Discover 20 Top Startups to Watch in 2024

Are you interested in startups that will change industries globally? Discover 20 hand-picked Top Startups to Watch in 2024 in this report advancing various industries with solar panel trackers, sustainable space exploration solutions, EV retrofitting kits, AI-powered protein engineering, and much more.

Are you excited to see what new startups are working on this year? Explore our selection of the top startups to watch in 2024. Through the use of advanced trackers, these startups are furthering the technology of solar panels and enhancing the capture and use of solar energy. Reusable rocket technologies are simplifying space exploration in the aerospace industry and allowing for more sustainability and cost-efficiency. Startups producing kits for retrofitting electric vehicles (EVs) are helping the automobile industry.

Startups using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques accelerate the development of drugs. Conversely, self-healing concrete, a cutting-edge building material, is enhancing the resilience of infrastructure. Startups that specialize in precision irrigation are streamlining sustainable farming methods by optimizing the use of agricultural water through sensor technologies and data analytics. This is just the beginning; keep reading to learn about more such innovative startups and how their products may help your company! 5 days ago, we last updated this report. Notice something that’s not right? Let’s fix it together.

20 Top Startups to Watch in 2024


Global Startup Heat Map highlights 20 Top Startups to Watch

We used our Big Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, covering over 4.7+ million startups & scaleups globally, to identify these emerging startups. More than 247K companies were founded in the last 5 years. They have an average funding per round of USD 126.3 million, with 2020 as the average founding year. The average number of employees in these companies is 58. The Global Startup Heat Map highlights the 20 top startups you should watch in 2024 as well as the geo-distribution of all startups & scaleups we analyzed for this research.

Based on the heat map, we see high startup activity in the US and India, followed by Western Europe. These top startups in 2024 work on solutions ranging from solar panel trackers and green hydrogen production to precision agriculture and botanical drug discovery.

As the world’s largest resource for data on emerging companies, the SaaS platform enables you to identify relevant technologies and industry trends quickly & exhaustively. Based on the data from the platform, the Top 5 Startup Hubs are in London, San Francisco, Bangalore, New York City & Dubai. The 20 hand-picked startups highlighted in this report are chosen from all over the world and develop solutions for maritime security, supply chain monitoring, cyber threat intelligence, and blockchain.

Explore 20 Top Startups to Watch (2024)

Solargik manufactures Solar Panel Trackers

startups to watch-top startups-solargik

Solargik creates solar trackers that automatically modify the direction of panels to optimize sunshine exposure. These trackers adjust to different terrains, including slopes, and reduce the need for lengthy and expensive site grading. The trackers also work with the startup’s proprietary software, which improves panel orientations using real-time sun-tracking algorithms.

Further, Solargik incorporates a SCADA system – SOMA. It combines data from solar trackers, inverters, and external sources such as weather predictions and grid status. This allows for exact control and automation of the solar array, which results in optimal energy output. SOMA also features data analytics to provide insights into system performance and health, making solar assets more efficient.

RSI Europe builds Remote Initiation Systems

startups to watch-top startups-rsi europe

RSI Europe offers remote-controlled systems for the defense sector. Its remote explosives initiation system, RISE-1, uses a high-power, long-range radio signal to detonate multiple explosive charges from a safe distance. It operates in line-of-sight conditions and is extendable with a repeater. This is advantageous in complex terrain where direct lines of sight may be obstructed. Further, RISE-1 features impact-based initiation, which makes it suitable for triggering explosives via drone deployment for remote mine clearance or controlled demolition.

The startup also makes a quadcopter, SHPAK FPV (First-Person View) that enables safe remote explosive management. It carries high-definition cameras for real-time video transmission and other equipment for remote explosive deployment. In addition, it offers good maneuverability due to its lightweight design. RSI Europe thus enables defense forces to handle hazardous situations with greater precision, reduced risk, and enhanced situational awareness during remote operations.

Pythom makes Sustainable Space Exploration

startups to watch-top startups-pythom

Pythom develops a reusable space transportation system. Eiger, the suborbital first stage, has a proprietary Black Magic propulsion system utilizing a high-efficiency storable propellant. This allows Eiger to complete its mission and return for vertical landing, minimizing operational costs. Eiger then hands off to Olympus, which burns a clean-burning liquid oxygen and methane propellant blend, to propel the Spaceship payload capsule toward its designated orbit. Finally, Spaceship is a spacecraft that features a rotating section to simulate artificial gravity during extended missions.

