Discover 20 Emerging GovTech Startups to Watch (2025)

How do governments leverage technology to provide better citizen services? Discover 20 hand-picked GovTech Startups to Watch in 2025 in this report & learn about their solutions spanning verifiable online voting, public health decision support, disinformation detection, community development software, and much more!

Advances in AI, blockchain, and cloud computing are transforming the GovTech industry, improving the delivery of government services. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants are enhancing citizen engagement and improving service delivery. Blockchain enables secure and transparent record-keeping while cloud computing facilitates data sharing and collaboration among government agencies. These technologies are also allowing the development of smart cities with sensors and IoT devices. They collect and analyze data to improve urban planning and resource allocation. Overall, these innovations are making government services more efficient, accessible, and citizen-centric. Let’s dive into 20 emerging GovTech startups taking these technologies forward in 2025 and beyond!

This article was last updated in July 2024.

20 GovTech Startups to Watch in 2025

Global Startup Heat Map highlights 20 GovTech Startups to Watch

Through the Big Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, covering over 4.7M+ startups & scaleups globally, we identified 1826 GovTech startups. The Global Startup Heat Map below highlights the 20 GovTech startups you should watch in 2025 as well as the geo-distribution of all GovTech startups & scaleups we analyzed for this research.



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Based on the heat map, we see high startup activity in the USA and Western Europe, followed by India. These GovTech startups work on solutions ranging from political social media campaigns and verifiable online voting to city infrastructure monitoring and disinformation detection.

As the world’s largest resource for data on emerging companies, the SaaS platform enables you to identify relevant technologies and industry trends quickly & exhaustively. Based on the data from the platform, the Top 20 GovTech Startup Hubs are in London, New York, Singapore, Sydney, and Bangalore. The 20 hand-picked startups highlighted in this report are chosen from all over the world and develop solutions for government meeting data analysis, low code form builder, community development software, verifiable online voting, and more.

Explore 20 Innovative GovTech Startups to Watch (2025) streamlines Civil Infrastructure Monitoring

startups to

USA-based startup develops sensors and software that enable governments to effectively manage physical infrastructure. The startup makes sensors that can be mounted on any vehicle, transforming it into a high-tech data collection machine. The company’s proprietary AI algorithms generate deliverables for city infrastructure monitoring and urban planning. The Pavement Management solution offers comprehensive assessment and management of road conditions, utilizing AI and LiDAR.

The Pothole Monitoring solution detects and analyzes potholes, aiding in timely maintenance and repair. Cyvl’s Tree Inventory system provides detailed data on urban forestry, supporting environmental management and urban planning. The 360° Streetview Imagery service offers immersive, detailed views of cityscapes, aiding in urban development and planning. Finally, Sign Inventory Management by Cyvl automates the inventory and assessment of traffic signs, enhancing road safety and regulatory compliance.

Sequent facilitates Verifiable Online Voting

startups to watch_govtech_sequent

Israeli startup Sequent provides an online voting platform. Its solution allows for easy election creation, where election managers configure and design ballots, and run simulations. Voters benefit from an intuitive voting process, with on-device encryption and the ability to track and verify their ballot, known as Individual Verifiability.

The platform supports various electoral systems, including plurality, preferential, and cumulative voting, and offers customizable ballot styles. Sequent’s employs advanced cryptographic schemes to maintain voter privacy and election integrity. Moreover, the system’s architecture considers internal operators as potential threats, ensuring protection against various cyber threats. Additionally, Sequent’s platform is publicly vetted and open-source, promoting transparency and trust in the election process.

Mantis Analytics offers Disinformation Detection

startups to watch_govtech_mantis analytics

Mantis Analytics is a startup from Ukraine that empowers governments to detect, defend, and counteract information warfare. The company’s AI algorithms identify and mitigate the risks associated with misinformation and propaganda. It provides tools for real-time monitoring and analysis of digital content, ensuring a proactive approach to cognitive security.

The startup’s technology analyzes large volumes of data to detect patterns indicative of information manipulation. The platform offers advanced analytics capabilities, enabling users to understand the context and impact of information threats. Mantis Analytics also enables rapid response to emerging threats, ensuring timely intervention.

GOIN specializes in Public Policy Simulation


GOIN, a startup from Brazil, leverages data and evidence to create projects—from initial understanding to prototyping implementation. Its public policy analysis grants access to both ex-ante and ex-post evidence and data. Further, its simulation tools evaluate the proposal impact and analyze intervention results during planning. GOIN also contributes to dengue outbreak prevention by prioritizing public service efforts through data-driven insights.

