Meet 20 AI Startups impacting the Rail Industry (2025)

Rising interest in increasing the capacity of rail transportation prompts the development of new solutions for the industry. In this data-driven report, you will discover 20 hand-picked AI startups impacting rail in 2025 & learn how their solutions, spanning safety, maintenance, operations, sustainability & more, will impact your business.

AI advances the railway industry by enhancing safety, efficiency, and customer experience. AI-based predictive maintenance predicts component failures and enables proactive maintenance of rolling stock and infrastructure. Train scheduling and routing optimization reduce waiting times and delays. Moreover, AI-powered sensors monitor real-time operations and detect issues like overcrowding, equipment malfunctions, and track damage. Explore how the top 20 AI startups leading the rail innovation leverage these technologies in 2025 and beyond, shaping the future of rail transportation.

This article was last updated in July 2024.

20 AI Startups impacting the Rail Industry (2025)

Global Startup Heat Map highlights 20 AI Startups impacting the Rail Industry

Through the Big Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, covering over 4.7M+ startups & scaleups globally, we identified 403 AI startups impacting railways. The Global Startup Heat Map below highlights the 20 AI startups in rail you should watch in 2023 as well as the geo-distribution of all 403 startups & scaleups we analyzed for this research. Based on the heat map, we see high startup activity in the USA, Europe, and India. These 20 rail startups work on AI solutions to help rail operators improve efficiency, rail safety, and customer satisfaction.

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As the world’s largest resource for data on emerging companies, the SaaS platform enables you to identify relevant technologies and industry trends quickly & exhaustively. Based on the data from the platform, the Top 5 AI innovation hubs for rail companies are located in London, New York City, Bangalore, San Francisco & Mumbai. The 20 hand-picked startups highlighted in this report are chosen from all over the world and develop AI solutions for improving rail safety, maintenance, operations, and sustainability.

Explore 20 AI Startups impacting Rail in 2025

RMT enables Automatic Railway Defect Analysis

ai startups impacting rail_startups to watch_rmt

RMT, an Italian startup, provides AI solutions for railway and automation. Its technology specializes in the automatic recognition of defects on rail and road infrastructures, employing AI to detect physical defects and enhance safety. By employing advanced algorithms, RMT’s solution offers efficient and accurate detection of defects, ensuring timely maintenance and preventing potential hazards. This way, the startup improves railway safety and efficiency, reducing risks associated with structural defects.

Lunarlight enables Rail Transportation Optimization

ai startups impacting rail_startups to watch_lunarlight

Lunarlight is a Ukrainian startup that provides railway transportation optimization through AI-driven solutions. Its platform utilizes AI and machine learning for real-time routing, precision predictions, wagon efficiency, and predictive maintenance. By analyzing sensor data, the platform identifies potential issues, addressing challenges posed by increased passenger numbers, complex route networks, and tight schedules. Lunarlight’s technology enhances efficiency, flexibility, and safety in railroad operations.

Hawk System advances Railway Infrastructure Inspection

ai startups impacting rail_startups to watch_hawk system

Hawk System, a Slovakian startup, enables AI integration in railway inspection for enhanced efficiency and accuracy. The startup’s use of smart technologies in railway infrastructure management contributes to a safer, more efficient, and advanced transportation system. Its technology employs AI and advanced algorithms to analyze data from various sensors, detecting anomalies, defects, and potential hazards in railway infrastructure. This AI-driven approach streamlines inspections, ensuring timely issue identification and resolution, thereby improving safety and reliability.

ONYX ensures Real-Time Rail Crossing Safety

ai startups impacting rail_startups to watch_onyx

ONYX, a USA-based startup, specializes in real-time rail crossing safety systems, employing AI to enhance safety. Its AI algorithms detect and predict potential hazards, enabling real-time responses to changing conditions. The system utilizes advanced sensors and imaging devices for accurate identification of obstacles, pedestrians, and vehicles near rail crossings. ONYX’s AI-driven approach reduces accidents. Its 24/7 hazard detection system uses computer vision for instant danger recognition, ensuring zero false alarms and constant vigilance.

The Cross Product (TCP) enhances Automated Railway Clash Detection

ai startups impacting rail_startups to watch_the cross product

The Cross Product (TCP), a French startup, employs AI for railway clash detection, utilizing advanced algorithms to analyze potential clashes in design and infrastructure. Its solution ensures accurate detection, preventing collisions and enhancing safety in railway projects. This AI-driven approach streamlines design, reducing errors and optimizing efficiency in construction processes. TCP’s automated clash detection system analyzes and detects conflicts. The solution provides comprehensive railway safety, leveraging AI for automation, intelligent vision applications, and real-time alerts.