Pythom’s modular design enables independent reusability of each stage and reduces launch costs compared to traditional expendable launch vehicles. Its system integrates with a software, Jonathan that autonomously scans and controls Pythom space vehicles. It monitors onboard instruments, life support systems, spaceship material health, and external factors like space weather. It also predicts necessary repairs, optimizes trajectories, and assists with telemedicine during missions.

Captain’s Eye offers AI-powered Maritime Security

startups to watch-top startups-captain's eye

Captain’s Eye improves marine safety and operational efficiency with its Fleet Manager Control system. It provides vessel analytics that allows fleet managers to track vessel status, position, and environmental conditions in real time. Using satellite communication, the system enables the transfer of high-definition video and sensor data. Its video-on-demand capability allows users to retrieve and watch video footage from any point in the last month.

This is useful for post-incident analysis and training as it aids in the identification and mitigation of possible risks before they cause accidents. Further, the system allows for real-time interaction with any vessel in the fleet. This includes sending short video clips to fleet managers during emergencies, thus providing them with quick visual contexts. This enables the ship personnel to provide data-driven commands under critical situations.

HGenium advances Green Hydrogen Production

startups to watch-top startups

HGenium develops technologies for thermochemical water-splitting to generate hydrogen at a moderate temperature of around 850°C. Unlike existing methods requiring extremely high temperatures and hazardous materials, HGenium’s technology utilizes a closed loop with inexpensive, commercially available components.

It employs sodium ions shuttling within manganese oxides to achieve water splitting and generate hydrogen and oxygen without harmful byproducts. Further, HGenium uses non-polluting heat sources like solar or geothermal energy and offers a significant advantage over traditional electrolysis which relies on electricity.

Just Electric makes Micromobility EV Retrofitting Kits

startups to watch-top startups-just electric

Just Electric manufactures conversion kits for retrofitting gasoline bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles into hybrid or electric vehicles. JEH 1 is a hybrid bike kit, JEH 2 is a hybrid scooter kit for scooters and mopeds, and JEH 6 is for cycles. JEH 3 and JEH 4 kits are automatic bike and scooter kits respectively that eliminate the need for manual gear shifting.

The startup also offers a mid-drive kit (JEH 5) that enhances torque and speed. The kits are easily installable and the users are able to switch between electric and gas power, which makes them suitable for a range of users. Just Electric also offers a variety of electric cycles including the Bolt, Thunder, and Zeus. Bolt and Zeus are suitable for daily commutes, whereas, Thunder is a mountain bike.

Titanium Textiles makes Elastic Titanium Mesh Implants

startups to watch-top startups-titanium textiles

Titanium Textiles creates titanium-based textile products for medical applications. TiSilk Sleeves made of flexible titanium micro-threads are applicable for medical procedures like band endoprostheses and tendon clips, and to create fiber layers on the surface of large joint endoprostheses and jaw endoprostheses.

TiSilk Mesh is an alternative to traditional polypropylene meshes that offer customized configurations for guided tissue regeneration and surgical reconstruction of soft tissues. This includes tension-free hernioplasty and pelvic floor reconstruction. Further, the startup makes Titanell, a line of non-absorbable sutures that are non-degradable and biofriendly. Hence, with its products, Titanium Textiles leads to better surgical outcomes through high-tech medical textiles.

OXCCU converts CO2 into Clean Jet Fuel & Bioplastic

startups to watch-top startups-oxccu

OXCCU converts captured carbon dioxide and renewably-sourced green hydrogen into jet fuel, OXEFUEL, that utilizes an iron-based catalyst. This catalyst simplifies the traditional two-step process (reverse water gas shift and Fischer-Tropsch) into a single, more efficient stage. The catalyst also exhibits high selectivity, i.e., less waste and higher fuel yield.

Further, the startup’s process also generates biodegradable polyglycolic acid (PGA) plastic that degrades naturally and fully to only water and CO2 with no methane emissions. Some application areas of this bioplastic include 3D printing filaments, food packaging, high-tech fibers and coatings, and biomedical plastics. OXCCU thus offers cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions to airlines and manufacturing companies looking to reduce their environmental footprint.