Connect Cabinet advances Cabinet Management

startups to watch_govtech_connect cabinet

Brazilian startup Connect Cabinet offers a platform for public administration and political management. It replaces traditional paper agendas with a digital system for data and information management. Features include demand control, allowing users to track daily mandate demands and their progress. The platform integrates geolocation for voters and demands, offering an interactive map to understand voter distribution and mandate actions. It also includes voter segmentation tools, enabling the filtering of voter profiles by various criteria like neighborhood, gender, and profession.

The mandate agenda centralizes event and commitment scheduling, enhancing time management. Relationship alerts notify users to contact voters, keeping them informed about mandate actions. An image editor is available for customizing social media images with the mandate’s logo. Additionally, the platform offers WhatsApp Web integration for direct voter contact, an auto-registration page for voter sign-up, an interactive map for amendment tracking, and birthday notifications for personalized voter engagement.

Cloverleaf AI enables Governemnent Meeting Data Analysis

startups to watch_govtech_cloverleaf ai

USA-based startup Cloverleaf AI provides a platform that monitors government meetings using AI. It ingests and transcribes the audio and video from meetings. Government officials are able to search for clips related to topics of interest using relevant keywords. Moreover, they receive alerts when government meetings include their keywords. The platform gives them access to historical analysis of each meeting over time.

Users can refine their search criteria with in-app recommendations as well as track trends over time with reports. Finally, the platform provides daily email alerts, keeping the users updated on important conversations in local, state, and federal meetings. This way, Cloverleaf AI meets various needs of political campaigns and government affairs, ensuring that users have access to the most up-to-date information, real-time insights, and relevant data that aid decision-making in political and governmental contexts. develops a Low Code Form Builder

startups to

Canadian startup automates form-led processes for government and public sector organizations. Its form builder lets users construct forms by dragging and dropping elements, and configuring them as needed. The platform supports form elements like text fields, number fields, select boxes, date and time pickers, and mobile responsive signature boxes License applications, including driver’s, business, and professional licenses, benefit from centralized forms and workflow automation.

Tax form automation simplifies tax filing, making the process faster. Voter registration is streamlined through automated forms, enhancing accuracy and voter participation. Inspection management is facilitated by automated workflows for recording and reporting inspection results. Visa application processes are also simplified, reducing paperwork and manual input. thus simplifies online form creation, offering data validation, conditional fields, file uploads, and signatures.

CAT Labs provides Digital Asset Recovery

startups to watch_govtech_cat labs

CAT Labs is a USA-based startup that combats crypto-enabled crime through its digital tools. Its product Recovery CAT assists public sector authorities in addressing threats and seizing digital assets derived from criminal activity. It allows for quick processing of seized material and enables law enforcement to take immediate action in case of crypto crimes. Recovery CAT integrates with existing forensic and analysis software, enhancing crypto investigations. Additionally, CAT Labs partners with crypto businesses, offering tailored security frameworks to protect against digital asset theft.

GovWell makes a Community Development Software

startups to watch_govtech_govwell

USA-based startup GovWell designs software for streamlining government processes and modernizing citizen services. GovWell’s tools enable real-time collaboration, automated corrections reports, and customizable features to adapt to various government processes. The platform’s public portal simplifies processes, reduces paperwork, and supports remote work, enhancing efficiency in government operations.

It facilitates easy access to permits and licenses, scheduling inspections, and online status checks. GovWell’s solutions cater to various departments such as building and codes, planning and zoning, code enforcement, licenses and permits, public works, and fire departments. GovWell also emphasizes easy case management and inspection tracking for maintaining community safety and appeal.

GovStack enhances Government Services Digitalization

startups to watch_govtech_govstack

Swiss startup GovStack advanced government services digitalization. Its solution GovSpecs provides governments with a unified framework for digital services. It presents a set of specifications for real-life scenarios, which serve as references for typical digital services. Additionally, it features an interactive use case simulation set within a fictional government context.

This simulation demonstrates the practical functionalities of GovStack’s Building Blocks. GovTest offers an open demonstration environment for developers to test the building block approach in a simulated governmental e-service system. Whereas GovExchange aggregates tools, products, use cases, and resources for digital government. GovStack’s offerings thus streamline and improve the efficiency of digital services in the public sector.



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GovMind offers GovTech Intelligence

German startup GovMind develops GovMind Insights Service, a platform for GovTech vendor landscape. It helps identify suitable vendors or gain a better understanding of the GovTech universe and trends through vendor profiles. The platform caters to public administrations by gathering data, and systematically analyzing and interpreting information on innovative solutions for governments and states.

This enables public administrators and external innovators to make informed decisions using the startup’s product. GovMind manages a central intelligence service, enabling public administration to obtain specific knowledge about GovTech.