Dweepi provides Railway Track Deviation Analysis

ai startups impacting rail_startups to watch_dweepi

Indian startup Dweepi provides PTGMS, a sensor-based trolley technology that specializes in measuring and recording railway track deviations from their original geometry. Utilizing an array of sensors, PTGMS accurately captures key rail track parameters such as gauge, alignment, unevenness, cant/cross-level, twist, and track quality index, along with precise geolocation data. The technology streamlines effective track maintenance, enabling railways to make informed maintenance decisions.

It plays a critical role in preventing derailments, thereby enhancing passenger safety, and supporting predictive maintenance and budget planning. PTGMS includes an Android controller device for data collection and desktop software for data evaluation. This way, Dweep elevates rail maintenance efficiency and contributes significantly to the safety and reliability of rail transportation.

Dynamic Rail Utilities Monitoring (DRUM) offers Track Inspection as a Service

ai startups impacting rail_startups to watch_dynamic rail utilities monitoring

Austrian startup DRUM offers a scalable platform for fully automated processes, catering to railway network operators. The technology enhances operational success through automated rail digitization. The startup’s technology includes rail-based and airborne measurement tools, processed and evaluated through its AI-based platform, ARCA.

This digitization process streamlines track inspections and integrates building information modeling (BIM) for new track planning and construction surveys. Railway network operators and infrastructure developers can manage and maintain their assets. The startup enables heightened safety, reduced CO2 emissions, and lower capital expenditures. The end-to-end solution optimizes asset life cycle management, making it a critical tool for modernizing and sustaining the rail industry.

Xpdeep simplifies Railway Maintenance

ai startups impacting rail_startups to watch_xpdeep

French startup Xpdeep provides Xpdeep AI engine to transform railway operations, focusing on maintenance, monitoring, traffic automation, and new mobility. The technology enhances railway efficiency by foreseeing equipment failures and analyzing wear patterns, which minimizes service disruptions and bolsters safety. Also, Xpdeep delivers real-time analytics that offers security and ensure regulatory compliance, while optimizing resource allocation.

Xpdeep’s AI adjusts to changing traffic conditions in real-time, thus improving energy efficiency and enhancing the passenger experience. It also provides insights into consumer behavior for new mobility services, aiding railway operators in offering cost-effective and sustainable transportation solutions. Xpdeep’s technology offers railway operators, infrastructure managers, and mobility service providers enhanced operational uptime, safer rail environments, and streamlined compliance processes.

AllRead streamlines Railway Passage Detection

ai startups impacting rail_startups to watch_allread

Spanish startup AllRead uses a deep learning neural network model for applications in the railway industry. The technology employs two IP cameras installed on both sides of railway tracks to detect and digitize various codes on containers and wagons at speeds up to 70 km/h. The startup’s platform Agile Recognition Software (ARS) along with the camera data recognizes container and wagon codes. It also detects additional modules for dangerous goods, train direction, wagon separators, and tare, delivering consolidated JSON files and images quickly.

AllRead’s technology stands valuable for railway operators, logistics companies, and industrial sectors utilizing railways for transportation. It streamlines data capture and processing, enhancing operational efficiency by reducing manual data entry and ensuring quick, accurate digitization of crucial information. This leads to improved tracking, management, and optimization of railway operations, significantly impacting the logistics and transportation sectors with its innovative, data-driven approach.

EyeFlow.AI enables Railway Wagon Components Recognition

ai startups impacting rail_startups to watch_eyeflow ai

EyeFlow.AI, a Brazilian startup, specializes in an AI and video analytics platform tailored for the railway industry. Its three-tier system — Cloud, Edge, and Inspection — analyzes railway environments for enhanced operational efficiency and safety. The platform enables railway companies to upload relevant visual data, define specific detection targets, and utilize a neural network for immediate analysis and insights.

The EyeFlow Cloud component is dedicated to creating and refining video analytics applications, while EyeFlow Edge executes these applications in real-time on local devices, ensuring seamless integration with railway infrastructure. EyeFlow Inspection, an AIaaS platform, boosts industrial productivity, particularly in railway wagon component recognition.




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Railspire provides Locomotive Orchestration Solutions

US-based startup Railspire offers human and machine orchestration solutions for pre-planned and ad hoc locomotive operations. It provides AI-enabled train handling and algorithmic control to consistently support operator-led mission-based orchestrations. The startup facilitates external integration of advanced technologies and also adapts to evolving business environments. Railspire reduces the onboard human factor risk by enhancing situational awareness and safety and minimizing maintenance costs.

