What’s Currently Happening in Preventive Maintenance? (Q2 2024)

This quarterly report is derived from an in-depth analysis of all key events that are happening around preventive maintenance today. You can catch up on the latest, must-know breakthroughs, major acquisitions & investments, and other events in the preventive maintenance landscape, covering everything from the growing focus on Electrical Preventive Maintenance Checklist publication to AI predictive advancements.

Preventive maintenance keeps the industry moving, averts disaster, and spares millions in potential losses. From the latest industry events to important partnerships in the field, this quarterly preventive maintenance news brief for April, May, and June 2024 provides a comprehensive snapshot of what is happening in the global preventive maintenance industry today.

Key Takeaways

  • Checklist Revolution: Recent focus on Electrical Preventive Maintenance Checklists has reinvigorated commitment to planned maintenance over reactive methods.
  • Budgeting for Maintenance: The launch of Repair and Preventative Maintenance 2024 RFPs signals a proactive approach to operational excellence.
  • Infrastructure Concerns: Highlighted bridge conditions and solar O&M market growth underscore the critical role of maintenance in energy and infrastructure sustainability.
  • Technological Advances: AI and IoT integration by leaders like Lytx and Alstom mark a shift towards predictive maintenance strategies.
  • Business Case for Prevention: Increasing demand for maintenance services and technologies suggests significant growth potential in related markets.
  • Navigating Maintenance Strategies: Investing in preventative maintenance and staying abreast of technological advancements are key to reducing long-term costs.
  • Challenges and Sentiment: Positive views on preventive maintenance contrast with concerns highlighted by incidents like the TTC derailment.
  • Future of Maintenance: Short-term emphasis on evaluating practices, mid-term differentiation through technology, and long-term industry transformation through a culture of prevention.

How We Researched and Where this Data is from

This article is fueled by insights from the StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, a comprehensive resource tracking more than 4.7 million startups and scaleups globally. Our platform monitors over 20,000 technology trends, covering 100K feeds across various industries.

For this piece, we’ve leveraged the platform to analyze 1000 of the most recent and impactful news evolving around preventive maintenance. Further, our platform allows you to dig deeper into preventive maintenance and investigate other topics based on your preferences. Interested in exploring the latest news, developments, innovations, and breakthroughs relevant to your business? Book a demo with us today and discover the full potential of our platform for your strategic needs.

What’s Currently Happening in Preventive Maintenance?

The Revolution of Checklists

The publication of an Electrical Preventive Maintenance Checklist in recent months has reignited interest in maintenance procedures. Leaders in the industry are now contrasting reactive maintenance’s lack of long-term benefits with preventive maintenance.

They are supported with useful manuals on how to calculate expenses and carry out plans for preventive maintenance, with a special focus on industries like manufacturing Facilities and truck axle scales.

The Maintenance Budget Equation

The announcement of the Repair and Preventative Maintenance 2024 RFPs has caused a stir in the business community, indicating a forward attitude to operational excellence. Businesses like Tucker Hill Air, Plumbing & Electric are providing preventative maintenance services that emphasize the importance of upkeep in water operations and residential settings. Lytx Tech Talk has further highlighted the intersection of fleet tracking and preventative maintenance.

Energy and Infrastructure: A Maintenance Mandate

Reports on the state of bridges, such as the Mulavukad-Moolampilly and Kothad-Moolampilly bridges, highlight the urgent need for maintenance, highlighting infrastructure concerns as well. Growing predictions for the global solar power plant operation and maintenance (O&M) market reflect the industry’s recognition that sustainability depends on maintenance. However, the Scarborough RT derailment remains a dark cloud, casting doubt on the TTC’s preventive maintenance protocols.

Technological Integration: Maintenance’s Future

With businesses like Lytx, Tucker Hill Air, and Alstom leading the way in the use of AI and neural networks for predictive maintenance, technological innovations are not slowing down. According to the statistics, there has been a clear move towards proactive maintenance tactics. The manufacturing and transportation sectors are among those where IoT and AI are strengthening processes.

The Argument in Business for Prevention

There will likely be a rise in demand for maintenance-related services and products, which has clear consequences for business sectors. It is evident that markets for maintenance-related technologies, like fleet tracking systems and predictive analytics, have a lot of room to develop. Effective maintenance programs can save operating expenses and increase productivity for businesses.

Lower long-term expenses by making technology and preventative maintenance plans investments. It is now essential to stay up to date with technical improvements in maintenance. Organizational cultures need to change in order to give maintenance awareness a top priority.

Emotions and Difficulties: An Equitable Perspective

The general consensus about preventive maintenance is favorable, acknowledging its advantages. However, as occurrences like the TTC derailment indicate, questions persist regarding the suitability of present procedures. The difficulties are genuine: keeping expenses under control, upholding industry norms, and switching from reactive to proactive tactics.

Towards the Future: The Need for Maintenance

Businesses will need to closely evaluate their maintenance practices in the near future. Midway through the game, maintenance training and technological investment will set you apart from the competition. In the long run, a strong culture of preventative maintenance might rewrite industry norms, guaranteeing durability and effectiveness.

Stay tuned for our next installment as we continue to analyze the latest quarterly advancements in the preventive maintenance industry.



Staying informed is key to navigating its complexities and capitalizing on opportunities in the preventive maintenance sector. To keep your business ahead of the curve, use our platform to find recent developments and technologies in preventive maintenance. Discovery Platform provides a condensed yet thorough overview of the latest trends and advancements for guiding your investment decisions and identifying effective collaboration opportunities.

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