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Curious about new technological advancements in the telecom industry? Explore our analysis of 59 global in-flight connectivity startups & scaleups & learn how their solutions impact your telecommunications business!

Staying ahead of the technology curve means strengthening your competitive advantage. That is why we give you data-driven innovation insights into the telecommunications sector. This time, you get to discover 5 hand-picked startups developing in-flight connectivity solutions.

Global Startup Heat Map: 5 Top In-Flight Connectivity Solutions

The 5 telecom startups you will explore below are chosen based on our data-driven startup scouting approach, taking into account factors such as location, founding year, and relevance of technology, among others. This analysis is based on the Big Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, covering over 1.3 million startups & scaleups globally.

The Global Startup Heat Map below highlights the 5 in-flight connectivity startups & scaleups our Innovation Researchers curated for this report. Moreover, you get insights into regions that observe a high startup activity and the global geographic distribution of the 59 companies we analyzed for this specific topic.


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Inflighto – Moving Maps

During flights, passengers often seek more information about the current location, direction, speed, temperature, and pressure of the plane. Prior knowledge of adverse weather conditions also help passengers prepare for turbulence or to simply carry necessary protection. Startups take advantage of airline operators increasingly offering internet connectivity in flights to help operators improve their engagement with the passengers.

Inflighto is an Australian startup that offers multifunctional mobile applications for live in-flight information about weather conditions, as well as natural landmarks such as volcanos or icebergs. The app also provides a detailed map of the flight path and real-time information about airplane speed, direction, and attitude. Furthermore, passengers communicate with each other through the Inflighto app. In this way, airline operators benefit from in-flight advertising since moving maps are gaining in popularity among air passengers. Inflighto works on planes that are equipped with WiFi routers to establish an internet connection and improve the passenger experience.

SolStar – Space Operations

In-flight communication is not limited to passenger flights, but also extends to applications for spaceships and space travel. For example, telecommunication crucially enables spaceships to perform accurate docking procedures during synchronization. Startups develop WiFi-based solutions, as well as other wireless technologies, to enable reliable communications for space projects.

The US-based startup SolStar Networks builds solutions that enable the use of WiFi networks in space-to-space communications. The startup provides a WiFI hotspot in space to establish connections both inside and outside of the spacecraft. The solution also allows astronauts to execute their tasks faster while sustaining their connections at Earth by offering bi-directional two-way data services for payloaders. SolStar uses existing commercial communications satellite networks in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO). The startup foresees the need for space-to-space communication as more astronauts and space programs seek to connect and relay information back to Earth.

Inflight Media Digital – In-Flight AdServing

With the airline industry severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, airline operators seek to maximize their revenues with in-flight marketing. Solutions to enable brands to deliver targeted messages to the right audience increases the opportunity for in-flight advertising and sales. Startups build interoperable software solutions with a unified interface and across devices that ensure compatibility with current in-flight entertainment systems.

Inflight Media Digital is a French startup that provides AirSAS – an AdServing solution to receive additional in-flight revenue from sales and advertising. Using various targeting criteria such as flight origin, destination, section, or specific language, the startup allows flight operators to match with advertisers and target audiences to achieve campaign objectives. AirSAS technology also allows users to update aircraft advertising content when there is a connection to 3G or 4G networks. The startup’s solution is universally compliant with In-flight Entertainment & Connectivity (IFE&C) systems, including seatback TVs and personal devices.

FoxTripper – Post-Flight Planning

Passengers have free time during their flight, which airline operators seek to convert into opportunities for increasing passenger experiences. For example, some passengers do not plan their transportation or even stay before flying. Startups innovate to allow customers to plan their journey or stay in-flight. Airline companies further benefit from the additional revenue that in-flight planning solutions bring by means of advertising.

Canadian startup FoxTripper creates its eponymous in-flight booking engine for the e-tourism market. The FoxTripper app turns in-flight entertainment systems into marketplaces that target all passengers with exclusive offers allowing each one to customize their trip experiences. The smartphone app supports traditional self-payment procedures, such as credit cards and online payment services, as well as support for multiple languages and currencies.

Bluebox Aviation Systems – Device-Agnostic In-Flight Connectivity

Traditional seatback IFE&C systems are typically expensive and require considerable time to install, and also require continuous maintenance. In Covid-19 times, all of the seatback IFE require additional cleaning to ensure passenger and crew safety. At the same time, it is more convenient for passengers to connect their own devices to in-flight systems. Startups develop wireless hotspot solutions in combination with custom software to effectively provide in-flight connectivity and entertainment.

Bluebox Aviation Systems is a British startup offering the Bluebox wireless IFE software which is available on a range of hardware platforms. The startup provides services on passengers’ own devices, including onboard retail and IFE content. These include movies, TV, audio, games, and other digital content. Bluebox further provides user interface development, content integration, and ongoing system support for airline companies. The Bluebox Wow is a also suitable variant for aircraft that do not have wireless connectivity hardware. The small, lunchbox-sized and easily deployable device provides a cost-effective way of delivering IFE for airline operators.

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