AXO Track offers Predictive Maintenance for Railway Infrastructure

AXO Track is a German startup that provides a predictive maintenance solution for rail infrastructure. The startup’s Internet of Things (IoT)-powered monitoring system delivers real-time status on asset conditions to detect weak points. It allows service teams to remedy infrastructure issues and improve the availability of rail networks. This, in turn, reduces disruptions, delays, and maintenance costs.

Apital deploys Communication-based Train Control

Apital is a US-based startup that provides autonomous maintenance solutions for the rail industry. Using modular IoT and a digital stack, the startup helps rail companies manage and optimize performance, reduce downtime, and increase responsiveness. Using AI-powered video analytics, the startup improves predictive maintenance capabilities and security management. By providing a loop health diagnostic tool and a real-time switch monitoring system, Apital enables digital and autonomous rail management.

RailState provides Rail Network Transparency

RailState is a startup from the US that provides rail network transparency to all users in the industry. It uses an AI-enabled sensor network to produce impartial insights into supply chains. The platform tracks each train and creates unique profiles to monitor passing time, direction, speed, and type of train. The startup’s ML-powered reporting tool further provides detailed information on freight type and notifies about the freight cars carrying dangerous goods. RailState facilitates rail operators to take informed decisions to improve monitoring and reduce supply chain costs.

Safety4Rails provides Analytics for Rail Safety

German startup Safety4Rails delivers methods and systems to increase the safety of inter-city rail and intra-city metro transportation. It uses IoT infrastructure integration tools to address cyber-only, physical-only, and cyber-physical attacks. The startup offers AI-oriented detection, mitigation, prevention, and forecasting for end users and follows a trans-modal approach. Safety4Rails caters to the industry by analyzing the impact of strategies in both prevention and response phases and provides threat analysis and crisis communication.

RailVision Analytics enables GHG Emissions Reduction for Rail Companies

RailVision Analytics is a Canadian startup that offers fleet equipment data and combines it with AI algorithms to provide actionable insights into rail GHG emissions. It offers EcoRail, an affordable solution to reduce equipment wear, as well as increase fuel efficiency and safety of train systems. It features automated data collection to EnVision, its cloud platform equipped with machine learning algorithms to analyze and translate the data. This enables simple suggestions of braking, throttle, and other train-handling adjustments and provides AI-powered recommendations in a user-friendly interface.

4AI Systems develops Rail Vision Systems

Australian startup 4AI Systems develops AI-powered vision systems to create better operational outcomes for rail network operators. The startup’s HORUS is an all-seeing machine learning system to detect and classify hazards around rail corridors in real time. It assists rail personnel in making better operational decisions across the network by providing all-weather detection, network hazards, and tunnel operations data. Moreover, continuous processing and learning allows 4AI Systems to detect more accurately over time and analyze ideal and abnormal conditions to save costs.

Ci4Rail offers Edge Computing for Rail

Ci4Rail is a German startup that provides computing intelligence for rail and public transportation through computer-aided solutions. It offers Moducop, a modular and flexible railway-compliant edge computer. Moducop adapts to a wide range of interfaces and carries out numerous applications onboard. It also supports multiple applications for passenger and operator value-added systems. It also facilitates integration with container technology to isolate applications from each other. Ci4Rail offers individualized solutions to support mobility operators and rail manufacturers as they shift towards digitization and transparency.

upBUS builds Hybrid EVs for Rail Transportation

upBus is a startup from Germany that provides a multimodal system for urban mobility. It offers automated electric-powered hybrid vehicles for freight and passenger transportation. The startup’s solution provides predictive maintenance, real-time monitoring of train operations, as well as optimization of train schedules. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data from sensors, cameras, and other IoT devices to predict equipment failure and reduce downtime. This way, upBus builds AI-based solutions to help railway companies optimize their operations and improve efficiency.

Cervello develops Rail Cybersecurity Solutions

Cervello is an Israeli startup that develops cybersecurity solutions for railway organizations. Its Cervello Platform provides railways with comprehensive security solutions and in-depth visibility of the operational network and infrastructure. The platform’s passive authentication mechanism identifies misleading commands and produces a contextual view of the affected assets and operational impact. This enables Cervello to automatically discover and segment all assets into defined zones to enable passive and non-intrusive systems monitoring for engineers.

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