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Staying ahead of the technology curve means strengthening your competitive advantage. That is why we give you data-driven innovation insights based on our analysis of 4.500+ supply chain management startups & technologies. This time, you get to discover hand-picked supply chain management startups improving efficiency and transparency across industries.

Innovation Map highlights Global Supply Chain Management Startups impacting 12 Industries

For this in-depth research on the Top Sustainable Manufacturing Trends & Startups, we analyzed a sample of 4.500+ global startups and scaleups. These insights are derived by working with our Big Data & Artificial Intelligence-powered StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, covering 2.093.000+ startups & scaleups globally. The platform quickly delivers an exhaustive overview of emerging technologies within a specific field as well as identifies relevant startups & scaleups early on.

In the Innovation Map below, you get an overview of the 12 industries that utilize technology to improve supply chain management for their businesses. This research gives you data-driven innovation intelligence that improves strategic decision-making by giving you an overview of emerging technologies & startups increasing supply chain transparency and productivity.


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1. Agriculture

In many emerging nations, agriculture is still unorganized and has multiple layers of intermediaries at different stages in the supply chain. This makes it difficult for farmers to reap enough profits. Integrating all facets of the supply chain into one platform also reduces food wastage. Logistics automation, using AI and the Internet of Things (IoT), is one way to eliminate fluctuating logistics costs for farmers, thereby, limiting their losses to a certain extent. Novel solutions such as simple smartphone applications enable farmers to book vehicles, select routes and delivery times, as well as monitor their farm operations. Some examples of agricultural supply chain solutions include:

  • AI-based Agri Supply Chain Management
  • Connecting Farmers with Logistics Companies
  • Transparency through Blockchain Technology
  • IoT Sensors to track Perishable Goods
  • Agri Logistics Platform

Vesatogo Innovations creates an Agri Logistics Platform

Indian startup Vesatogo Innovations creates a platform that improves the efficiency of existing logistics operations. The startup’s smartphone app aids farmers by giving them a comprehensive list of all the available resources in their vicinity to ensure the on-time delivery of products. Additionally, the application allows for a simple booking of vehicles that eliminates the hassle of coordinating for delivery over phone calls. Additionally, users reroute vehicles through the dashboard dynamically thereby improving vehicle utilization.

Explore our full analysis of top supply chain startups impacting agriculture.

2. Automotive

In automobile manufacturing, vehicle inspection and quality assurance operations lack flexibility since they depend on manual involvement. This adds to the production cost and increases the chances of human error. Startups and emerging companies, therefore, develop AI-based optimization tools that identify defects throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle. Tracing automotive parts back to their sources is also difficult, if not impossible. To tackle this challenge, startups integrate blockchain technology into the supply chain of automotive manufacturing units. Explore 5 ways startups improve automotive supply chains:

  • AI-based Digital Inspection Platform
  • Rapid Prototyping via 3D Printing
  • Blockchain Transactions
  • Improving Vehicle Lifecycle Efficiency
  • Parts Traceability

3IPK tracks Transactions using Blockchain Technology

Slovakian startup 3IPK offers a B2B blockchain software platform for supply chain and maintenance processes in the automobile industry. The software platform provides smart contracts to automate contractual terms execution which in turn maintains transparency and data protection for automobile manufacturers. The startup caters to the automotive industry as well as aerospace, and defense, among other sectors.

Read more about top supply chain startups impacting the automotive industry.

