Discover 20 Climate Tech Startups to Watch in 2024

Can we overcome the pressing challenges caused by climate change? Discover 20 hand-picked Climate Tech Startups to Watch in 2024 in this report & learn how their solutions help reduce emissions, preserve ecosystems, manage waste, build connected cities, and much more!

A variety of key technologies are advancing climate tech by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing energy efficiency. Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power are replacing traditional fossil fuel sources. Battery storage systems allow renewable energy to be stored and used when needed. Carbon capture technologies remove CO2 from the atmosphere and store it underground or utilize it for industrial applications. Smart grids also enable more efficient energy distribution and management. Electric vehicles (EVs), powered by renewable energy, are replacing gas-powered vehicles. Finally, machine learning algorithms and AI optimize energy usage and reduce waste. These technologies are crucial in the fight against climate change and will continue to play a significant role in achieving a sustainable future. Explore 20 emerging climate tech startups advancing these innovations in 2024 and beyond!

20 Climate Tech Startups to Watch in 2024

Global Startup Heat Map highlights 20 Climate Tech Startups to Watch in 2024

Through the Big Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, which covers over 4 760 120+ startups & scaleups globally, we identified 2063 climate technology startups. The Global Startup Heat Map below highlights the 20 climate tech startups you should watch in 2024 as well as the geo-distribution of all climate startups & scaleups we analyzed for this research. Based on the heat map, we see high startup activity in Europe, followed by the USA and India. These 20 hand-picked startups work on solutions ranging from green energy production, waste management, ocean conservation, and much more.


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As the world’s largest resource for data on emerging companies, the SaaS platform enables you to identify relevant technologies and industry trends quickly & exhaustively. Based on the data from the platform, the top climate technology hub is located in London, followed by Berlin and New York City. Singapore and San Francisco make up the rest of the top 5 climate tech startup hubs. The 20 hand-picked startups highlighted in this report are chosen from all over the world and develop solutions to reduce emissions, preserve ecosystems, manage waste, build connected cities, and more.

Explore 20 Climate Tech Startups to Watch (2024)

LambdAI Space provides Climate Impact Insights

startups to watch_climate tech_lambdai space

Singaporean startup LambdAI Space leverages AI and advanced algorithms to interpret satellite imagery, providing critical insights into climate impact and environmental shifts. This allows businesses to proactively respond to climate change and contribute to a sustainable future. The startup enables natural resource monitoring, using technology to track resource patterns, trends, and depletion, aiding in conservation and sustainable use.

Additionally, LambdAI Space advances asset monitoring with around-the-clock satellite systems for precise infrastructure and resource management. Its technology offers Earth insights, producing detailed imagery and data for risk management in various industries, including agriculture.

CO2L Tech enables Electrochemical CO2 Reduction (ECR)

startups to watch_climate tech_co2l tech

Canadian startup CO2L Tech develops a platform that combats global warming by transforming carbon dioxide emissions into valuable industrial chemicals. Its electrochemical CO2 Reduction (ECR) systems convert CO2 into ethylene, syngas, or formic acid. This technology integrates with existing CO2 emission sources to ensure long-term stability.

HeiQ AeoniQ produces Climate Positive Cellulose Filament Yarn

startups to watch_climate tech_heiq

Swiss startup HeiQ AeoniQ offers a climate-positive cellulose filament yarn AeoniQ, thus enabling sustainable textile manufacturing. This yarn recycles water and prioritizes raw materials that aid in decarbonizing the atmosphere.

HeiQ’s AeoniQ uses various locally-sourced cellulosic materials such as circulose, bacterial cellulose, or agricultural waste, according to the regional availability. This flexibility allows the startup to emulate the properties of synthetic materials like polyester or nylon, offering a sustainable alternative with zero environmental impact.

Carbon Atlantis offers Liquid Sorbent-based CO2 Capture

startups to watch_climate tech_carbon atlantis

German startup Carbon Atlantis captures CO2 to decarbonize hard-to-abate industries. The process involves a patented system that circulates liquid sorbent to capture CO2 efficiently.

The captured CO2 can be either permanently stored or used in carbon-neutral or negative products. Carbon Atlantis’ system stands out for its low cost, modularity, and scalability, positioning it to solve the climate crisis at its root and conserve glaciers, habitats, and biodiversity.

Varaha advances Carbon Quantification

startups to watch_climate tech_varaha

Indian startup Varaha utilizes advanced remote sensing, biomass, soil modeling, and machine learning algorithms to vet projects for carbon credit generation. Its process begins with data collection from various stakeholders in developing economies, gathering insights on land characteristics and agricultural practices. This data undergoes validation through satellite imagery, LiDAR imaging, and other remote sensing methods.

