Explore 20 AI Startups to Watch in 2024

What’s next after ChatGPT? Explore 20 hand-picked AI Startups to Watch in 2024 in this data-driven report. Based on our analysis of 7004 startups & scaleups, discover 20 AI-powered solutions spanning from security checks, asset monitoring, drug discovery, document processing, and more.

This report describes several technology solutions, each leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms. From plug-and-play platform solutions to health monitoring platforms that integrate cloud computing, startups are working to analyze data from sensors to offer predictive analytics and pattern recognition tools. Similarly, drug design platforms use machine learning algorithms to predict the efficacy and safety of potential drug candidates. There is also an AI medical dictation platform that transcribes conversations between doctors and patients in real-time, simplifying audio and text management. Finally, there are voice bots, chatbots, and customer engagement solutions that automate lead generation for businesses, improve customer interactions and drive business growth. Explore 20 emerging artificial intelligence startups advancing these innovations in 2024 and beyond!

20 AI Startups to Watch in 2024

Global Startup Heat Map highlights 20 AI Startups to Watch in 2024

Through the Big Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, covering over 4 760 120+ startups & scaleups globally, we identified 7004 AI startups. The Global Startup Heat Map below highlights the 20 AI startups you should watch in 2024 as well as the geo-distribution of all 7004 startups & scaleups we analyzed for this research. Based on the heat map, we see high startup activity in the US and Western Europe. These 7004 startups work on solutions ranging from asset monitoring and demand forecasting to business automation and automated lead generation.


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As the world’s largest resource for data on emerging companies, the SaaS platform enables you to identify relevant technologies and industry trends quickly & exhaustively. Based on the data from the platform, the Top 5 AI Startup Hubs are in London, New York, San Francisco, Bangalore, and Singapore. The 20 hand-picked startups highlighted in this report are chosen from all over the world and develop solutions for several applications and industries, for example, health monitoring, drug discovery, business automation, voice bots, and much more.

Discover 20 AI Startups to Watch (2024)

Linearis offers Metabolomics Disease Analysis

startups to watch_artificial intelligence_linearis

Canadian startup Linearis drives innovation in healthcare through AI and biomarkers, focusing on the identification of multi-omics disease signatures. Linearis specializes in omics testing and discovery, particularly in areas like COVID-19 and cancer. The startup’s approach combines high-throughput technology and mass spectrometry for metabolomics analysis of diseases. Likewise, it leverages AI to discover disease signatures that offer actionable insights for various metabolic diseases.

Linearis also provides biobank analysis services with both targeted and untargeted LC-MS measurements. It processes large volumes of samples and delivers AI-friendly data for machine learning-based analysis. This propels advancements in early diagnostics, personalized treatment, and drug discovery, particularly for cancer, diabetes, and anti-microbial resistance.

Synamics Therapeutics makes Cancer Precision Medicine

startups to watch_artificial intelligence_synamics therapeutics

Danish startup Synamics Therapeutics works towards adaptive medicine, focusing on designing adaptable drugs that can counteract cancer’s evolving resistance mechanisms. Leveraging AI and advanced computational techniques, the startup provides precision medicine. This approach enhances and prolongs treatment effectiveness for patients. Its disease-first methodology emphasizes creating specific, high-impact solutions for each unique cancer type.

SkoneLabs enhances Food Supply Chain

startups to watch_artificial intelligence_skonelabs

German startup SkoneLabs provides two food monitoring solutions – Octagon and Skone AI. They enhance quality management and optimize the food supply chain. Octagon is a smart device that enables 24/7 monitoring of critical factors like temperature, humidity, gas composition, and tracking, simplifying round-the-clock oversight. Skone AI complements this with AI-powered predictions and suggestions, forecasting the life expectancy, ripening, and spoilage of produce.

SkoneLabs’ systems offer insights for increasing margins, complying with regulations, and reducing CO2 emissions. They also feature quality and ripening monitoring, advanced food loss prediction, supplier identification, compliance checks, and efficient inventory management. Octagon and Skone AI support wholesale suppliers, farmers, storage facilities, ripening centers, logistics, retail stores, and the hospitality sector.

Profluent advances Protein Engineering

startups to watch_artificial intelligence_profluent

US-based startup Profluent leverages AI to enhance protein design. Its machine learning models train on biological sequences to transcend the limitations of traditional protein engineering and natural discovery. The tech offers the ability to access untapped protein spaces, providing unparalleled diversity beyond natural or existing proteins.

Profluent’s AI excels in optimizing multiple protein properties simultaneously, facilitating more efficient and cost-effective commercial applications. It enables novel functions, crafting de novo proteins. Profluent’s AI-first approach redefines the potential of protein design for a range of applications, from enzymes and antibodies to gene editors and peptides.