3. Construction

When suppliers fail to deliver services on time, or with poor quality, it leads to delays in construction projects, as well as monetary losses. Therefore, contractors and construction companies seek alternatives to the conventional tender-based system for subcontractor hiring. By increasing the visibility of the entire supply chain, construction operators reduce delivery risks and increase the quality and efficacy of processes. Moreover, efficient material storage prevents deterioration and misuse of construction assets. To this end, startups develop construction material control and management solutions to increase supply chain efficiency and remove on-site safety hazards. Some examples of construction supply chain solutions include:

  • Subcontractor & Supplier Management
  • Supply Chain Transparency
  • Supply Chain Monitoring
  • Material & Equipment Management
  • Hauling Logistics

Samson Logic advances Material & Equipment Management

Israeli startup Samson Logic develops a material and equipment management solution for transportation, as well as on-site storage and delivery. The solution consists of modular packages with IoT sensors and material handling software. The software algorithm distributes materials among the modules according to maximum transportation capacities and also creates packaging instructions for the manufacturer. The modular packages ensure that materials are later delivered and lifted safely to the construction site.

Get to know 5 top supply chain startups impacting construction companies out of 108.

4. Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Today’s consumers make purchases through multiple channels and expect fast order fulfillment. However, disjointed supply chain processes create a lot of challenges for FMCG companies and lead to delays in delivery. To avoid this, FMCG companies leverage digital collaboration platforms that integrate data across the entire supply chain. Further, to meet consumers’ demand for efficiency and convenience, FMCG companies try to take greater control across their supply chains. For example, AI-based solutions inform companies on changing customer preferences, predict problems and potential obstacles to product delivery. Discover some examples of supply chain solutions impacting FMCG companies:

  • Supply Chain Collaboration Platform
  • Customer-Centric Supply Chain Management
  • Real-Time Traceability Platform
  • SaaS Platform for Demand & Supply Operations
  • AI-powered Decision Engine

Tilkal offers a Real-Time Traceability Platform

French startup Tilkal offers an end-to-end, real-time traceability platform for supply chains. Combining permissioned blockchain networks with big data in a B2B-ready solution, Tilkal enables sharing and analysis of traceability data to improve control over compliance obligations and transparency towards consumers. The platform provides access to existing and new data from upstream and downstream partners regardless of its source and nature. It further improves visibility and enhances companies’ accountability.

Meet the 5 top FMCG supply chain startups out of 632.

Looking for supply chain management solutions that match your criteria?

5. Food

Food supply management demands robust warehousing and timely transit. Even though warehouses and logistics use refrigerated systems to transport food items, significant food spoilage still occurs due to improper management. Supply chain monitoring improves efficiency and quality along with enhanced risk mitigation. That is why startups now develop efficient data-driven solutions to optimize supply chain management through condition monitoring and generating insights. Listed below are some applications of supply chain management in the food industry:

  • Supply Chain Monitoring for Perishable Products
  • Local Producer-Consumer Collaboration
  • Smart Tags to ensure Traceability
  • Digital Food Supply Chain
  • Food Safety Optimization Platform

Fresh Supply digitizes the Food Supply Chain

Fresh Supply is an Australian startup that specializes in digitizing the food supply chain. The startup uses the Mastercard Provenance blockchain to ensure a tamper-free financial system while offering speed and scalability. Furthermore, Fresh Supply also provides an application programming interface (API) to automate data collection from multiple points without workflow interruption, thereby optimizing operations and management for medium- and large-size businesses.

Discover our analysis of 5 top food supply chain startups out of 788.

6. Healthcare

A vast number of manufactures produce medical devices for the healthcare industry. When combined with other medical supplies such as vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and consumables, easily overwhelms unprepared medical institutions. Moreover, healthcare care supply chains are highly fragmented and the cost to maintain them is constantly rising. To prevent logistical shortfalls, startups are creating supply chain management solutions focused solely on healthcare. Here are 5 examples of healthcare supply chain solutions:

  • Healthcare Procurement Platform
  • Distribution Channels for Medical Supplies
  • Cloud Platform for Medical Supply Chains
  • Supply Chain Data Integrity
  • Blockchain-based Supply Chain Platform

Feiyi provides a Cloud Platform for Medical Supply Chains

Chinese startup Feiyi provides hospitals with a cloud-based supply chain platform. Their platform monitors the internal supply chain, such as warehousing, inventory, invoicing, and distribution. The cloud-based platform ensures that distributors are provided with early notifications about expiring certificates and orders. Additionally, Feiyi enables tracking the progress of payments in real-time with distributors.