The startup’s proprietary Carbon Quantification Tool (CQT) estimates carbon credits after calculating GHG emission reduction and carbon sequestration. These high-quality carbon credits then go on its blockchain-enabled SaaS tool, before putting them out in global carbon markets, with proceeds supporting smallholder communities. Varaha also encourages the development of new carbon-neutral projects, fostering the creation and restoration of carbon-neutral natural interventions in developing regions.

Carbon Twist simplifies Methane Removal

startups to watch_climate tech_carbon twist

Israeli startup Carbon Twist mitigates global warming by removing methane, a major contributor to climate change. The startup’s catalytic process removes methane from various sources such as cow sheds, gas leaks, coal mines, and landfills.

For instance, in livestock settings, its compact device installed atop cow sheds extracts air, breaks down methane, and expels the byproducts, simultaneously enhancing air quality inside the sheds. This process clears methane and offers improved air circulation. It benefits the environment without requiring direct farmer involvement.

AIRMO enables Continuous GHG Emissions Monitoring

startups to watch_climate tech_airmo

German startup AIRMO leverages space technology to monitor precise and continuous GHG emissions. The technology uses a satellite constellation, equipped with LiDAR technology and spectrometers, for providing near-real-time global emissions measurement. This micro-LiDAR solution enhances the accuracy and sensitivity of CO2 and CH4 detection. AIRMO’s advanced satellite design, remote sensing, and data processing offer improved data quality and granularity.

The startup offers continuous monitoring of GHG emissions at specific sites with variable frequency. Additionally, it provides aggregated data services, enabling clients to identify major emitters in their portfolio. The startup also verifies reported emissions with total emissions and KPIs over extended periods. AIRMO supports clients in selecting the right type and frequency of data for effective risk evaluation, action-taking, and emissions reduction.

Green Sequest streamlines Enhanced Rock Weathering

startups to watch_climate tech_green sequest

Polish startup Green Sequest specializes in carbon removal through Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW), a process that accelerates the natural mineralization of rocks to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The startup crushes serpentinite to optimal granulation for increased surface mineralization. It explores thermoactivation and organic salts to enhance the natural mineralization process.

Additionally, Green Sequest refines serpentinite-based mineral fertilizers for agricultural use, improving plant growth while removing carbon. The startup measures, verifies, and reports carbon removal and plans to use serpentinite in chimney filters to capture emissions directly from the source.

CCU International innovates in Silica Gel-based CO2 Purification

startups to watch_climate tech_ccu international

UK-based CCU International deploys Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) solutions, offering patented technology that captures CO2 from industrial emissions. The startup’s technology utilizes a multi-step process involving pressurization through silica gel, capturing and purifying CO2 for use in creating products like plastics, concrete, and biofuels. Designed for compact spaces, the system operates on renewable energy.

CCU International’s approach, emphasizing low energy consumption and sophisticated monitoring, supports industries from oil and gas to breweries and anaerobic digestion. It transforms captured CO2 into valuable resources and contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Humify simulates Natural Coalification

startups to watch_climate tech_humify

German-based Humify’s Hydrothermal Humification Process transforms biomass into humic substances, for carbon capture and reversing soil degradation. This process handles various biomaterials, both wet and dry, facilitating large-scale production of humic substances through a fast, continuous, and energy-efficient system that retains carbon from a closed process.

This method simulates natural coalification, while preventing biomass carbon from being oxidized into greenhouse gasses. The produced humic substances, crucial for soil ecosystem functions, enhance CO2 sequestration, and improve soil fertility and water capacity. These also combat soil erosion, reduce the need for external inputs, and restore the soil microbiome.


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Solarus Smart Energy Solutions offers Fossil Fuel Alternatives

Dutch startup Solarus Smart Energy Solutions develops sustainable power solutions using solar energy. Its hybrid solar energy solutions generate both thermal and electric energy using photovoltaic (PV) technology. The startup provides a range of services including energy project development, equipment energy forecasting, asset management, and installation partner selection.

In addition, it provides engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contracting and solution installation services. Further, Solarus’ proprietary software simulates system performance to deliver accurate estimates of energy generation and cost savings. Solarus offers a comprehensive solution to help businesses with their sustainable energy needs.

eVegah promotes Carbon-free Shared Transportation

Indian startup eVegah connects riders with eco-friendly transportation options. The startup develops a smart lock-enabled e-bike, eVegah fly, that is rented through a mobile application. To use the service, riders locate the nearest available vehicle through the app, scan a QR code, and pay to unlock.

