Customer-based Innovation

Stage Gate Model
Bringing the power of the stage gate model to open innovation allows you to innovate faster and more effectively. In this report, learn how the Discovery Platform supports your stage gate ideation.
Identify Opportunities for Responsible Innovation | StartUs Insights
Responsible Innovation

Are you looking to strike a balance between innovation and social impact? Learn how responsible innovation allows your company to achieve it in this report.

How does Data-driven Product Intelligence support Innovation?
Product Intelligence

Curious about how to create better products that your customers love? Learn how data-driven product intelligence allows you to build innovative products.

Product Lifecycle Management and its Benefits | StartUs Insights
Product Lifecycle Management

Want to create great products while fostering innovation? Learn how product lifecycle management optimizes new product development and creates a competitive advantage.

Create New Markets with Architectural Innovation | StartUs Insights
Architectural Innovation

Curious about the best way to expand into new markets? Learn how architectural innovation offers a low-cost, low-risk way to discover new opportunities.

Identify the Right Opportunities with Front End Innovation | StartUs Insights
Front End Innovation

Curious about how to kickstart your innovation process? Learn how front end innovation identifies the right opportunities for you to pursue and how to find the startups and technologies that advance them.

How Customer Intelligence drives Innovation | StartUs Insights
Customer Intelligence

Interested in retaining customers while advancing innovation? Learn how data-driven customer intelligence enhances customer experience and retention.

Discover 5 Top Innovation Management Approaches | StartUs Insights
Innovation Management Approaches

Curious about how to implement innovation management? Explore our analysis of 5 top innovation management approaches and their benefits.

Serve Customers Better with Customer-based Innovation | StartUs Insights
Customer-based Innovation | Innovation Management

Curious about increasing customer retention while fostering innovation? Learn how a customer-based innovation allows you to do that, thereby creating new markets and improving operational efficiency among other benefits.