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10 New Plastic Companies | StartUs Insights
New Plastic Companies
Gain data-driven insights on plastic industry that consists of 166K+ organizations worldwide. We have selected 10 standout innovators from 9.8K+ new plastic companies, advancing the sector with biocompatible polymers, low-carbon bioplastics, nanotechnology-based plastic property enhancement, and much more.
Top 10 Plastic Recycling Examples (2023 & 2024) | StartUs Insights
Plastic Recycling | Cross-Industry

How are businesses diverting plastic waste from landfills & oceans? Dive into our data-driven analysis of 1125 global plastic recycling startups & scaleups impacting 10 industries & learn how these plastic recycling use cases like sustainable 3D printing, waste-to-energy, medical waste recycling & more impact your business!

20 Plastic Recovery Startups to Watch in 2024 | StartUs Insights
Plastic Recovery Startups | 2024

How is the waste management sector integrating AI, robotics, chemical recycling, and more to improve plastic recovery? Discover 20 hand-picked Plastic Recovery Startups to Watch in 2024 in this report & how their solutions, spanning AI-based plastic sorting, automated recycling, reverse vending, and waste-to-energy, advance your business.

Top 8 Plastic Recycling Trends in 2024 | StartUs Insights
Plastic Recycling Trends

Are you curious about which plastic recycling trends & startups will soon impact your business? Explore our in-depth industry research on 986 startups & scaleups and get data-driven insights into technology-based solutions in our Plastic Recycling Innovation Map!

Discover 5 Circular Economy Startups You Should Watch in 2021
Circular Economy Startups to Watch

This year, you should know emerging circular economy startups & how they will impact your company. Discover 5 hand-picked, global startups in this data-driven report!

Plastic Recycling

We analyzed 99 plastic recycling companies. ReNew ELP, Loop Industries, Brightmark Energy, PURA Loop & BioCellection develop 5 top solutions to watch out for spanning plastic upcycling and chemical decomposition to sludge transformation and more!

4 Companies developing Plastic Packaging Recycling Technologies
Plastic Recycling | Packaging

Curious about new technological advancements in the packaging industry? Explore our analysis of 16 global startups & scaleups developing plastic package recycling technologies and their solutions for chemical recycling, multi-plastic recycling, & more!

Waste-to-Energy | Energy

We analyzed 108 Advanced Waste-to-Energy Solutions. Agilyx, Frontline BioEnergy, Renewlogy and Rays Enserv develop 4 top solutions to watch out for. Learn more in our Global Startup Heat Map!