FeatureByte modernizes Feature Engineering

startups to watch_artificial intelligence_featurebyte

US-based FeatureByte develops an AI-based, self-service feature platform for data scientists and ML engineers. The platform advances feature engineering and management by integrating with existing data warehouses or lakes and ML tools. This enables the automatic generation of relevant features, efficient experimentation on live data, rapid deployment of AI data pipelines, and effective management of feature governance and security.

FeatureByte’s comprehensive toolkit includes a Python SDK for declarative feature creation, and a GUI for exploring and experimenting with features. Also, it offers Copilot for automatic data semantics inference and feature recommendations. The toolkit boasts a self-organizing catalog for easy feature search and reuse, a transform library for feature creation, and a feature store for deployment and orchestration. Central observability and governance further ensure pipeline health monitoring and feature security.

QTPIE provides an AI-driven Driving Evaluation Tool

startups to watch_artificial intelligence_qtpie

Swedish startup QTPIE offers an AI-driven driving evaluation tool that assesses real-world driving against traffic rules, without the need for an expert in the vehicle. It operates in three steps. During the evaluation session, drivers wear eye-tracking glasses linked to a mobile app. Next, QTPIE’s AI computes driving performance by analyzing data from semantic eye tracking and the vehicle itself.

Finally, the tool generates a comprehensive safety report, including a driver safety score and highlighted video segments pinpointing errors. Thus, it offers valuable support in assessing driver fitness. This innovative approach simplifies the process of evaluating driving skills and promotes safer driving practices.

HammTek offers a Smart Dental Device

startups to watch_artificial intelligence_hammtek

Finland-based startup HammTek provides a smart dental device for the early detection of tooth decay and other dental issues. It combines advanced AI and optic trans-illuminate technology to analyze and capture teeth photos. The AI, trained on extensive dental data, then identifies patterns indicating oral health problems like caries.

Users capture tooth images with the device, and the accompanying software monitors changes over time, alerting them on any dental health alterations. This approach allows for timely dentist visits, preventing the spread of caries and negating the need for frequent check-ups.

Csmart facilitates Multi-stage Coffee Grading

startups to watch_artificial intelligence_csmart

Brazilian startup Csmart advances coffee production with AI-based technologies for efficient and accurate coffee grading. Leveraging computer vision and inspection systems, its equipment offers a multi-stage approach to quality control. This is suitable for various production stages from pre-purchase analysis to dry-mill validation. The startup’s software provides extensive data storage for all processed batches, facilitating data-driven decisions and embracing Industry 4.0 in coffee production.

Csmart’s product range includes Csmart Digit, a device for large-scale data collection and analysis, offering transparency and traceability in coffee grading. Its Csmart Mini, designed for smaller producers and coffee shops, automates green and roasted coffee sorting. Additionally, the Csmart P20 color sorter streamlines cherry sorting using a vision system and fast-acting valves. Its software further offers individual coffee analysis, batch evaluations, and custom databases enhanced with AI models. This technology combines custom electronic, mechanical, and automation systems, and the use of 3D printing.

GEVI offers Self-trained Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

startups to watch_artificial intelligence_gevi

Italian startup GEVI provides self-training vertical axis wind turbines, equipped with active blade pitch control. These turbines utilize flexible hardware and AI to dynamically adapt to varying wind conditions and installation sites. Thus, it maximizes energy production and operational lifespan. GEVI’s technology reduces CO2 emissions, turbine mass, installation complexity, and costs. The AI system adapts the turbine to any wind condition, enhancing energy extraction.

GEVI’s turbines contribute to energy independence while reducing reliance on grid electricity or fuel-based systems. It also lowers energy transportation costs. The turbines feature optimized blades and geometry with a patent-pending design. Its AI-driven control system adjusts the blades in response to wind speed, direction, and turbulence.

Axonnr simplifies Prosthetic Device Control

startups to watch_artificial intelligence_axonnr

UK-based startup Axonnr enhances upper-limb prosthetic device control by integrating AI, robotics, and biosignal processing. Capitalizing on the body’s electrical activity essential for communication between the brain and muscles, Axonnr’s technology offers a plug-n-play approach that revitalizes both new and existing prosthetic devices. This advancement significantly benefits individuals with mobility issues.


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Auxilia offers AI-powered Security Checks

French startup Auxilia makes AIRIS, a plug-and-play baggage security check platform. It uses AI to analyze X-ray images of luggage and cargo. This simplifies security checks and allows security teams to automatically detect weapons or other threats. For this, the platform connects to existing X-ray scanners and analyzes the images in real-time to alert security agents upon identifying threats.

Moreover, the platform does not collect or communicate any data to outside networks to improve security. Auxilia’s platform thus accelerates passenger flows in locations, such as airports, by making security checks safer and more efficient.