Learn more about the top supply chain startups out of 117 and learn how they impact your healthcare business.

7. Logistics

Managing a supply chain from collecting the raw materials to delivering the final product involves numerous vendors and suppliers. Manual data collection processes incur unwanted errors in supply chain management data and affect decision-making. This is why startups develop end-to-end digital supply chain management platforms. For example, automated package tracking using sensors enables prediction models to predict disruptions in the supply chain, thus saving time and improving operational efficiency. Discover more applications of logistics supply chain management solutions:

  • Automated Warehouses
  • Intelligent Robots for Logistics
  • Cloud-based Supply Chain Management Software
  • Truck Ordering Platform
  • Blockchain-based Supply Chain Management

Logisly offers a Truck Ordering Platform

Logisly is an Indonesian logistics startup that provides a digital truck network. The startup connects digital orders from shippers with verified truckers in Indonesia. Their service is favorable to the needs of small-scale companies since they hire trucks as they go, saving costs for vehicle maintenance. The startup’s digital process provides real-time tracking of packages as well as 24×7 operations support for a better customer experience.

Dive into our analysis of 5 top supply chain startups impacting logistics companies.

8. Manufacturing

Effective communication between companies and departments involved in product development and manufacturing leads to better inventory planning, reduced costs, and overall optimization. Manufacturers leverage supply management platforms for real-time communication across all stakeholders. Further, startups offer inventory management solutions to help manufacturers automate inventory management processes and monitor inventory levels in real-time. These tools also enable risk mitigation strategies, risk monitoring, and risk analysis to secure supply. Some examples of manufacturing supply chain solutions include:

  • Supplier Relationship Platform
  • B2B Supply Chain Management Platform
  • Smart Inventory Software
  • Supply Chain Risk Management Platform
  • Supply Chain Management with AI-powered Robots

SiRP builds a Supplier Relationship Platform

Canadian startup SiRP offers a supplier relationship platform for businesses to provide visibility and control of their supply chain. The startup’s eponymous platform automates procurement processes such as placing purchase orders, tracking deliveries, and supplier performance. The solution enables manufacturers to receive order acknowledgment notifications from suppliers and shortage alerts in advance to avoid any supply chain disruptions.

Explore our full analysis of the 5 top supply chain startups impacting manufacturing companies and factories out of 747.

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9. Oil & Gas (O&G)

Optimization of transport routes using predictive algorithms and location intelligence helps supply chain engineers streamline various O&G processes. By using IoT sensors, network systems, and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, pipeline engineers are able to track assets in real-time. To add, blockchain-based smart contracts offer greater data security and interoperability, as well as transparency. For example, O&G companies implement process digitization and automation to reduce labor-intensive tasks, helping transform oil & gas supply chains. Explore 5 ways startups advance oil & gas supply chain management:

  • Fleet Route Optimization
  • Autonomous Supervision Solutions
  • Asset Tracking Solutions
  • Smart Contract Networks
  • Production & Shipping Planning Software

Zyfra provides Production & Shipping Planning Software

Finnish startup Zyfra implements industrial digital solutions for the oil and gas industry through its proprietary cloud-based IIoT platform. The startup’s IIoT products for upstream oil & gas include their production and shipping planning software – Zyfra PSP. The platform integrates production & logistic operations and Industry 4.0 technologies. Zyfra PSP further ensures oil companies perform processes in real-time, helping field operators improve efficiency and decision-making using forecasts and process automation.

Read more about top supply chain startups & scaleups impacting the oil & gas industry.

