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Curious about new technological advancements in smart cities? Explore our analysis of 95 global internet of things (IoT) startups & scaleups & learn how their solutions impact emergency response!

Staying ahead of the technology curve means strengthening your competitive advantage. That is why we give you data-driven innovation insights into smart cities. This time, you get to discover 5 hand-picked startups developing IoT solutions for emergency response.

Global Startup Heat Map: 5 Top IoT Solutions for Emergency Response

You will explore 5 startups developing IoT solutions for emergency response below. They are chosen based on our data-driven startup scouting approach, taking into account factors such as location, founding year, and relevance of technology, among others. This analysis is based on the Big Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, covering over 1.3 million startups & scaleups globally.

The Global Startup Heat Map below highlights the 5 startups & scaleups developing IoT solutions for emergency response in this report. Moreover, you get insights into regions that observe a high startup activity and the global geographic distribution of the 95 companies we analyzed for this specific topic.


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Sadeem Technology – Flood Monitoring

Emergency response services need to be always alert to respond quickly to natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Smart cities, as well as developed nations, employ technology to predict such disasters and be prepared. Internet of things solutions help firefighters, rescue personnel, and paramedics handle any kind of situation at short notice. To this end, startups and scaleups develop innovative IoT-enabled emergency response solutions, including for flood monitoring.

Saudi Arabian startup Sadeem Technology offers flood monitoring solutions for smart cities. The startup’s sensor-based solution accurately measures water levels on roads, even during heavy traffic. The startup’s Urban Management Platform visualizes real-time flood maps and forecasts. The sensors also enable advanced analytics to aid critical decision making during emergencies, including vehicle routing after considering floods, as well as severity and evacuation-related decisions.

Lumineye – Search & Rescue

Earthquakes cause buildings to collapse on themselves and hinder safe evacuation routes. The longer the victims are trapped, the lower their chances of survival. Advanced radar technology solutions enable rescuers to identify life forms behind physically obstructive material such as walls and construction debris. Therefore, startups develop IoT solutions that leverage radio frequency (RF) detection and ranging technology to rescue people stuck in regions invisible to the naked eye.

The US-based startup Lumineye provides IoT solutions for first responders. The startup’s wall-sensing radar technology enables firefighters, search and rescue personnel, and law enforcement agencies to find trapped people through walls and other physical obstructions. Additionally, the solution detects the breathing of people stuck in debris, alerting users to any changes to the environment, and sensing through smoke and fire.

Abilisense – Domestic Disturbances

Domestic abuse, crying children, elderly patients requiring medical assistance are all circumstances that require emergency response. Artificial intelligence algorithms recognize sounds to facilitate quick intervention. For example, algorithms that identify gunshots automatically trigger an emergency response. Startups develop innovative IoT-based solutions that record anomalies including machines breaking down, screams, gunshots, and even babies crying.

Israeli startup Abilisense develops a sound recognition technology that analyzes sounds at home, work, city, and transport environments. The startup’s solution deciphers the various origins of the sounds it records. For example, it identifies gunshots, appliance malfunctions, screams, and emergency signals and sirens. The technology finds applications in homes to detect break-ins, enhance security, and provide elderly and baby care.

Venti – Aerial Surveillance

Startups develop aerial IoT solutions to track and monitor weather, detect hazardous material (HAZMAT), and provide emergency response to civilians. Forest fires rapidly spread to large areas, making them a challenge for firefighters. Combining drone tech with IoT solutions such as sensors and high-definition (HD) cameras, firefighters get real-time updates about wildfires. This allows them to monitor the progression of a forest fire and estimate the potential danger to civilians in its path.

The US-based startup Venti delivers FIREFRONT, an integrated system of IoT devices built specifically for firefighters. The system combines various technologies such as drones, high definition cameras, and thermal sensors to give firefighters the visibility that they need to be effective and efficient. Additionally, the solution enables rescue personnel to identify hazardous materials on site. Further, the startup’s portfolio includes INTELIPOD, a low-cost system that has lightweight micro-sensors with Bluetooth/RF capabilities and gathers critical data points including weather, velocity, vibration, and HAZMAT presence.

MyResQR – Emergency Medical Response

IoT technology enables rapid response times in case of emergencies including road accidents, cardiac arrests, allergies, and burglaries. An ambulance arriving on time before a crowd gathers around a road accident helps victims receive swift care. Smartphone applications that pull up basic medical information of the victim enable paramedics to deliver efficient healthcare. To this end, startups and scaleups develop IoT-based emergency response solutions that automatically trigger medical response hotlines.

Indian startup MyResQR develops IoT-based emergency response solutions. MyResQR provides a platform to store user’s medical information including surgeries, allergies, implants, and medication. The solution enables triggering emergency response services such as ambulance and roadside assistance. For elderly citizens, the solution is capable of transmitting geo-location in real-time reducing the stress for caregivers.

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