DMAT provides Low Carbon & Self-healing Concrete

startups to watch-top startups-dmat

DMAT makes D-Green, a low-carbon concrete consisting of formulations that replace traditional, high-emission materials with alternative substances to significantly reduce carbon emissions. It uses recycled materials and enhancements in the chemical composition of the concrete to lower the overall energy required for production. The company’s self-healing concrete, D-Lime, utilizes microencapsulation that lets healing agents into the concrete when cracks appear.

By naturally closing cracks, it prevents further breakage and thus makes buildings last longer. Water entering the cracks activates the self-healing process by triggering the healing agents, which make a strong bond that fixes the concrete’s structure. Building projects that want to be more environmentally friendly and sites that are in places that are prone to damage and stress benefit from DMAT’s building materials.

Element Zero enables Zero Carbon Mineral Processing

startups to watch-top startups-element zero

Element Zero enables zero-carbon emission metal production. It uses a proprietary non-aqueous electrochemical process powered by renewables to convert ores into metals such as iron, nickel, and silicon. The startup dissolves iron ore and other metals into an electrolyte solution and enables conversion into high-purity metals at lower temperatures.

The process allows for the utilization of intermittent renewable energy sources like wind solar, and hydropower — a significant advantage over traditional coal and gas-based processes. Industries such as construction, electronics, and energy sectors benefit from these zero-emission high-purity materials.




Levigate Alloys streamlines Metal Powder Manufacturing

startups to watch-top startups-levigate alloys

Levigate Alloys makes industrial metal powders and components. Its thermal spray powders cover surfaces to increase wear, corrosion, and heat resistance, which makes them ideal for aerospace and automotive applications. Brazing filler metals links components by adding a lower melting point metal. This is necessary for impermeable connections in complex assemblies. With Tungsten Carbide additions, LeviDURO wear plates are abrasion-resistant. Its design makes heavy industrial equipment durable.

The startup’s hot isostatic pressing (HIP) method densifies powders into solid, low-porous components using high temperatures and isostatic gas pressure. This improves the powder’s mechanical properties. Levigate also manufactures components using metal injection molding (MIM) and polymer binders. Debinding and sintering create complicated shapes from these components. Finally, LeviADDITIVE additive manufacturing powders work with laser, EBM, and binder jet 3D printing to make complex and durable components.

Seabex advances Precision Irrigation

startups to watch-top startups-seabex

Seabex offers Netirrig, an irrigation management system that uses sensors and data analytics to constantly monitor soil moisture levels, meteorological conditions, and crop requirements. It enables accurate water dispersion based on each crop’s specific demands, reducing waste and enhancing growing settings.

Furthermore, Netirrig uses predictive algorithms to forecast weather patterns and water demands. This allows farmers to strategize and alter their irrigation operations in anticipation of environmental variations. Moreover, the system’s integration with mobile technology gives farmers rapid access to critical data and operational control, which allows them to make informed decisions more quickly.

Trackcol streamlines Real-Time Supply Chain Monitoring

startups to watch-top startups-trackcol

Trackcol designs a cloud-based platform for real-time supply chain monitoring in horticulture, agriculture, and pharmaceutical industries. It offers smart trackers equipped with various sensors. These sensors collect and transmit data on critical parameters like temperature, humidity, light exposure, shock, and tilt. It provides a holistic view of the goods’ conditions during transportation and storage.

The startup’s platform uses this data to offer real-time alerts for deviations from predefined parameters and enable users to identify and address potential issues promptly. Additionally, the platform generates reports in PDF and CSV formats that allow data analysis and ensure product quality throughout the supply chain. Trackcol thus enables businesses to optimize logistics, minimize product spoilage, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Defendis develops AI-powered Cyber Threat Intelligence

startups to watch-top startups-defendis

Defendis offers a cyber defense platform that enables governments, banks, and businesses with threat intelligence. The platform uses AI and machine learning to analyze datasets from disparate sources. This includes leaked credentials on the dark web, fraudulent domains, and real-time vulnerability feeds.

Defendis’ AI engine then transforms this data into actionable insights, enabling organizations to identify and prioritize cyber threats. Further, the platform monitors social media and the dark web for brand mentions and phishing campaigns and provides real-time threat awareness.