Seetalabs simplifies Transformer Health Monitoring

Seetalabs is an Italian startup that develops RoninAI, a transformer health monitoring platform. It combines machine learning algorithms and cloud computing to analyze data from sensors preinstalled on transformers. The platform then calculates a health index for each transformer based on parameters like temperature, oil pressure, and dissolved gas analysis. With this data, RoninAI provides condition status while enabling anomaly detection, failure prediction, load forecasting, and asset valuation.

Additionally, it integrates with SCADA systems and internet of things (IoT) devices. Consequently, RoninAI helps power suppliers to prioritize maintenance activities, prevent power outages caused by transformer faults, and optimize asset management.

Phronesis AI enables Autonomous Drug Discovery

Phronesis AI is a US-based startup that develops LIME, a molecular drug design platform. It leverages machine learning algorithms to predict the efficacy and safety of potential drug candidates. This allows for faster and more accurate identification of promising compounds. As a result, the platform reduces the time and cost associated with traditional drug discovery methods. Phronesis AI’s platform accelerates the drug development process while maintaining accuracy and safety.

parol aids Medical Dictation

Romanian startup parol creates an eponymous AI medical dictation platform. It transcribes conversations between doctors and patients in real-time, simplifying audio and text management. The startup’s companion iOS app also uses natural language processing (NLP) and speech recognition to capture and analyze medical conversations.

The AI voice detection module within the app detects human voices and starts transcribing them automatically to generate accurate and structured notes. The platform also allows doctors to share these notes and audio with the relevant medical teams and colleagues. This allows them to save time, improve documentation quality, and enhance patient care.

AI Endurance offers AI-driven Physical Training

AI Endurance is a Canadian startup that makes an AI-based physical training app. It creates personalized training plans for runners, cyclists, and triathletes. For this, the app analyzes data from global positioning system (GPS) watches, smartphones, and power meters within the training equipment to predict performance and adjust exercise plans accordingly. It also syncs with the user’s devices to predict performance. AI Endurance’s scientific and data-driven approach allows fitness providers to improve fitness and endurance.

Turbotic facilitates Business Automation

Turbotic is a Swedish startup that develops Houston 2.0, a cloud-based business automation and optimization platform. It manages the technologies needed for intelligent automation. The platform’s dashboard provides end-to-end visibility, orchestration, monitoring, and governance of automation solutions in one single interface. It features five modules that allow businesses to manage automation ideas, analyze processes, and use best practices to speed up projects.

Additionally, businesses are able to track key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time and monitor their returns on investment. Turbotic, in turn, enables businesses to scale up their automation capabilities, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance customer experience.

DeepJudge aids Legal Document Processing

Swiss startup DeepJudge provides an AI-powered platform for legal document processing. It leverages deep learning and NLP to understand the context and content of legal documents, like contracts, agreements, and invoices. The platform then automatically anonymizes sensitive information such as names, addresses, and phone numbers. This ensures data privacy and compliance with regulations.

DeepJudge’s platform thus improves efficiency by automating tasks such as document analysis, review, summarization, extraction, and generation. It also allows lawyers and legal professionals to save time, and reduce errors.

Sentient Sports delivers Recruitment Simulations

Sentient Sports is a UK-based startup that creates an artificial intelligence and data analytics platform to improve hiring in the sports industry. Professional sports teams and organizations use the platform’s generative model to produce unique insights using live data on player performance, risk, transfer forecasts, and more. The startup uses 14 proprietary metrics to help teams simulate player performance after transfer.

The platform predicts the chemistry and tactical fit of players with existing teams and also projects their potential return on investment. As a result, Sentient Sports’ platform improves decision-making in the sports industry.

HardClikk creates a Metaverse eCommerce Platform

Indian startup HardClikk develops an AI-based metaverse eCommerce platform. It enables customers to interact with realistic 3D models of products and negotiate prices with AI-based bargaining. The platform also lets them try on clothes and accessories on metaverse avatars and explore virtual environments with immersive gaming elements.

For this, HardClikk leverages machine learning and cloud computing to offer customer insights, low return rates, high satisfaction levels, and direct-to-avatar sales. HardClikk’s platform bridges the gap between eCommerce and in-store shopping experiences, enabling online shoppers to visit virtual stores and interact with products.

Stellar AI makes Conversational Voice Bots

Stellar AI is a Singaporean startup that offers AI-powered voice bots, chatbots, and customer engagement solutions. The startup trains its chatbots on human language models to enable accurate mimicking of humanized communication. This ensures more professional and personalized customer interactions.

The startup also automates lead generation for specific business types, ranging from insurance and property management to business-to-business (B2B) products. Stellar AI’s voice bots allow businesses to improve their customer interactions and lead generation, driving engagement and business growth.

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