Discover 5 Top COVID-induced Remote Work & Operation Solutions

Curious about new technological advancements enabling Remote Work & Operation? Explore our analysis of 805 global startups & scaleups and learn how their solutions impact your business post-COVID!

Staying ahead of the technology curve means strengthening your competitive advantage. That is why we give you data-driven innovation insights into COVID-induced changes to the workplace. This time, you get to discover 5 hand-picked startups developing remote work & operation solutions.

Global Startup Heat Map: 5 Top post-COVID Solutions for Remote Work & Operation

The 5 post-COVID solutions you will explore below are chosen based on our data-driven startup scouting approach, taking into account factors such as location, founding year, and relevance of technology, among others. This analysis is based on the Big Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, covering over 1.3 million startups & scaleups globally.

The Global Startup Heat Map below highlights the 5 startups developing remote work & operation solutions our Innovation Researchers curated for this report. Moreover, you get insights into regions that observe a high startup activity and the global geographic distribution of the 805 companies we analyzed for this specific topic.


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Who are the other 800 Remote Work Startups developing post-COVID solutions?


Taskeo develops a Cloud-based Collaboration Platform

COVID-19 has forced companies and employees to quickly switch to remote work and transfer important processes online. However, adapting to new working conditions brings challenges for managers regarding remote workforce collaboration. Further, to ensure time management, employee productivity, and virtual collaboration, companies leverage digital tools and cloud-based mobile applications.

Estonian startup Taskeo develops a cloud-based integrated platform that includes project management, appointment scheduling, client relationship management (CRM), time tracking, and billing for remote work. The platform lists all tasks and projects of teams in a single virtual environment. The platform simplifies business management and enables companies to think less about processes and focus on delivering results.

Weekly10 offers an Employee Engagement Application

Transition to remote work has challenged companies to change their approach to employee engagement. While it is hard to engage with employees working from home, maintaining constant dialogue and real-time updates improve remote employee productivity. Employee engagement software provides companies with tools for frequent and transparent communication, as well as monitoring of employee satisfaction.

British startup Weekly10 builds an employee engagement application that simplifies the understanding, measuring, and impact of employee engagement and performance. Weekly10 facilitates conversations between managers and their teams by combining feedback and recognition using goals and objective key results (OKRs). The startup’s solution tracks everyday performance, improves the team’s visibility to senior leaders, and enhances productivity at work.

DoxyChain builds a Blockchain-based Document Management System

COVID-19 has accelerated companies’ digital transformation and also brought up security-related threats. As companies move their processes and operations online and scale digital communication with customers and employees, new security vulnerabilities arise. To address cybersecurity risks, companies choose solutions that are already designed with enhanced security measures.

Polish startup DoxyChain builds a Blockchain-based document management system. The startup’s platform utilizes distributed registers and cryptography where information, once recorded, cannot be changed. The platform stores documents in a secure cloud to ensure their immutability and digital eternity. Further, the DoxyChain platform enables remote teams to manage documents simultaneously and also access them via mobile devices.

Outreal XR develops a Virtual Events Platform

COVID-19 restrictions to keep employees safe, while still enabling interactions and exchange, push companies to move corporate events online. All networking, recruiting, team building events, as well as regular team, client, and workshop meetings move into virtual venues. As a result, several startups, and even big internet companies, offer easy-to-implement solutions to enable virtual events.

UAE-based startup Outreal XR develops a virtual events platform that enables attendees to interact and communicate with each other within a 3D virtual environment that replicates physical events. The platform’s setting is further enriched by high-quality audio and visual feed. This allows companies to fully-customize and brand the event, based on various criteria.

Hoppier creates a Virtual Events Enhancing Platform

The pandemic has also motivated companies to reflect on their values and culture and to build practices to keep employees happy. To successfully manage a remote workforce, and enhance employee loyalty and engagement, companies develop programs to support and empower their employees. Such solutions gain popularity as businesses seek novel ways to reward their remote employees.

Canadian startup Hoppier creates a platform that facilitates and enhances virtual events. Companies are able to create memorable experiences for virtual attendees, for example, sending prepaid cards for lunches, drinks, or gifts. The startup’s spending cards help companies to provide their employees with a food and beverage allowance from local vendors and restaurants worldwide. This bridges the gap between managers and their remote employees, simultaneously increasing employee satisfaction.

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