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Why & How to Engage Startups: A Guide for Open Innovation | StartUs Insights
Engage Startups | Innovation Management
Emerging technologies have a major impact on business operations. As a result, many big corporates looking to adopt new technologies first turn to startups for partnerships. This is why engaging startups becomes crucial. So, let’s talk about the best approach to discover & attract startups with a real-life case study!
Idea Generation 101: Find Innovations Fast | StartUs Insights
Idea Generation | Innovation Management

Idea generation is an integral part of any organization’s innovation efforts. You should constantly look for ways to improve the process. Here’s everything you need to know about ideation — from ideation techniques to tips to generate better ideas, to ideation KPIs!

How Does Marketing Support Innovation Management? | StartUs Insights
Marketing & Innovation Management

Curious about how marketing supports innovation? In this report, learn how you can use marketing and innovation management together to consistently build great products.

4 Use Cases of NLP for Innovation Managers - StartUs Insights
Natural Language Processing | Innovation Management

In this blog, we explain how you can use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to manage your company’s innovation by identifying new opportunities to support the innovation process with data-driven insights!

Project Benchmarking for Innovation Managers - StartUs Insights
Project Benchmarking | Innovation Management

Many companies struggle to make implement innovation management initiatives successfully. Read our blog to learn how you can measure how well your programs are performing by using effective project benchmarking tools.

What do Chatbots offer Innovation Managers? - StartUs Insights
Chatbots | Innovation Management

Chatbots are changing the way businesses operate as they automate processes and make implementation simpler. Explore 5 ways in which chatbots help you accelerate your company’s innovation.

Use Customer Feedback to Support Innovation - StartUs Insights
Customer Feedback | Innovation Management

To remain competitive & support business growth, companies must implement an effective process for gathering customer feedback & using that information to drive corporate innovation. Read our blog to explore how!

The Role of Knowledge Management in Corporate Innovation | StartUs Insights
Knowledge Management | Innovation Management

Knowledge is increasingly becoming essential in this digital age. With more people accessing information online enabling faster data sharing, organizations are focusing on knowledge management to drive corporate innovation. Read our blog to learn how!

Discover 3 Important Innovation Models | StartUs Insights
Innovation Models | Innovation Management

Wondering how to give your company’s innovation a boost? Check out and experiment with these 3 important innovation models that have proven to be successful in today’s dynamic market!

5 Tips for Planning Innovation Program | StartUs Insights
Planning Innovation Program | Innovation Management

If your company is struggling to find new ideas or is having trouble innovating, an innovation program might be just what you need to get moving again. So, let’s discuss some of the critical factors you must consider before launching your program!

How Intrapreneurship boosts Corporate Innovation | StartUs Insights
Intrapreneurship | Innovation Management

Wondering how to boost corporate innovation within your organization? Explore why intrapreneurship is one of the most effective ways to do so and how to promote the same!

4 Tips for Innovation Leadership Training | StartUs Insights
Innovation Leadership Training | Innovation Management

Want to build camaraderie among team members and give your employees the tools they need to take the leap from good to great leaders? Discover how you can achieve just that with effective innovation leadership training!

Run Low Cost Innovation Programs | StartUs Insights
Low Cost Innovation Programs | Innovation Management

Corporate innovation is essential for successful companies, but innovation programs can be costly. Here are some ways to run an effective innovation program — without breaking the bank!

How Should You Plan Your Innovation Budget? | StartUs Insights
Innovation Budget Planning | Innovation Management

Innovation managers spend millions of dollars on innovation to gain a competitive advantage. Read more & find some top tips to efficiently plan your innovation budget & accelerate your business.

Top 3 Reasons to Implement Sustainable Innovation | StartUs Insights
Sustainable Innovation | Innovation Management

Want to grow your business while also taking care of the environment and society? You can do both at once! Explore the top 3 ways in which sustainable innovation will make it happen!

4 Innovation Management Trends in 2023 | StartUs Insights
Innovation Management Trends 2023

The market is evolving dynamically and so are consumer needs and preferences. These changes significantly affect how companies innovate. Here are 4 innovation management trends that you should follow in 2023 to stay ahead of the game!

Accelerate Time to Market with High Speed, Low Risk Innovation | StartUs Insights
High Speed, Low Risk Innovation | Innovation Management

Finding it difficult to balance speed with risk in your innovation strategy? Learn how high speed, low risk innovation addresses this challenge and reduces the time to market.

Why Nonprofits Need to Leverage Innovation Management | Startus Insights
Innovation Management for Nonprofits

Struggling with growing competition in the nonprofit sector? Learn why nonprofits need to leverage innovation management to stay competitive while maximizing social impact.

3 Traits of Great Innovators | StartUs Insights
Traits of Innovators | Innovation Management

Looking for tips and best practices on how to drive successful innovation in your organization? Explore these top 3 traits of great innovators and find out how many you already have in the bag!

Discover 4 Types of Innovation | StartUs Insights
Types of Innovation | Innovation Management

Want to grow your company and increase customer satisfaction? To do this, you must figure out which types of innovation suit your business the best. Explore the 4 fundamental categories of innovation and choose the right one(s)!

The How and Why of Integrated Innovation | StartUs Insights
Integrated Innovation | Innovation Management

Curious about coupling innovation with your business processes? Learn how integrated innovation enables companies to optimize productivity, respond to emerging trends, and identify growth opportunities.

3 Reasons Why Corporate Innovations Fail | StartUs Insights
Why Corporate Innovations Fail | Innovation Management

Innovation is the pillar on which any business builds its empire — it is what determines its unique selling point (USP), differentiates it from the rest of the market, and allows it to enjoy a competitive advantage. But, what if corporate innovation fails? Moreover, why does it fail? Continue reading to find out!

Create Lasting Value with Business Model Innovation | StartUs Insights
Business Model Innovation | Innovation Management

Curious about the role of business models in innovation? Learn how business model innovation enables your company to create thick value and gain a competitive advantage.

3 Brainstorming Tools for Innovation Managers - StartUs Insights
Brainstorming Tools | Innovation Management

Are you still conducting traditional brainstorming sessions with pen and paper? It’s high time you leverage modern brainstorming tools that would save time and make the process 10x more efficient. Explore the top 3 of them now!

Discover 5 Top Innovation Management Approaches | StartUs Insights
Innovation Management Approaches

Curious about how to implement innovation management? Explore our analysis of 5 top innovation management approaches and their benefits.

How to Choose the Best Innovation Management Software - StartUs Insights
Innovation Management Software

Ready to invest in innovation management software but wondering how to select the right one? Worry not! We have got your back with 3 important guidelines that will help you make the best choice!

Build a Culture of Innovation in Your Organization - StartUs Insights
Building an Innovative Culture | Innovation Management

As an innovation manager, it is very important that you actively try to build an innovation culture within your team. But how can you do it most effectively? Here are a few tips that might help!

Crisis Accelerating Innovation | Innovation Management

Need some motivation to boost corporate innovation in your organization? In this blog, we will discuss how challenging times help push the needle on innovation!

3 Ways Work from Home promotes Innovation | StartUs Insights
Work from Home promotes Innovation | Innovation Management

If you still think that remote working kills employees' ideas for innovation, this blog is just the thing you need. While this statement may be true in some cases, in general, it has been observed that work from home promotes innovation. Continue reading to explore how!

Serve Customers Better with Customer-based Innovation | StartUs Insights
Customer-based Innovation | Innovation Management

Curious about increasing customer retention while fostering innovation? Learn how a customer-based innovation allows you to do that, thereby creating new markets and improving operational efficiency among other benefits.