7 Top Emerging Lockdown Management Solutions For Individuals

As the coronavirus pandemic intensifies, stakeholders race against time to implement technologies that ease the burden on the public during a lockdown. We analyzed 521 startups & emerging companies working on these solutions and showcase Scener, Walkabout, Replika, Flow Lab, Prometheus, Bawiq, and Welcome Fit in this article!

Our Innovation Analysts recently looked into emerging technologies and up-and-coming startups working on solutions to adapt during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Heat Map: 7 Top Solutions To Adapt To The Coronavirus Lockdown

We use a data-driven startup scouting approach to identify the most relevant solutions globally. The Global Startup Heat Map below highlights 7 interesting examples out of 521 relevant solutions. We analyzed technology-driven solutions that potentially ease the burden of the lockdown for millions of people around the world.​ Scener, Walkabout, Replika, Flow Lab, Prometheus, Bawiq, and Welcome Fit develop 7 top solutions to watch out for.


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Scener – Shared Streaming & Entertainment

As theaters, cinemas, concert halls, amusement parks, shopping malls, and other entertainment places comply with COVID-19 requirements and closed down, their visitors, in turn, need to arrange some leisure-related activities, but at home. New technology-based online entertainment services aim at bringing positive emotions to users with the power of interactive streaming, live chat, personalized content, multi-player gaming, as well as social networking.

The US-based startup Scener combines technology and entertainment to pull people together in a gamified connected playground. Every user receives a digital Bitmoji persona that allows them to interact with other people, disclose preferences, organize movie nights, as well as exchange opinions during shared social streaming. Besides, Scener comprises lots of movies and content, suitable for different tastes.

Walkabout – Remote Work

In response to the global SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, many organizations encourage their employees to work remotely. This poses lots of challenges, namely, a lack of face-to-face communication and supervision, miscommunication, operational support, and infrastructure issues. In order to make the situation less severe, startups develop many virtual office collaboration, teamwork planning, and video communication tools. These tools help companies operate and ensure businesses that can continue, will continue.

Walkabout, a US-based startup, tackles social isolation challenges with a three-dimensional online workplace simulation. It creates a virtual office for remote teams to further engage them and make them feel like they are physically present in the same building. With a virtual workplace cafeteria, employees are sure to feel they are in the office while at home. Walkabout Office also involves real-time video, instant chat, screen share, on-the-go views, and more tools to help people work remotely.

Replika – Loneliness Management

In order to obey self-quarantining recommendations, a lot of people, especially the most vulnerable groups, have to remain mostly alone and literally locked-down in their apartments. Technologies concentrate on tackling this issue by connecting people with shared interests over dedicated platforms and encouraging communication. Another option involves artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that bring an enjoyable companion but in a digital format.

The US-based startup Replika applies AI to build a full-time personal compassionate friend for people of various ages. The mobile AI companion listens carefully, possesses emotional intelligence, and aims at recognizing the interlocutor’s thoughts and feelings, in order to provide sustainable support and mutually help cope with loneliness and its related issues.

Flow Lab – Stress & Anxiety Management

When dangerous viruses like the coronavirus rapidly spread across the globe, the levels of stress, depression, and social anxiety gradually inflate. In this situation, people have to patiently temper their feelings and expectations, as well as stay mindful about obligatory self-isolation. Powered by behavioral algorithms, psychology, and mood monitoring, contemporary stress management and meditation platforms allow users to track their emotions and mental health, receive psychological insights & tips, as well as cope with increasing anxiety.

German startup Flow Lab utilizes gamification, personalization, and trackability to help users establish regular mental fitness routines, avoid distractions and emotional distress. With only an app and a headset required, Flow Lab provides guided audio sessions for individuals in order to minimize anxiety, circumvent stress, and attain top productivity.

Prometheus – Online Learning

Despite the inconveniences caused by lockdowns, there are still plenty of opportunities for learning and self-development. Nowadays, online learning platforms give users practically unlimited freedom to dive into the topics of their interests. Enriched with personalized selections, context search, and numerous topic classifications, these platforms possess temporarily distract people from coronavirus-related thinking and focus on extending their knowledge.

Ukrainian EdTech startup Prometheus intends to make learning more flexible, scalable, and adaptive. Their platform grants access to hundreds of open online mass courses, taught by universities, businessmen, commercial firms, and non-profit organizations. Topics range from business English, healthy diets, and secondary exams preparation to digital-age communications, anti-corruption programs, design thinking, and cardiology. In March 2020, Prometheus launched a course dedicated to the handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Bawiq – Food & Grocery Delivery Service

When staying in self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic, a person usually has to organize their regular supplies of groceries and everyday consumer goods in order to increase critical preparedness. Thanks to FMCG delivery platforms, people manage their day-to-day essentials and goods procurement better, while still respecting quarantine and social distancing rules. In addition, couriers have to responsibly follow increased safety protection guidance during orders handling.

The UAE-based startup Bawiq develops a few-clicks, GPS location-based grocery delivery app. It supports various payment methods, entails no minimum order, enables scheduling, tracking, and customized search, as well as promises to deliver chosen items to a client’s door in 30 minutes. Besides, Bawiq braces green and socially-responsible practices with recyclable zero-plastic shopping bags.

Welcome Fit – Indoor Workout

In an event of epidemics, country-level coordination authorities normally impose specific social distancing and closing regulations. They aim at decreasing the risks of virus spread in public lifestyle places like gyms and fitness studios. However, startups across the world strive to create platforms and applications that bring the atmosphere of workouts to one’s apartment without going outside. Just like in brick-and-mortar gyms, they include features of audio coaching, personalized schedules, and even real-time one-on-one coaching experiences, among others.

Australian startup Welcome Fit assists gyms, fitness studios, and personal trainers in going online, as well as encourages users to arrange on-demand remote exercising sessions. Supporting both individual and large groups, they conduct live workouts through their app and engage trainers to provide users with instant feedback. Users track their progress and achieve scheduled wellness goals, regardless of where they workout.

How To Flatten The Curve?

This is an unprecedented situation for many of us across the world. The SARS outbreak in the early 2000s claimed 774 lives. That toll was enough to drive research & development and easier healthcare solutions. The fact that several mobile health, e-health, diagnostics, and remote health startups and companies are able to respond during a real epidemic is encouraging. With thousands of deaths already, we expect to see numerous new companies offering technology-driven solutions to help doctors, nurses, other health workers, and the larger public.

Individual Lockdown Management: Startup & Emerging Company Database

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