Abstract provides Lobbying as a Service

US-based startup Abstract creates an all-in-one workspace that delivers lobbying as a service for government affairs. It offers a convenient and efficient way to instantly brief stakeholders and influence legislation. The digital workspace provides a centralized location where users access the necessary tools to keep stakeholders aligned and impact legislation effectively.

The startup’s AI-powered bill search and real-time reports enable users to stay up-to-date on legislative information and remain productive on the go with mobile access. Abstract thus streamlines government affairs management, improves stakeholder communication, and enhances the legislative process.

Moneta develops a Government Payment Solution

Nigerian startup Moneta builds a payment aggregator platform that automates payment and revenue collection for governments. The platform offers a single omnichannel payment system that processes multiple gateways and devices, streamlining payment processing. It also provides billing, collection, analysis, and reconciliation.

The platform offers features such as secure invoicing and receipting, as well as intelligent attribution of sales. As a result, Moneta aids governments and businesses by blocking revenue leakages, increasing internally generated revenue, capturing more sales opportunities, and providing valuable insights into revenue streams.

Digital Planning facilitates Telecommunication Infrastructure Deployment

Colombian startup Digital Planning streamlines the installation of small cell telecommunications infrastructure for enabling 5G networks and reducing the digital divide. The startup develops a territorial planning procedure for small cells that enables operators to deploy them in urban furniture without requiring permits from local authorities.

The geo-referenced control panel in the startup’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform calculates the placement of the small cells, thereby optimizing public management and minimizing interactions. Digital Planning encourages investment in infrastructure, enhances social welfare, and promotes the development of smart cities by simplifying telecommunications infrastructure deployment.

GovRadar optimizes Tender Documents


GovRadar, a German startup, develops a web-based software solution that streamlines procurement processes for public purchasers. Its GovRadar AI module optimizes tender documents using artificial intelligence, providing text suggestions and conducting cross-document research. The GovRadar Tenders module grants access to a database of tender documents from public clients, featuring intelligent search and document previews. Further, the GovRadar Markets module includes a product database for defining supply specifications and facilitating direct market comparisons. Lastly, the GovRadar Documents module assists in creating contracts and forms, allowing users to develop document templates without requiring programming knowledge.

ALCEBA deploys AI-based City Maintenance

Argentine startup ALCEBA offers AI-powered city maintenance solutions that help the public sector with their daily maintenance tasks. It uses image processing and machine learning to provide hardware and software solutions for image capture, incident monitoring, and early detection of incidents.

The solution offers continuous incident detection and real-time analytics, among other features. The hardware is easy to install into existing government fleets, while its software platform helps manage the incidents throughout their entire life-cycle. ALCEBA promotes the adoption of AI-based solutions for smart cities, helping governments in their transition and optimizing their limited resources for efficient and effective maintenance.

Raizit implements Public Participation System

Israeli startup Raizit provides a platform for public participation and consultation processes. It enables organizations to create, manage, distribute, and conclude public participation processes. The startup’s solution includes complete support for all types of surveys, discussions, multiphased processes, and online and offline stages.

Its back-office solution provides control of the organization’s public participation apparatus, including managing different levels of access and interdepartmental processes. Raizit helps government personnel to engage citizens in decision-making, increasing transparency and fostering public trust.

EazyVC enables Blockchain-enabled Voting

Indian startup EazyVC makes a blockchain-based online voting platform for government and regulatory bodies. It offers an easy and intuitive user experience, along with features for various voting scenarios such as shareholders, educational institutions, and societies.

The platform also integrates with video conferencing platforms and has an in-built video conference. This makes it a complete solution for secure and convenient online voting. The platform’s security features ensure the integrity of the voting process, eliminating risks of fraudulent votes or double-voting.

Unlockit supports Real Estate Tokenization

Portugal-based startup Unlockit provides a decentralized platform for real estate tokenization and services. It streamlines real estate transactions, increasing efficiency and focusing on deal closing. The platform simplifies compliance, paperwork, and communications, enabling collaboration through home buying and selling processes.

The startup’s distributed ledger technology (DLT) offers transparency, data integrity, and automation through smart contracts. This streamlines commission payments, while reducing bureaucracy and costs. Unlockit thus provides governments with the guarantee of transaction records, resulting in better industry regulation, and a reduction in fraud and money laundering activities.

Urbanpinion improves Citizen Engagement

Estonian startup Urbanpinion offers a citizen engagement platform that helps governments collect citizen initiatives and receive in-depth analytics. It also helps them make informed decisions about city development. The platform allows governments to create their own web page survey with custom question types.

This facilitates citizens’ involvement in a dialogue through an interactive map. It also provides analytics and the ability to download data in different formats. With Urbanpinion, governments increase citizen engagement, promote transparency, and make data-driven decisions that benefit the community.

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