The startup thus reduces reliance on personal automobiles for short-distance transportation and features vehicle distribution and optimization tools. It also enhances last-mile connectivity, lowers CO2 emissions, and alleviates traffic congestion.

Liminalytics conducts Sustainability & Climate Risk Assessment

German startup Liminalytics develops an integrated analytics tool that assesses climate and sustainability impacts to identify financial risks and opportunities. The tool utilizes advanced models, high-quality data, and user-friendly interfaces to assist banks in analyzing climate and sustainability risks. The startup also offers financed greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions calculations, climate stress tests, transition risk analysis, and sustainability risk assessments.

It enables portfolio analysis at the sector level and provides actionable insights for Task Force on climate-related financial disclosures (TCFD), European Banking Authority (EBA), and taxonomy reporting. Liminalytics, in turn, helps banks manage their credit risk portfolios and promote a sustainable future.

Beach Collective develops a Blockchain-based Circular Economy Platform

UK-based startup Beach Collective makes a blue circular economy platform that operates using its decentralized finance (DeFi) currency, $BEACH. The platform is an ecosystem that brings together climate-conscious consumers, planet-friendly brands and businesses, and ocean conservation champions. It generates funds for ocean regeneration and climate action with every transaction on the platform. Beach Collective’s clean oceans and blue carbon funds sequester carbon for the planet and provide sustainable jobs and livelihoods for people.

Alongside, it restores ocean and coastal habitats as well as protects endangered species of animals. Beach Collective creates a sustainable and regenerative economy while enabling consumers, businesses, and organizations to take decisive climate action.

Cetogenix facilitates Organic Waste Conversion

New Zealand-based startup Cetogenix offers sustainable solutions to address climate change worldwide. Its technology utilizes hydrothermal oxidation and fermentation to convert complex waste streams into simple components. These components make feedstock for biological conversion to clean energy and bioproducts.

The startup’s product, Ceto-Boost, targets the growing anaerobic digestion sector and increases gas production. This solution also helps eliminate secondary waste streams. As a result, Cetogenix improves the performance of waste-to-energy (WTE) technologies and enables service providers to accelerate decarbonization targets.

Dedalo AI simplifies IT Industry Emissions Management

Italian startup Dedalo AI enables information technology (IT) companies to measure and decrease the CO2 impact of their software. It offers a measurement tool that accurately measures the energy consumed by the end device for specific software. For this, it utilizes AI algorithms to perform static code analysis on any device, measuring software power consumption and CPU usage.

It imports customer web analytics data and the algorithm calculates energy consumption and carbon intensity in the device’s specific area. Dedalo AI generates an environmental, social, and governance (ESG)-compliant carbon report that companies utilize to improve their transparency and ESG score.

Plankton Marine Technologies improves Ocean Waste Collection

Turkish startup Plankton Marine Technologies develops Plankton, an underwater waste collection device. It employs a method and design to capture surface wastes that circulate freely in water resources. The device attaches to a wall or pier, creating a black hole effect on the sea surface, and collecting both liquid and solid waste.

Plankton also hosts sensors that record data on water quality and waste bin fullness, generating a valuable dataset. Consequently, Plankton Marine Technologies mitigates pollution and enhances water quality, improving ocean health.

QD-SOL produces Quantum Green Hydrogen

Israeli startup QD-SOL generates quantum green hydrogen by leveraging nanotechnology. The startup develops panels that use sunlight to perform artificial photosynthesis, splitting water into green hydrogen. Its technology uses nanoparticles that catalyze separation from water, eliminating the need for expensive photovoltaic panels or wind turbines for hydrogen production.

QD-SOL’s quantum green hydrogen is cost-effective and does not produce pollutants. This helps address industrial energy demand and provides an alternative to fossil fuel-based hydrogen production.

Green+Kode streamlines Food Waste Management

UK-based startup Green+Kode develops a food waste management system that integrates AI and the internet of things (IoT). It frequently monitors food waste and utility waste to provide real-time reports in commercial kitchens. The system collects valuable daily data which promotes behavior change toward waste reduction. Businesses operating in the hospitality and food sector use Green+Kode’s solution to maximize resource efficiency and reduce waste.

Verdoo enables Carbon Neutral Shopping

Danish startup Verdoo allows online shoppers to offset their carbon footprint while finding shopping deals in over 10,000 online stores. The startup achieves this with the development of a browser extension. The shoppers create a Verdoo account and install its extension, which runs on popular browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Verdoo utilizes a portion of each shopper’s transaction’s purchase price to support global reforestation efforts. This allows shoppers to reduce their carbon footprint while receiving the benefits of discounted online shopping.

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