10. Pharma

Tracking the whereabouts of medical shipments is necessary to tackle counterfeit or theft of medical supplies. Moreover, pharma supply chains involve a robust procurement environment for their everyday requirements. Advanced analytics tools enable pharma companies to automate repetitive activities and derive insights to make decisions regarding critical levers, like spending and cost implications. At the same time, warehouse management systems provide an opportunity to make the shift towards autonomous inventory control. These solutions simplify supplier management and reduce inventory carrying costs. Find out how startups are improving pharma supply chains:

  • Smart Cold Chain
  • Tamper-Proof Digital Ledger
  • Connected Supply Chain Management
  • Last-Mile Delivery
  • AI-Based Inventory Management

BetterSense develops Smart Cold Chain solutions

Dutch-based startup BetterSense develops solutions to control and monitor pharma cold chains. Sensor networks help collect and monitor geo-position, transit damages, and shelf life deterioration of medical shipments. These networks gather actionable insights that aid the pharma supply chain and, as a result, enable better visibility of the pharma supply chain and focus on the quality of service.

Get to know the 5 top pharma supply chain startups out of 396.

11. Retail

To understand how and when to reorder products, many brands and retailers leverage digital inventory management software. It enables companies to control inventory, avoid stockouts, and keep operations running efficiently. To deliver products on time and maximize cost-efficiency, retailers leverage route optimization software. Such solutions minimize total driving time while maximizing the number of deliveries. Further, with the growing popularity of omnichannel sales, retailers provide multiple options to customers for buying products through different channels. In this way, supply chain managers make use of storefronts, online ordering, and distribution processes in one platform. Check out a few examples of retail supply chain solutions:

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Digital Inventory Management
  • Retail Robots
  • Delivery Route Optimization
  • Omnichannel Supply Chain Management

TrueStock develops a Demand Forecasting Solution

British startup TrueStock utilizes high-performing machine learning algorithms to predict the volume of products or services to be purchased during a defined future period. The solution incorporates data from a range of internal and external demand drivers that impact future forecastings, such as seasonal trends, the weather, events, pricing history, promotions, and marketing activities. Consequently, it enables retailers to create sales forecasts and ensure uninterrupted product supply.

Meet the 5 top retail supply chain startups out of 874.

12. Sustainable Supply Chains

Redesigning an existing supply chain to meet environmental standards and enable a circular economy requires decision-making that considers the entire business operations. As a result, companies have to plan and establish viable sustainable production practices without significantly disrupting existing operations. Startups provide end-to-end solutions to make data-driven decisions and transform existing supply networks towards sustainability. For example, automation and autonomous systems provide real-time evidence that helps in wastage reduction and predictive monitoring, allowing companies to forecast trends in the value chain. Some examples of sustainable supply chain management include:

  • Sustainable Supply Chain Strategies
  • Reverse Logistics Services
  • Digital Trading Platform
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • Optimizing Supply Chains for Sustainability

Bext360 digitizes Sustainable Supply Chain Management

US-based startup Bext360 helps consumers track coffee, seafood, and cotton, among others, from the farm to the table. The startup’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform lets users grade, weigh, and instantly pay farmers and input the data into traceability software. Bext360’s tamper-proof system enables transparency in the supply chain by providing business intelligence and sustainability metrics. Businesses also better understand their supply chain functionality and impact on the environment, aiding the transition to a circular workflow.

Learn more about the 5 top sustainable supply chain startups out of 432 & learn how they impact your business.

Discover the Latest Startups impacting Supply Chain Management

Every day, new startups and technologies emerge that increase productivity and transparency in supply chains. These solutions span a range of industries, and emerging companies take advantage of AI algorithms, IoT sensors, and devices, as well as Blockchain technology. Together, these solutions enable ethical data collection and higher user participation due to data privacy-centered solutions. Founded in 2019, Danish startup Wult develops a data governance platform for the retail, e-commerce, and real estate sectors, as well as for sales and lead generation teams. The platform allows users to regulate data collection, architecture, compliance, and integration. Additionally, the platform arranges data points for attribution, scoring, and merging to deliver and maintain data quality.

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