Canurta enables Rapid Botanical Drug Discovery

startups to watch-top startups-canurta

Canurta develops botanical drugs targeting complex chronic diseases. Its Polykye platform integrates bioinformatics with botanical science. It utilizes a database of bioactive polyphenols, generated through machine learning and curated with deep learning techniques. The platform rapidly identifies promising drug candidates by virtually screening and modeling these polyphenols.

Its proprietary enrichment technology isolates and purifies these polyphenols. Cannflavin, its lead compound, is a multipotent compounds that exhibit anti-inflammatory properties and possess neuroprotective benefits. Canurta leverages bioinformatics to predict the synergy between these novel polyphenols and optimize drug delivery for pharmaceutical applications. This results in standardized, high-potency botanical drugs with clinical potential for patients suffering from inflammation and neurological conditions.

Kwenta facilitates Group & Multicard Payments

startups to watch-top startups-kwenta

Kwenta offers an online payment solution that streamlines the checkout process for merchants and customers. The platform offers two main functionalities: Pay in Group and Multicard Payment. The former uses a secure escrow service — the initiator sets the total amount and splits it among participants. Each participant receives a unique payment link and is able to settle their portion using their preferred payment method without requiring account creation or sharing financial details with other participants.

Once all shares are settled, Kwenta disburses the collected funds to the merchant. Multicard Payment enables customers to pay using various credit or debit cards during a single transaction. This eliminates the need for multiple transactions and simplifies the checkout process. The startup’s solution integrates with existing e-commerce platforms via APIs and offers a user-friendly payment experience for online businesses and their customers.

Fishway enables Lab-grown Fish

startups to watch-top startups-fishway

Fishway cultivates non-GMO fish cells in a controlled environment. It replicates the natural cellular environment through a proprietary scaffolding technology. This 3D scaffolding mimics the fish’s muscle structure and provides a supportive matrix for cell growth and differentiation. Fishway’s bioreactors then culture these cells using a nutrient-rich medium and ensure optimal growth conditions.

This method offers significant advantages. The fish cells contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) while being free of contaminants like heavy metals and microplastics, which are common concerns in conventionally sourced seafood. Moreover, it eliminates the environmental impact of traditional fishing practices, such as overfishing and habitat destruction. Fishway thus offers a solution for producing healthy, sustainable, and eco-friendly seafood, benefiting environmentally conscious consumers and the aquaculture industry.

Adaptyv Bio facilitates AI-based Protein Engineering

startups to watch-top startups-adaptyv bio

Adaptyv Bio advances protein engineering through its AI-driven foundry. It automates the design of protein sequences, which allows for the precise manipulation of molecular structures for targeted functionalities. Utilizing cell-free synthetic biology, the platform accelerates the synthesis of numerous designed proteins without the need for living cells.

Automated workcells assess the designed proteins for a broad spectrum of functions and generate detailed experimental data. This data feeds back into AI models to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of subsequent protein designs. The design cycle supports the creation of novel proteins for applications like antibodies and enzymes. Thus, researchers and industries across medicine, manufacturing, and energy benefit from Adaptyv Bio’s technology.

FlexSea offers Seaweed-based Biopolymer Packaging

startups to watch-top startups-flexsea

FlexSea develops a biopolymer material, FlexSeable. It is derived from seaweed and other natural, sustainably sourced additives. The film utilizes a patent-pending microbial conversion process to valorize agri-food waste streams. This process involves microbial bioconversion, where microorganisms break down the waste streams into bio-based chemicals.

This eliminates the need for costly extraction steps and makes use of readily available waste materials. The resulting biopolymer is compostable at home as well as edible for both humans and wildlife. The flexible transparent films are suited for sustainable FMCG packaging, whereas, the extruded compounds are useful for cast films, and injected parts in cosmetics and medical devices.

bcdemocracy allows Blockchain-based Recordkeeping

startups to watch-top startups-bcdemocracy

bcdemocracy develops a blockchain-based platform to enhance campaign finance management. Utilizing smart contracts, artificial intelligence, and APIs, the platform makes the campaign finance data secure, standardized, and auditable. The system streamlines the process of data management and facilitates real-time monitoring and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Political parties, electoral commissions, and civic groups benefit from the platform features. By automating and securing the flow of financial data, the startup reduces the potential for errors and fraud. Additionally, the platform’s transparency enables greater accountability, increasing public confidence in electoral financing.

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