. Constructed wetlands offer a viable alternative. Although artificial wetlands are used for land reclamation after mining or land development, constructed wetlands become as efficient as a restored wetland within a few years. Additionally, creating these wetlands nearby water bodies retains the health of rivers as well as nurtures biodiversity.

Ghanaian startup Eco Amet Solutions constructs artificial wetlands for river remediation and wastewater treatment. The startup uses artificial substrates like gravels, aquatic plants, and microorganisms to create a soil-plant microorganism ecosystem. This ecosystem assists in substrate filtration, adsorption, precipitation, ion exchange, and microbial decomposition, thus enabling wastewater purification. Also, Eco Amet Solutions’ constructed wetland projects are cost-effective and better controllable compared to natural wetland restoration, making it effective in land reclamation projects as well.

Maven Water & Environment uses Predictive Modeling

Among the pollutants affecting the wetland ecosystem, discharges from industries and mining along with harmful pesticide runoff from agriculture pose a severe threat to marshes. When marshes lose their ability to break down toxic chemicals, they find their way into streams, oceans, and then into the human food chain. As an integral effort to resist pollution and retain wetland quality, startups develop more effective waste and water management solutions. This way, mines and factories are able to manage their discharges sustainably.

Maven Water & Environment is a Canadian startup that utilizes predictive modeling and simulations along with other water treatment methods for mining, as well as oil and gas industries. The startup’s services enable factories to incorporate cost-effective, semi-passive water treatment solutions. Further, Maven provides water treatment consultancy and optimization support to de-risk organizations’ biological water treatment plants.

Standard Bio upcycles Bio-Waste Streams to Biochar

Preserving wetlands is essential to maintain a healthy habitat for various animal species. However, wetlands are susceptible to rising temperatures driven by climate change and the increased levels of water pollution further affect the functionality of marshlands. That is why startups are developing innovative solutions to improve wetland restoration that ensure carbon capture and sequestration, slowing down climate change. This includes solutions that cure water pollution to retain marshland quality to marshland restoration projects for instance.

Norwegian startup Standard Bio uses pyrolysis to develop biochar from bio-waste streams in agriculture and animal husbandry. The startup adopts a carbon-negative approach to upcycle feedstock, which purifies soils, water, and air. Biochar is a cost-effective solution to improve the functionality of constructed wetlands, further improving carbon sequestration and water treatment. The startup’s solutions also assist in farming, forestry, and filtering applications to capture impurities.

Ecological Service Partners restores Wetlands

Wetlands store decades worth of carbon, so their deterioration further increases the progression rate of climate change by releasing carbon into the atmosphere. Local government bodies and environmental NGOs promote wetlands preservation to curb the carbon leak and ensure a healthy habitat for its flora and fauna as well as humans. Startups are supporting this by offering cost-effective and sustainable restoration strategies that speed up large-scale ecosystem regeneration.

Ecological Service Partners is a US-based startup that capitalizes opportunities in environmental services and water-related investments. The startup purchases land for restoration and applies mitigation measures to improve the quality of wetlands and other ecosystems. The long-term conservation and restoration projects help governments and other organizations to meet regulatory demands while supporting ecologically significant results.

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Startups such as the examples highlighted in this report focus on ecosystem restoration, river cleaning, and zero-waste solutions. While all of these technologies play a major role in advancing a circular economy, they only represent the tip of the iceberg. To explore more restoration technologies, simply get in touch to let us look into your areas of interest. For a more general overview, you can download our free Industry Innovation Reports to save your time and improve strategic decision-making.

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