Innovation Challenges

StartUs Insights Startup Program Service Customer Reviews
StartUs Insights Startup Program Service Reviews
Not satisfied with the results of your company’s open innovation programs? StartUs Insights’ Startup Program Service has a proven track record of boosting high-quality applications. Discover customer reviews & explore what the solution has to offer!
9 Ways to Get More Applications for Your Startup Programs
Get More Applications for Startup Programs

Want to boost the results of your company’s startup programs but not sure how? Here are 9 tips to attract more applications for your startup programs. We also introduce you to our service that will fetch you quality applications for your next startup program!

Types of Open Innovation | Innovation Management

The focus on internal research and development to drive innovation is not enough anymore. Increasingly, corporates are seeking external partners and resources to achieve their innovation goals. Explore six types of open innovation that you can implement this year.

How to Boost Your Business with Crowdsourced Innovation | StartUs Insights
Crowdsourced Innovation | Innovation Management

Explore how crowdsourced innovation helps you gather & identify new ideas from a wide range of sources to create new business opportunities!

Effective Communication: Key to Successful Innovation | StartUs Insights
Effective Communication | Innovation Management

The ability to effectively communicate is a major factor in any successful innovation process. As with most things, there are certain dos & don’ts that you should keep in mind while communicating about innovation. Explore this and much more!

5 Top Lessons from Iberdrola’s Open Innovation Challenges | StartUs Insights
Open Innovation Challenges

We have run over 20 startup challenges for Iberdrola and many more for 1000+ companies. Here are the lessons we learned from these open innovation challenges.

Types of Open Innovation Challenges | StartUs Insights
Open Innovation Challenges

Want to leverage open innovation as a company? Learn about types of open innovation challenges and their benefits for your innovation strategy.

Debunking 4 Common Innovation Myths | StartUs Insights
Innovation Myths

Most innovation challenges actually arise from certain misconceptions about innovation. Read our blog to learn what are the 4 common innovation myths and the reality behind them.

5 Common Innovation Challenges Companies Face - StartUs Insights
Innovation Challenges

Innovation drives business growth. But the road is full of bumps. Identifying these bumps is crucial for finding effective ways to overcome them. So, we present to you 5 common innovation challenges that big corporations like yours often come across — learn more!

Full Guide to Corporate Open Innovation: Unlock Growth & Visibility
Open Innovation

Discover how open innovation accelerates product development and unlocks new growth avenues by tapping into the global startup ecosystem! This comprehensive report explores the principles of open innovation, its advantages over traditional R&D, and practical strategies for seamless integration into your business.