5 Top 5G Solutions For Smart Cities Out Of 125

We analyzed 125 5G solutions for Smart Cities. HAAS Alert, Reengen, James Fisher Technologies, Blue Vision Labs, and Novalume are our 5 picks to watch out for. Learn more in our Global Startup Heat Map!

Our Innovation Analysts recently looked into emerging technologies and up-and-coming startups in the telecom industry. As there is a large number of startups working on a wide variety of solutions, we decided to share our insights with you. This time, we are taking a look at 5 promising 5G solutions for Smart Cities.

Heat Map: 5 Top 5G Startups

For our 5 top picks, we used a data-driven startup scouting approach to identify the most relevant solutions globally. The Global Startup Heat Map below highlights 5 interesting examples out of 125 relevant solutions. Depending on your specific needs, your top picks might look entirely different.




Which companies develop the the other 120 5G solutions?


HAAS Alert – Smart Vehicles & Transport System

The 5G network provides a high coverage and data exchange level for sensors embedded in roads, airfields, railways, and vehicles communicate with each other in real-time for improved maintenance and greater operational efficiency. The solutions of US-based company HAAS Alert stream safety information in the form of real-time digital alerts to drivers and connected cars via in-vehicle systems and smartphone apps when emergency vehicles or other municipal fleets are approaching. The company helps drivers to make safer, smarter driving decisions.

Reengen – Critical Infrastructure

The high-speed internet brings high reliability and low latency required to manage and control critical services and infrastructure in a city. The Turkish company Reengen develops an energy IoT Platform which serves as a cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) data analytics solution for commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and renewable energy plants. Collecting data from different sources, the platform employs machine learning algorithms and big data analytics in order to improve energy saving, operational efficiency, energy procurement optimization and predictive maintenance for customers.

James Fisher Technologies – Remote Device Control

5G allows for the remote control of heavy machinery, that increases efficiency and reduces risk reduction in hazardous environments. The US-based companies James Fisher Technologies (JFT) is a provider of remote solutions, specialty engineering, and technical services for applications within hazardous environments or with high integrity requirements, that ensure the safety of their workforce and enable the successful completion of the task at hand.

Blue Vision Labs – Interaction Between Human & Machine

The high-speed internet with real-time responsiveness makes the Internet of Things (IoT) more accessible for people and provides a new level of engagement with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in everyday life. The UK-based startup Blue Vision Labs works with augmented reality and robotics technologies for multi-player games, on-street navigation apps, social media applications, and education. The company’s app enables multiple users to see the same virtual objects and interact with each other in that virtual space with high accuracy.

Novalume – Sensor Networks

5G technology seamlessly connects embedded sensors in virtually everything, providing monitoring, tracking and automation capabilities – from connected farms, agriculture and asset tracking to smart buildings, streets and security infrastructure. Danish company Novalume creates the Lumintell Smart City System, that empowers municipalities to manage their public lighting network and smart city data from sensors – online and in real-time.

What About The Other 120 5G Solutions?

While we believe data is key to creating insights it can be easy to be overwhelmed by it. Our ambition is to create a comprehensive overview and provide actionable innovation intelligence for your Proof of Concept (PoC), partnership, or investment targets. The 5 startups showcased above are promising examples out of 125 we analyzed for this article. To identify the most relevant solutions based on your specific criteria and collaboration strategy, get in touch.


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